Florence-Darlington Tech has Four Welding Jobs Awaiting for Trainee Students

Welding Jobs Awaiting for Trainee Students

FLORENCE, S.C – Florence-Darlington Technical College teaches welding as an academic discipline to the students. The Florence-Darlington Technical College is a part of South Carolina Technical College System. It is a two-year community college situated in Florence, South Carolina. Since its inception in 1963, FDTC has been producing welding graduates to meet the growing demand of the welding expert around the world with a focus in the United States. The college is credited with the running of sites in Hartsville, in the Lake City of Mullins.  The

Off late, it has hosted a signing event Monday for four upcoming students who after the successful completion of their Florence-Darlington welding coursework will join as a pipe welder at Day & Zimmerman. Day & Zimmerman is a privately operated company covering several fields. They include construction, engineering, ammunition, staffing, and manufacturer. This esteemed company operates in 150 locations across the world. Companies and institutions have engaged themselves in producing future welder are evident from news about welding competitions held off and anon.

However, the signing students who are a fresh graduate from Hartsville High School include William Lunn, Jacob Smith, Christopher Sims, and Even Pederson. They signed an appointment letter alias letter of intent confirming their work under Day and Zimmerman. Day & Zimmerman is a company of international standard as is said already who offer specializing courses for trades like construction, engineering, maintenance, defence, security, and staffing.

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All of them were members of the welding technology course at the high school level at Darlington County Institute of technology. Luun the more prolific in the four said that he could muster the courage to compete for the program because he felt a boost in his confidence when thinking of the welding program he went through in the high school. He referred to his three-year-long coursework on fabrication and welding. It is well-expressed in his own words, “Ever since then, I’ve wanted to weld”, “I saw this and thought this was my opportunity to get into it.” You will be delighted to know that high school level welding students of Harlem High School donated a custom-built grill for a nobler cause.

He went on saying it’s fabulous to learn beforehand that a job awaits him at the end of a course you do now. That doubles the enthusiasm to follow any program with utter dedication.

Three of the four students selected for this program will be enlisted in the FDTC a welding program meant for Corporate and Workforce Development. Each of them will earn a certificate on the successful completion of the program. The rest one will enrol in an academic welding course earning an associate degree along with a certificate.

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To the upside, the three participants for the corporate and workforce development welding course will receive funding as grants provided by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It shows an unseen before seriousness on the part of an institution dedicated to generating a welding expert. It’s all because of the practical need in the field level. And companies are able to provide training but not so much as they need. Not to surprise, it will have an echo in the words of any individual holding both position and high responsibility. 

David Brown crowning the position of senior director for recruiting in Day & Zimmerman said of the multiple branches of the company across the country. Therefore, upon able completion of the program, the students will engage in working on the job site where they are fit. He added that welding is an honourable and wanted profession with a lucrative salary.

There is a huge crisis for welders compared to the demand across the country. But you can’t find a lot of them as per the need. This is the biggest cause that type of program is crazily sought after.

Another high official of the FDTC, Mark David, and the vice-precedent of the Academic affairs opined that the signing ceremony has opened up opportunities for the students who are graduating in the welding program.

He went on to say we have numerous jobs that are still vacant. We can’t keep pace with the growing demand of the accomplished welders. We are utterly unsuccessful to produce so many professionals we need. Actually, that reality is leading us towards the dual enrollment technique to get more people ready for the job.

There are more to know about the welding course conducted by FDTC. Therefore, shoot an email to the Welding Director Jamie King at Jamie.king@fdtc.edu, or make a call to 843-661-8330. News Source

If you want to know about more famous welding schools in the United States, you can search for a suitable one because there are a lot on the queue. Wherever you are in the United States, it is likely that you will have a top-notch welding school around you. But you should better know what you are up to and whether the program run or conducted by the institution can get you the job you are after. In other words, it is better to know about your aptitude before enrolling any such program.

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