Tesla: The Cars of Future

Innovation means to be the plan for the future and Elon Musk as the CEO and founder of Tesla can’t stop planning ahead of time. He has already shown his futuristic thinking about an electric car. But what is more interesting is that his recent blog posts, speeches, and company meeting meet-ups are indicative of his futuristic marketing concern for Tesla. According to him, you have to present an answer for every customer to dominate a certain niche market. Who doesn’t know about his niche – electric vehicle?

Tesla is up to now land on multiple segments of an electric vehicle. They will come up with electric pickups, luxury SUVs, and tiny sedans. Musk clearly stated for the need for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and high-density passenger transportation for urban spots. The plan is now on the execution and the world will encounter the outcome in 2017.

Let’s now have a glimpse of the cars Tesla Company has already started their work for.

The Cars of Future

Tesla Model 3

This car of Tesla has occupied the headlines for months with the release and the frenzy is still alive though a bit slowed down. The ultimate model has not yet uncovered but thousands of automobile enthusiastic especially the EV lovers were eager to put $1000 own to get enlisted. This Tesla model comes with the least range of 215 miles, formidable acceleration, and a fabulous initial price of $35000.  But this car is already in the market and there are models to follow up.

Tesla pickup

Wondering why Tesla is thinking on Pickup trucks? The answer is in the survey made on the best-seller vehicles of the immediate last 5 years. The survey will inform you of the rising popularity of pickup trucks. Auto manufacturers sell virtually millions of pickups every year burning at least one gallon per 20 miles. This is evident what level of environmental damage non-electric pickups cause. Musk gave us a clue of Tesla’s plan on coming up with heavy-duty cars like pickup trucks. We may have an impression of how the car would become as it will be a go-between of the two pickup concepts by Mercedes-Benz.

Tesla minibus

How about thinking that you are riding on a bus emitting no greenhouse gas? Certainly cool. Tesla’s minibus project is for bringing a small public bus that will use the interior space to accommodate passengers rather than enlarging the size. And this is possible while eliminating the center aisle common in traditional buses and of the steering wheel. Instead, there would space for wheelchairs and bikes. This future vehicle has a present equivalent to form an impression from and that is the Volkswagen I.D. made its maiden advent in the Detroit Auto Exhibition.

Tesla Roadster 2.0

Perhaps the most famous of Tesla future cars that is a high-end EV with a high price and high performance. Tesla is well aware of the fact that only as low as 1% of car users may opt for it. This car got Tesla put some cash to start its Model S to achieve the set goal. The point is that EV manufacturers will keep upgrading their to-do list and engineers would go for the next creative venture. Thus how this real supercar will come into being. Musk confirmed in one of his speech that this Roadster 2.0 model will dominate the highway eventually.

Tesla semi-truck

A real wonder would be the Tesla semi-truck that is in the plan of great Musk. He said Tesla’s plan to help reduce the cargo transportation cost along with strengthening the safety statements. On top of these, this heavy-duty EV will help states dedicated to maintaining emission-free environment. The companies engaged in hauling tasks will get curious as they can reduce their operating cost when this will be available. The semi introduced by Nikola running on natural gas sure would have several things common with this one.

Tesla shuttle

It is okay when planning from small cars to semi-truck but a minibus would be too imaginative unless something invented to charge larger vehicle by the wayside. That is where wireless charging stations would be necessary and this is not very far away. Therefore, wait for the day when Tesla will charm us with their electric airport shuttle, employee transit, and city bus. That will be great as emission would significantly slow down at the advent of this shuttle. 

Tesla medium crossover

Musk has a cupid plan in his mind with the names of the Tesla cars – Model S, E, X, and Y. I hope you understood what he had in his mind. But the Model E by Ford was their trademark not to be coined by another manufacturer. It certainly impeded the Tesla cars of this series but for the time being.

Because Musk now is on the way to complete a Model Y a would-be crossover version of that Model 3.  It is a widespread prediction from the tech industry that Model Y will shatter the ground of the original version at its arrival.

Tesla Trash Truck

With the urban population steeply on the rise, the demand for cleaner garbage haulers will increase too. Tesla’s trash truck model is inspired by that phenomenon. We hadn’t got any clue from Musk about it but Tesla founder Ian Wright once founded a company specialized in EVs namely buses, and trash truck. That might have a connection with that.

Self-Driving Compact taxi

Small cars are again becoming a trend in America now. It is not only because of the self-driving vehicle plan but the fuel price is a prime cause in this connection. Automakers would surely opt for a midsize sedan without a steering wheel. These are the suitable models for highly populated countries at lower battery expense.

Next-Generation Model X

If you are a strict follower of the Tesla car brand, you should not miss to point out their obsession with updates, improvements, and tweaks as frequently as possible. This is to do with the redesigning of the Model S. The existing model is a near-perfect and the upgraded one will be perfect.

Who can say if they have something next to perfect in the plan?

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