The 5 Common Types of Welding Joints

Welding is a rocking task. In such task, you have to deal with metals, giant flames, sparks, fumes etc. The task is mainly to join two parts of metals with each other. However, when it comes to joining and merging, we can notice some common types and shapes of welded joints.

So our today’s topic is top 5 types of welding joints which are popular and known all over the world. Welders from every stage and every platform use these types of joints. These types will help you enough if you’re a beginner and intended to learn how to weld from the basic.

Types of Welding Joints

Types of welded joints

  1. Tee joint
  2. Corner joint
  3. Butt joint
  4. Lap joint
  5. Edge joint

Tee joint welding

This joint looks like almost an English alphabet “T” and that’s why it’s called the Tee joint. In this joint, an object is welded with another one which makes 90 degrees of angle each side. Various types of welding styles go with this joint. The most suitable styles are fillet weld, spot weld, plug weld, melt-through weld etc.

Corner joint welding

In this type, joined objects make a shape like a corner or an angle. It’s one of the most popular joints and people also call it the “L” joint. Construction of a box or a box frame uses this joint type. This joint is always placed at the center of a corner/ an angle. Welding styles that are used to create corner joint are spot weld, J-groove weld, U-groove weld, V-groove weld, fillet weld etc.

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Butt joint welding

Having the parts lied down at the same plane, butt joint can be done by welding their edges with each other. This type of welding joint is used to join the valve and fittings. Welding styles compatible with this joint are, Bevel-groove, V-groove, and square-groove butt weld.

Lap joint welding

When you’re welding and joining two objects or metals with each other, if there’s a difference between the thickness of each metal, you need to apply lap-joint type. The joint actually follows an overlapping pattern. Weld style of this joint is spot weld, plug weld, spot weld, J-groove weld etc.

Edge joint welding

The joint is most likely a parallel joint and with this, metals are attached with each other parallelly at one side or one edge. Different types of welding styles go with this joint. They are, Bevel-groove, U-groove, V-groove, and J-groove weld.


These are the most common 5 types of welding joints. Welders from all stages use these joint types.

You know, welding is a bit of risky task and it contains hazardous fumes and gases. So, remain safe and follow safety precautions during. Don’t forget to grab the right gear and pieces of equipment like metatarsal guards or boots, welding aprons – Like Welding Shirts and pants , helmets, shields etc.

To learn more about welding joint types and how to do them, watch this video. It’ll show you from the scratch.

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Happy welding!

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