Welding Competition held for high school students by Welding Dakota Tech

Western Dakota TechRAPID CITY, S.D. – welding students in the said area, have received the invitation to take part in a welding competition hosted by Western Dakota Tech in its Welding Lab. They are to display their welding skills to win over fellow participants.

In their maiden welding contest arrangement, The Welding Program of WDT will prize top three winners.

To come out as an ultimate winner, one must have a good command over welding on steel materials. The WDT calls the contestant to weld on anything made from steel. The organizers will test the skill of the contestants on fillet welding and T-joints both in a vertical and horizontal position.

Michael Prugh, WDT’s Program Director for Welding, opines that this is more learning about welding career than a competition to demonstrate skills.

“This contest is a part of our initiative to make people aware of the potential of welding career by demonstrating the spectacular skill students already have in high school level. That apart, students have the scope to know about welding program of WDT and come across its industry partners.”

Needless to emphasize, welding has pretty stoutly stirred society as a prospective career. This is evident in the rising number of students in the welding classes in high school level and news of their benevolent welding offers.

The event is due to held on 5 February, at 9 a.m. to last up to 1 p.m.

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