Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars in the World: Fast Justice on Wheels

The police is a vital element of a government. That is why it’s stunning to visualize fashionable countries reinforce their cops with most recent instrumentations, to put criminals behind bars. However, once it involves cars, some countries are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of cash to accumulate super-cars for their fleet.

Although it appears to be an act of extravagance to buy expensive cars for the police, some criminals these days drive quickly to evade capture. It is absolutely logical for police forces to obtain expensive cars. Here are the top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars these days.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars:

1. Dubai Police – Bugatti Veyron: $4 Million

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

A huge assembly of supercars parades at Abu Dhabi and the mighty Bugatti Veyron is one of its unreal roadsters. The automobile can run max 267 miles in one hour. This makes it the quickest automobile on this list. However, Dubai’s super cop cars aren’t appointed to chase dangerous guys or run down crooks. They are just there to show off Dubai’s wealth over something.

2. Germany – Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket: $580K

This is Germany which is the home for outstanding super automobile makers. Therefore, it’s stunning to see pricey cars doing the investigation, chasing crooks and patrolling the roads. A half-dozen.3L V12 Biturbo 800 engine pushes the automobile, giving it a speed of 228 mph.

3. The United Kingdom – Lamborghini Murcielago: $380K

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

Already an impressive vehicle with its speed, power, and mechanics body, the Lamborghini Murcielago has a threatening look when the police use it. Into the deep, there is a V9 engine that contains 10 cylinders and runs with 550 HP.

4 & 5. African nation – Lamborghini Gallardo: $248K

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

Sleek and quick- nothing will outrun the Lamborghini Gallardo of the South African Police. Designed with an outrageous V10 engine, that may generate 570 HP and goes up to 476 miles, nobody will complain how quick the Lamborghini Gallardo is. Other than the Africans, Europeans and also the UK have this supercar in their fleets.

6. Qatar – Porsche Panamera: $175K

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

The Qatari Police has maybe one of the most important supercars in its curtilage. In addition to the highly regarded Porsche Panamera, the Qatari enforcement has Porsche Cayennes in their ranks. To reinforce the police fleet, the Qataris even have the motorcycles of great automaker BMW and the Land Cruiser V8 of Toyota.

7. Abu Dhabi – Nisan GT-R: $100K

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

This is the number 7th police car on our list. In Abu Dhabi, this car is enough to capture the criminals and put them behind bars.  With its powerful engine, the car can go up to 195 miles per hour. Good luck to the people who want to beat this.

8. Austria – Porsche Carrera 911: $95K

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

Running at a prime speed of 186mph, the 911 of Porsche Carrera is one among the quickest police cars. Beneath the hood, there is a 6-cylinder engine that provides the automobile its immense boost in speed and performance.

9. Australia and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Lotus Exige Cruiser: $84K

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

Within the UK and Australia, the Lotus Exige Cruiser will give you the advantage when you chase criminals. The automobile is made with a monstrous 220-horsepower engine that may offer a prime speed of a hundred and forty mph. Law enforcement officials (who are appointed to run the Lotus Cruiser) are selected from many candidates. Because it is not the easiest thing to drive this car.

10. US – Dodge Charger Police Interceptor: $46K

Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars

It’s the fastest police car in the USA and it will cross by the person running away from the hands of justice. Criminals don’t need this on their tail. Varied models are changed for police use. However, the most recent cars square measure is filled with an extreme V8 engine, able to give the automobile 292 HP and, a prime speed of 147 mph.

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