What Color is Transmission Fluid ?

transmission fluid color

When we talk about transmission fluid, the transmission system comes to our mind automatically. There are two types of transmission system basically. The auto transmission system and the manual transmission system. Both of the transmission systems has a different color of the fluid.

In this article, we’re going to share the basic transmission fluid colors, when you have to change the transmission fluid, which condition of transmission fluid indicates bad quality, etc.

In a few cases, power steering fluid and transmission fluid are the same. If you want to know more about the power steering fluid color, click here!

So, let’s get started!

What Color is Automatic Transmission Fluid?

The actual color of the automatic transmission fluid is dark red. But the fact is, it changes day by day when you run on the vehicle. Some of the power steering fluid can be used in an automatic transmission. Well, as the color of automatic transmission fluid changes from time to time, let’s take a look at its color at different conditions.

01. Brand New Conditions:

In brand new condition, the color of auto transmission fluid is red. Sometimes, it looks like dark red. When you’re buying a brand new automatic transmission fluid, it’s essential that you check out if the container, cane, or bottle has any leak or not. If there’s a leak on it, avoid it.

By the by, when you fill the ATF, the color of it should be dark red. If it’s not like that, or you notice any kind of change, you should avoid it and use a good and perfect dark red colored ATF.

02. Normal Condition:

The normal condition means when the ATF is running on a regular basis. In normal conditions, the color of ATF is regular RED. If you notice any absurd change or the color is something else while doing your regular check-up, you should find out what the actual problem is. Or you can go to a mechanic to fix the issue easily.

03. Signs of Replace:

If the color of your automatic transmission fluid is black, or dark back, or rusty red type, it’s a sign that you have to change your ATF. Every kind of oil used in a vehicle has a life span and this fact is true for the ATF too.

When the color is like that, have your transmission fluid changed by your mechanic.

04. Must Replace:

If you observe, the ATF color seems dark or rusty so it should be changed as soon as possible. Or else, your transmission gearbox will be damaged due to using rusty transmission fluid.


What color is CVT transmission fluid?

CVT transmission fluid color is almost like the same as ATF. The color differs from Grade to grade and functionality to functionality. Sometimes, the color varies from makers to makers. But basically, there are two different colors. Such as light translucent and pinkish light red.

Sometimes, you may notice some uncommon color of your transmission fluid like milky, foamy, yellowed, or brown color transmission fluid.

What color is the manual transmission fluid?

Manual transmission fluid color is almost like the engine oil. Normally you won’t be able to identify which one is the manual transmission fluid or which one is the engine oil just by checking the color.

This determining requires much experience and skill. But the main point is, the smell of manual transmission fluid is quite different from the engine oil. The color of manual transmission fluid changes very slowly. The color remains the same as the new condition and after one year you’ll notice that the color is almost the same.


Why does my transmission fluid look milky?

Ans: Dark, Milky, Creamy, and cloudy transmission fluid color indicates that there’s a problem with the transmission system. A faulty radiator can make this too by pushing the coolant to the transmission.

Is transmission fluid clear?

Ans: No, it is not. Some manufacturer makes ATF in other colors but the basic and most common color is red. Every type of fluid used in the automotive sector has color.

How do I know if my transmission fluid is leaking?

Ans: Leaky or problematic transmission fluid which requires changing smell burnt. To check your transmission fluid is leaked or not you have to check your driveway. If you find that there’s a red line of fluid, it may be the transmission fluid and your car requires fixing.

Does Stop Leak work for transmission?

Ans: Yes, it does. The stop leak actually works chemically and gives you access to use your car with the leak for a few more days.

Is Transmission Stop Leak safe?

Ans: Yes, indeed it is. Transmission stop leak is safe and it is designed to stop of a leak of ATF and help you get rid of embarrassing repairing for a while.

How do you know if your manual transmission fluid is low?

Ans: Low Manual Transmission Fluid will cause a delay when you’re gear shifting because this process needs enough fluid pressure. Besides, you will notice a few things like clutch paddle stickiness, vibration in the gearstick, difficulties when gear shifting. If you notice these, you’ll get to know that your manual transmission fluid low. Have it checked properly



So, red is the basic transmission of fluid color. If you feel any kind of change or your ATF color becomes milky or foamy, you must go to your reliable mechanic to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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