Toyota Supra 2020 vs BMW Z4 2019: The big Difference is Horsepower

As the Mighty Toyota Supra 2020 revealed and the BMW Z4 2019 is considered the sister of that one. It’s time to have a slight comparison. Well, providing each and every specific detail is quite hard and we don’t have that much information.

toyota supra 2020 vs bmw z4 2019

However, in this article, we’ll share the comparison between the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z4. We will also share a comparison table including hp and top speed.

So let’s get started!

Toyota Supra 2020 vs BMW Z4 2019 Comparison Table

Engine2.0 L turbo I4
3.0 L turbo I6
3.0 L turbo I6
Power 255 horsepower (2.0)
295 pound feet
382 horsepower (3.0)
369 pound feet
335 horsepower
365 pound-feet
Transmission8-speed auto8-speed auto
Top speed155 mph 155 mph
Seating 22
0-60 mph time3.9 seconds4.1 seconds
Exterior dimensions (L/W/H/WB)170.7/ 73.4/ 51.4/ 97.2172.5/ 73.0/ 50.9/ 97.2

Toyota Supra 2020 vs BMW z4 2019 YouTube Video

 Power-train features and performance

Though the two cars’ inline six engines are mostly similar, the BMW Z4 is available with a less powerful inline four which is turbocharged. Besides, they both contain 3.0 liters engine and can offer you more than 300 horsepower

However, Toyota is capable of producing 335 horsepower. On the other hand, the BMW version of this BMW is able to make 382 hp. Now there are many sayings on the 50 horsepower gap but Toyota didn’t confirm anything yet.

Both of them have the eight-speed transmission system and rear wheel drive. The top speed of the both is limited to 155 mph. Though the speed limit is just a limit and cars can cross it easily. Just like the Mk. IV supra, it was also limited to 155 mph. But it was quite able to hit 180 mph with ease.

Fuel economy information isn’t published yet. We’ll let you know when the information is in our hand.

Suspension information

Both of them have a spring strut double joint design at the up front. And about the rear, there is a multi-link setup. BMW makes everything as there standard while adaptive shocks standard is made by Toyota. This is the sector where the similarities get focused as both of them are almost the same.

In the height and length, both of them are almost the same. Though the measurement of supra is quite longer than the Z4 it’s simply impossible to find out the difference with just eye.


The starting price of Toyota Supra is $50,920 and the BMW Z4 I6 starts from $64,695. There’s the difference.

The BMW contains better materials and better designs in the interior. There are some metal tools where the supra covered them with black plastic. When the Toyota Supra has an only 6.5-inch display, the mighty BMW comes with a 10.25-inch center screen. These make the Z4 different from the supra.

Toyota Supra 2020 Photographs

BMW Z4 2019 Photographs

Last words

So, according to the price, power, engine, features, and materials, this was the comparison between the Toyota Supra 2020 vs BMW Z4.

Now you can easily determine which one will be suitable for you.

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