Common Symptoms of a Bad Oil Pump: Things you should know!

symptoms of bad oil pump

The Oil Pump is one of the most important parts of the Engine. Oil Pump Operates the total Lubricating System to the engine. You can compare it with the human heart. Oil is the blood of Engine so Every Car user should be aware of it.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the symptoms of a bad oil pump. We assure you that after finishing this article, you will be able to find out if your oil pump is bad or not. It requires repair or change or not. Besides, you’ll get to know to extend the oil pump life after finishing this article.

Common Symptoms of Oil Pump failure:

#Signal LED on the DashBoard:

This is a very common and simple way to understand the problems of the Lubricating system. In most of the cases, if the oil pump becomes weak or fails to take successful operation, the indicator LED on your dashboard pops up. So, you must check out what the actual problem is.

Sometimes, it may happen from electrical lines such as oil pressure sensors or oil pressure transducer faulty. It’s important to keep in mind that when your LED is popping up, you must stop the engine immediately and for a little to cool down your engine. Then you can park your car immediately on a plane area and pull the deep trick gauge to check the engine oil level. If the level is too short, fulfill it. If the oil level is ok, check the electric line if you can.

Or you can call an experienced mechanic to get the issue fixed. 

#Engine Becomes Overheated frequently:

The engine can overheat randomly when there’s something wrong with the oil pump. But there are so many reasons for overheating the engine. Like, head gasket failure, the problem of the radiator fan, water pump failure, or shortage of coolant.

So, you should have it checked by your reliable mechanic. Or else, your engine can get seized or the head gasket can blow out.

#Bad oil pump’s sound:

Motor Oil Main Functions Absorb the Heat and make easier to move parts of the engine. If your Oil pump becomes weak, sufficient oil will not reach and it’ll produce extra heat and noise. Besides, you can see signs of a bad oil pressure sensor indicator on your dashboard.

If you feel any kind of uncommon noise from the engine, you should discuss it with mechanics and fix the problem immediately. Keep in mind that one of the main reasons for oil pump failure is engine damage.

Oil pump failure causes:

There are so many reasons for oil pump failure. If you don’t change the Engine oil and filter time to time, use non-recommended motor oil and oil filter, things may go wrong with your oil pump.

How to test the oil pump

It’s very much important to function the Oil Pump for every automotive engine. Or else, Engine Oil won’t play its main Role. Now, let’s take a look at how you can test your oil pump perfectly.

  • From The Beginning, check all the electric lines and leakages of oil. If any issue is found, try to fix it. If you observe the oil is not sufficient, fulfill it. After that, start the engine and open the Engine oil filling cap of your car. If you see oil is moving inside the tappet cover, be sure that there is no oil pump issue.
  • You may notice that the low oil pressure light is on or the oil pressure gauge is not reading like normal. It indicates, maybe your oil pump is having trouble
  • Use a code reader to check your oil pump. If you find any issue, fix it immediately.
  • The oil pressure sending unit should be checked and if it’s okay but the low-pressure light still remains on the dashboard, maybe you got a weak or problematic oil pump.
  • There’s a filter on the pickup tube. Check it after removing the oil pan from the engine.


Q. What happens when the oil pressure sensor goes bad?

Ans: Without the proper amount of Engine oil, the engine can get damaged easily. It can minimize the lifespan of your engine too. The oil pressure sensor gives the signal to indicate that your oil is okay.

If you have a bad oil sensor, you won’t be able to know if there’s enough oil or not. Learn More By Clicking here

Q. Can you drive with a bad oil pump?

Ans: Absolutely not! You should not drive the vehicle if you’re sure that your engine oil pump is bad.

Q. How much does it cost to replace an oil pump?

Ans: It depends on various models and makers. And it varies from place to place. On average, it’s 100$ to 300$.

Q. Can you test an oil pump?

Ans: Yes, you can. If you don’t know how to test an oil pump.

Q. Can a bad oil pump cause misfire?

Ans: Miss Fire issue is totally different. There is no relation between the misfiring and the oil pump. Air filter, spark plug, high tension leads, mass air flow sensors, and fuel filter issue makes the engine miss fire.

Last words

So, these are the symptoms of a bad oil pump. If you notice any of these, you much have it checked with an experienced mechanic immediately. Otherwise, it’ll cost both time and money.

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Happy driving!

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