Symptoms of Bad Shocks: A Few Important Things You Should know!

Symptoms of Bad Shocks

Everybody loves to feel comfortable while driving. They want smoothness the most if they’re driving on uneven roads or remote areas. Shocks or struts are some of the most important parts of all cars, SUVs, and trucks. While driving any vehicle, this component absorbs the hitting bumps and helps to drive the way smoothly.

Some of the SUVs and Trucks have Leaf Springs. These also absorb the hitting bumps.   The designs of shock absorbers are almost the same. Some are hydraulic fluid shocks and some are gas shocks. Different vehicles use different types of shocks. Sometimes, we can use both types of shocks/ struts. However, today’s topic is symptoms of bad shocks as well as solutions.

Every Experienced driver or car user can understand while the shock absorber becomes weak with the bad struts noise or with unsmooth feeling. If you don’t understand when it becomes weak, don’t worry! We are here and describe the details so that you can be an expert and understand such an issue.

#01. Abnormal Vibration While Driving

If the Shock’s Pressure becomes low, you will feel some extra vibration which you didn’t feel before because it’s pretty uncommon. If you feel something like this, maybe you have a bad shock. You can feel it more on the uneven roads. If you feel such types of symptoms, you must go to a repair shop and fix it immediately. Otherwise, it’ll cause damages to your spare parts or minimize the life span.

#02. Uneven Tire Wire

Uneven tire wire is one of the important symptoms of a bad shock absorber. If you feel your car tire is worn out one side or any other side and your vehicle pull left or right, this is because of uneven tire wire. This is also a symptom of a bad ball joint or bad hunger or bushes. So, you should confirm what the actual problem is.

Have your vehicle checked by your reliable mechanic and fix the problem as soon as possible. Besides, don’t forget to rotate the tire if it’s usable.

#03. Nosedive When Braking Hard

When you need to brake urgently and you feel abnormal behaviour like nose dive, maybe you have a bad shock. It’s an embarrassing problem and quite dangerous too. Sometimes you are unable to stop your car at the right place, right when you need, and it can cause an accident or violation of traffic rules. So, take it seriously and get the problems solved as soon as possible.

#04. Fluid Leaking From a Strut or Shock

Sometimes, the Shock absorbers Inside Fluid gets leaked due to seal damage. It’s because shock absorber pressure falls down or cannot perform well. You can feel some abnormal noise if you have a bad shock. It’s a clear symptom of bad shocks. Don’t forget to have it checked.

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The FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is it dangerous to drive with bad shocks?

Answer: Yes, it is. Because when you’re driving with bad shocks and struts, you can’t control your vehicle properly. It keeps bouncing constantly on uneven roads. So it can cause dangerous road accidents. But a bad shock can’t ruin the whole trip if it’s pretty emergency.

Question: How long do shocks last?

Answer: It’s pretty hard to tell how long does a shock absorber last. Because it depends on the vehicle’s maintenance, its model and building material quality. But, according to the opinions of wise mechanics, a shock absorber lasts approximately 5 years. Learn More (

Question: Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

Answer: It’s not essential to replace all 4 shocks at the same time. But changing those in pairs is a must thing to do. If you don’t do this the other one will be affected because of the new one. When you change the front shocks, change both of them. Do it for the back too!

Question: Can you replace just one strut on a car?

Answer: No, you can’t! If you replace just one, the other one of that pair will be in trouble because it won’t be able to absorb like the new one. So, it’s recommended to replace the shocks or struts in pair.

Question: Can you drive a car with bad struts?

Answer: Yes, you can drive with bad struts but you won’t feel the smoothness of soft driving. Your vehicle will keep bouncing and it’s pretty weird and embarrassing. It’s better to have it fixed or replaced.

Top Ten Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts YouTube Video:


So, these are bad symptoms of shocks or struts. If you notice any of these or any bad shock absorber symptoms noise, go to your mechanic immediately. Or else, you can get into trouble. A dangerous accident can happen if you don’t fix it in time.

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