Top 12 Most Popular Cars In The World !

most popular car in the world

Cars with mind-blowing features are growing day by day out there at the market. None other of the vehicles is becoming so popular as cars. The competition for being the most popular cars in the world is also getting speed. The bestseller brands are manufacturing cars with new specifications and without the simple piece of a defect. So if you’re gonna choose the best car in your budget for you as well as your family it’s a bit confusing to get away with all those mind-blowing cars.

This article is about the top 12 most popular cars in the world. We’re gonna discuss various types of cars, their specifications, and features, they have an issue or not, and most precisely the price they are hanging out.

How did we assemble the list?

Sorting the top 12 cars from thousands of best-selling cars is a bit difficult and is not as easy as you are thinking. From the Volkswagen Golf to Toyota Corolla whatever you say, popular vehicles are making the market hotter. To find out which one is the best to put in the list we looked up their drivetrain and power-train features, making materials, manufacturing pattern, ease of use, the outstanding shine of their body parts and much more.

Suspect one like the Ford Focus or the Toyota Hilux, we have tried to make a watch over on them. Judging the price and other facilities they can provide with their engine power and mileage we’ve cut them down from the top 12 list. Besides, we left our one eye to check the price of all car and to elect the most popular car we took those which have masterclass appreciation, came from unwanted places and cut the market largely.

In the very end, we marked those as the best which have a great deal of high performance, unique materials, innovative building method, and an absorbing price tag.

12: Hyundai Tucson

Most Popular Cars In The World

This masterpiece car named Hyundai Tucson is mainly named after the city of Tucson, Arizona. This is a crossover SUV produced and manufactured by the famous car brand Hyundai since 2004. This one is at number 12 of our most popular cars in the word list. This para is about Hyundai Tucson review. So let’s take a look at the main specification.

The boss designer Peter Schreyer designed it as a 5-door compact SUV. Engines are 1.6 L Gamma GDI I4, 2.0 L Theta // I4 runs, 2.0 L Nu I4 runs by petrol and 1.7 L U-Line CRDi I4, 2.0 L R-Line CRDi I4 runs by diesel.

The transmissions are a 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic, and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic.

The third generation Hyundai Tucson provides two engine types:

  • The 2.0L Gasoline Direct-Injection four-cylinder engine.
  • The 1.6L Turbocharged Inline Four-cylinder engine.

The third generation Hyundai Tucson provides two type transmissions:

  • The 2.0L I4 engine paired with the 6-speed Automatic.
  • The 1.6L I4 engine paired with the 7-speed dual clutch.

11: Hyundai Elantra

Most Popular Cars In The World

As like the previous one, this car made by Hyundai is one of the best selling cars in the world. This car particularly modified six times and at present, it’s running the sixth generation of this car. It proves that Hyundai is a top-selling car brand.

Its body style is a 4-door sedan. About the powertrain features, it has 4 types of engine available all over the world. They are L Kappa I4 runs by turbocharged petrol, L Gamma i4, L Nu I4 runs with petrol and L U2 runs by turbocharged diesel.

The transmission is 6 speed automatic, 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual clutch.

10: Chevrolet Silverado

Most Popular Cars In The World

This Chevrolet Silverado is one of the best cars of all time. Manufactured by General Motors, U.S.A.

The very first version of this car started its journey in 1999. Till now this car has been modified four times. Looking at the third generation of Silverado what we can find is,

Engines are LV3 EcoTec3 4.3 L V6 285 hp (213 kW), L83 EcoTec3 5.3 L V8 355 hp (265 kW), L8B EcoTec3 5.3 L V8 355 hp (265 kW), L86 EcoTec3 6.2 L V8 420 hp (313 kW), LY6 Vortec 6000 6.0 L V8 360 hp (268 kW), and LML Duramax 6.6 L V8 397–445 hp (296–332 kW) runs by petrol.

About the transmission, they are 6-speed 6L80 automatic and 8-speed 8L90 automatic.

People from every class used this car and this beautiful car has a massive amount of positive review.

09: Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Like the heavy name, the manufacturing company of this car has heavy-weight fame. Situated at Michigan, U.S. manufactured a lot of premium level car with some aesthetic feature and shine specification. The designers of this car are Chris Hamilton and Kemal Curic. We have putten this one at our number 9 of the top 12 most popular cars list.

Here we’re talking about the second generation of Ford Fusion which started its journey in 2012.

Here the power-train specification is 2.0 L EcoBoost I4, 2.0 L Duratec hybrid I4, and the 2.7 Ecoboost sports v6. It provides a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission.

The dimensions are wheelbase 112 in, width 72.9 in, height 58.1 in and the length are 191.7 in. The powerful engines can provide 175 hp to 325 hp power at different types of fuel service.

Amongst the normal engines, there is a tricky feature named hybrid, it helps a lot to gear up the speed and boosts nitro when needed. The Ford Fusion is at the top of the list of most popular cars in America.

08: Nissan Altima

Most Popular Cars In The World

The great Nissan Altima is manufactured by the famous company Nissan which is situated in Yokohama, Japan. The mighty Nissan is one of the best-selling car brands in the world. The car Nissan Altima started its journey around 1993. Till now there are five generations of this car. The last fifth generation was revealed in 2013.

The body style is 4 door sedan, FF layout, built in Nissan D Platform. The outshine of the body is too much beautiful. Inside the car, there is a large space and air condition holding feature with a great level set up of music speaker.

The power-train feature of this car 1.6 Liter MR16DDT straight four engine from MR family, 2 Liter MR20DE engine, 2.5 Liter QR25DE inline 4 engine 182 horsepower (136 kilowatts), 3.5 Liter VQ35DE V-shaped engine with 6 cylinders 270 horsepower (201 kiloWatt), 2.0 Liter M9R DCi Inline 4 engine runs diesel and has speed boosting feature.

This Nissan Altima contains a CVT type transmission.

07: Toyota Camry

Most Popular Cars In The WorldThe Toyota Camry is made by the famous car brand Toyota. They are popular all over the world for their unique quality services. They made the car not to like but to love.

The interior design of the Toyota Camry is nicer than ever. Provides easy and smooth control. The present version of the Toyota Camry is mainly a wide body car named XV70 running from 2017. This masterclass vehicle is at number 08 of our top 12 most popular cars in the world list.

The body style is 4 door sedan. Engines are 2.5L I4 A25A-FKS and 3.5L V6 2GR FKS hybrid. Has transmission of 6 speed automatic, 8 speed automatic and CVT for the hybrid engine.

The dimensions are 111.2 in for wheelbase, Length 192.1 in, width 72 in and the height is 56.5 in.

At the market, the car cut down the fire for its best quality features and building materials.

06: Volkswagen Polo

Most Popular Cars In The World

Volkswagen Polo is a compact supermini car manufactured and produced by the one named company Volkswagen. The headquarters of this company is situated in Wolfsburg, Germany founded in 1937. Nearly 81 years ago from now. In 2016 a survey said the Volkswagen is the largest automobile maker all over the world. Besides, the VW Polo is one of the most popular cars in the UK.

Started its journey in2009 at Geneva motor show. The car was declared European Car of the Year for the first time.

The body style of the Volkswagen Polo has 3 different types. They are the 3-door hatchback, 5-door hatchback, 4-door sedan. Built in the group A05 platform. Volkswagen provides both manual and automatic transmission.

Now, these are our top 5 list, the best-selling brand, the popular cars they have made, had hit the top of the market. These are the best 5 of the most popular cars in the world.

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05: Honda Civic

Most Popular Cars In The World

The Honda Civic is a top rated engine based car manufactured by the marvelous Honda motor company which is situated in Tokyo, Japan.

The current version running in the market is the tenth version. They’ve modified generously with the features every time. The tenth generation of the mighty Civic is mainly a small-end compact vehicle.

For is versatile features and specifications it has received many types of appreciations and awards. Sales of this car were high and till now it’s one of the best.

04: Toyota Rav4

Most Popular Cars In The World

The Toyota Rav4 is a model of SUV manufactured and produced by the world’s most best-selling company Toyota. From the earlier 20th century this brand is being used by people. Toyota is mainly a car making company situated in Tokyo, Japan.

The body style of the Toyota Rav4 is 5-door SUV and built in Toyota New MC. The transmissions are three types as a 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic and CVT automatic.

Dimensions are 183 in length, 67 in height, 72 in width and the wheelbase is 104.7 in. For head restraints and middle-class overlap front, this car of Toyota has a massive amount of appreciation from the IIHS.

03: Volkswagen Golf

Most Popular Cars In The World

As there are two previous cars of the top seller brand VW it proves that the Volkswagen is no simpler and obviously has something that attracts the mass people.

Like the Polo and Tiguan, this Golf also was manufactured by Volkswagen. The Golf is the model that mostly cut down the market as well as the appreciations of its users. The Golf won the World Car of the Year in 2009, with the Volkswagen Golf Mk6 and in 2013 with the Volkswagen Golf Mk7.

According to a survey, it is the world’s second best-selling vehicle. But examining the power-train, engine, transmissions, interior design, and other accessories somehow we are putting this one at number 3 of our top 12 most popular cars in the world.

02: Ford F-Series

Most Popular Cars In The World

The Ford F-Series is basically a type of mini truck which is made by the famous brand Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company is situated at Michigan, U.S. The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford.

The most popular version of the F-Series is the F-150, now in its thirteenth generation. The most popular version of the F-Series is the F-150, now in its thirteenth generation. The thirteenth generation of Ford F-Series was formed at the Detroit Auto Show 2013.

This vehicle can bear a lot of weights and has a powerful energy engine which runs with the fuel.

In the best-seller list, The Ford took second place with its masterclass feature and specification.

01: Toyota Corolla

Most Popular Cars In The WorldToyota Corolla is manufactured by the top rated car brand Toyota in 1966. Corolla was the best-selling car in 1974 and has been one of the best selling cars in the world since then. The mighty Corolla is also one of the most popular cars in California.

The North American version of the Corolla hatchback which is mainly known as the twelfth generation was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, with the official details revealed on 22 March 2018.

Being the most sold car in the world of all time Corolla provides a gorgeous interior and power-train. There is a special feature of this Toyota Corolla that is safety sense.

Like someone is crossing the road but you couldn’t see him. But your car’s sensor surely will and turn the power off. This sensor is powerful than any other.

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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Which is the best-selling car in the world?

Ans: According to customers all over the world, their demand and the usage of them, the most popular car in the world and the best-selling car in the world are the ones and only Toyota Corolla. This one was also nominated as the Best-selling car in the world 2018.

This Toyota Corolla is coming up in the 12th version in the UK with some exceptions and specialties. This step is taken by the makers for its huge demand. People like this car for its simplicity and high versatility. It is a car that suits everywhere. However, it is the most sold car in the world of all time.

Q: What is the most popular car company in the world?

Ans: It is not a matter of questioning when you get to know Toyota! The mighty Toyota is the Number One car brand in the world. It was at the 1st position of Top 10 automobile companies in world 2018 and Top 10 automobile companies in the world 2017. However, we are hoping that the Toyota Corolla will remain the topper this year too.

Q: Which is the most luxurious car in the world?

Ans: The most luxurious sedan car in the world is Aston Martin Rapide. It provides the best features of its category. But if you ask about the sports car, the most luxurious sports car in the world is Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. This Luxury car’s price is £3.3 million.

The most expensive car in the world is the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and the most expensive sedan car in the world is Aston Martin Rapide.


However here we tried to merge a list of top 12 most popular cars in the world, a short overview and a brief history of them. Now you can choose which one is suitable, which one you should pick for you. Checking the power-train, features, interior, which one would be the best for you to buy. I hope you found the article helpful.

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