The All new Audi Q8 SUV : Features and Functions

After much anticipation and excitement, our good old Audi has added a new car to their collection, the Audi Q8 SUV. Stylish, elegant, and luxurious- the Q8 has all the things that its older brother the Q7 possesses. In fact, after learning all about it, you’ll reach to a conclusion that the Q8 is better than its previous version when it comes to performance and style

Audi Q8

Compare to the Audi Q7 2016, the Q8 is wider and shorter. Not to mention that it is also lower. Let’s sum it up in one sentence- it is 16.4 feet long, 5.6 feet tall, and the width is 6.6 feet. So, you can see that the car is much sportier. The Q7 had a 7-seat layout. On the contrary, The Q-8 has a 5-seat layout. Car lovers all around the globe know that the Q8 is an answer to Audi’s long-term rival, BMW. The Q8 has all the dynamic features of an SUV.  The four-door luxury coupe makes it even more elegant and beautiful.

Audi Q8

It’s still not clear how much it will cost. Audi hasn’t cleared it yet. But it is clear that it will cost more than the price of Q7.

The wheelbase is almost 9.8 feet.  In the car, there is more space than you can imagine. According to many die-hard Audi fans, Audi beats its mainstream competitors like the BMW X6 in this aspect.

Now, let’s talk about the visual aspects of it. Visually it just looks stunning. There is absolutely no question about that. There is something about the slim LED headlights and the single-frame grille. You can’t take your eyes off it. Plus, the rear light design resembles the design of A6 and A8.

The coolest thing about the Audi Q8 SUV is that it features two touchscreens. There is a 10.1-inch display that can control the navigation system. On the other hand, you’ll have an 8.6-inch display and with that, you can control the air conditioning system and many other features.

Audi Q8

With all said and done, let’s give our attention to the most important part of a car, the engine. It will offer a 3-liter v6 diesel, 4-liter diesel, and 3 liter v6 turbo petrol. There is a pretty good chance of the arrival of the RS Q8 model that offers 4.2-liter twin turbo petrol and a plug-in hybrid Etna version which means that you can drive the car by relying on its electric power. You can drive up to 35 miles. Isn’t that impressive?

In the end, if you are a true Audi fan, you won’t be disappointed with the product. There are so many dynamic aspects of this car that you will be compelled to buy it. It’s beautiful, elegant, and stylish. At the same time, its performance is amazing and driving it is so comfortable. The combination of beauty and convenience is something that only Audi can do. The Audi Q8 SUV is the perfect example of that. It is the perfect car for you. Rest assured, your money won’t be wasted if you buy this.

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