Uber Driver Refused A Blind Regis University Student Because She Was with Her Guide Dog!

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Somewhere around the Regis University, a woman named Mollie Baland called on an Uber to go to her class. She has a tough eye condition and she can barely see things far from her. That’s why she always keeps a guide dog with her.

Her statement is against the driver, he denied her a ride just because she had a dog with her. Baland reported to the Denver news station KMGH that she has a guide dog named Ferris to help her navigate.

As she was having some trouble going to class, she decided to hire an Uber driver. She told, she and her dog were having a little trouble because of the ice slipping around. So she thought she’ll order an Uber that day and pay for that half mile to campus.

And when the driver came, seeing Baland with Ferris, that driver refused to let them into the car. According to her statement,

The driver said he can’t take a dog in there. Baland tried to convince him. She said to him that he can’t deny her because Ferris was her guide dog. It helps her to find the way and she has certificates so she can prove that Ferris was her guide dog.

But the driver didn’t say a single word. He just rolled up his glass and drove away.

After this incident, Baland reported this issue to the ride-hailing services and they told her that they’ll deactivate the account of that driver only if they get one more report against him.

The website of Uber says, using the app is prohibited for those drivers who deny giving services a rider with a service animal. This is according to state and federal law. And if any of the drivers do such a thing, they will lose the ability to use the Driver app.


Though this is not the way how Baland was treated. By the by, falling under scrutiny for accessibility issues isn’t the first time for Uber and according to their website, they’ll take necessary steps to make sure that every driver gives service to passengers who has a service animal.

However, at the very end, Baland said with sorrow, that she’s very upset about the way Uber handled the situation. The whole thing ended up with just a warning. And she just doesn’t want this happens to someone else.

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