The Common Symptoms of a bad starter: Facts you should know!

symptoms of a bad starter

Starter Motor is one of the very common and important components of a vehicle. If your car starter does not work properly, you cannot start your car. Sometimes, you can start only manual transmission of the vehicle for moving the vehicle. Sometimes, battery problem may occur in the same kinds of symptoms. But don’t worry.

Here in this article, we will discuss how you can understand the symptoms of a bad starter as well as ways of solving the issue.

Let’s begin!

Unusual sound of the starter

When you attempt starting your vehicle, you’ll feel a cacophony of sounds or unusual smell or presences of unwanted smoke. You may also feel some unusual Sounds like High-pitched screeching noise, starter grinding noise, Intermittent whirring sound, and loud clicking sound. Sometimes, you may not hear any sound. It means your battery or Starter motor is completely dead. So you should confirm what the actual problem is. If it’s the battery, you can start your car by using the Jump Starter.

Freewheeling starter

When you crank the Engine, you just hear Freewheeling noise and you cannot listen to the engine Noise. It’s a symptom of a bad starter Bendix and your starter Bendix gear is not engaging with the flywheel. If the Starter Bendix is available in the market, you can solve the issue by replacing it. But in most of the cases, this starter part is not available in the market. Besides, some automakers do not recommend repairing it. So, we suggest it would be better if you replace the starter motor completely.

Takes load while starting the car

Sometimes you can hear Load Sound when you’re trying to start the car. It can be a battery problem or some loose Electric connections like Battery Terminal, Starter Solenoid, or Battery cable. This is one of the most common Symptoms of a bad starter and your car won’t start though the condition of your battery is good. If your cable connections are loose, fix it from a repair shop.

No noise in spite of having the key on

While you press your key for starting the car and you observe there is no sound through the whole lighting system is working. It may happen when your car starter motor is completely dead or any disconnection of electric line. Or it can be a problem of Starter relay. This is one of the most common symptoms of a bad starter relay. You must confirm what actual fault is. You can get help from your reliable mechanic and fix the problems as early as possible.

Malfunctioning Starter solenoid

When you turn the Ignition Key Starter, Solenoid passes the battery current to Starter motor. It also pushes the Bendix pinion to the flywheel ring gear. The bad symptom is when you press the Key and attempt to start and you feel like nothing is happening and no sound comes from the Starter motor. You can fix this issue by an auto-electrician. If the solenoid switch is available on the market, replace it or else you need to replace the starter motor completely. We always suggest following the guideline of the vehicle manufacturer.

#Some Tips

The Starter motor is located at the Engine Block and Gearbox housing. If you observe the fluids are like engine oil, ATF, Brake fluid or if you feel any kind of fluid’s presences inside the starter motor, you must make it clear. It may cause the life span of your starter.

If your car does not start immediately, don’t do over cranking or long time cranking. Check your fuel filter or the spark plug. Maybe there’s the problem.

If you notice your car is not starting though the starter is doing well, you must check your fuel filter, Eclectic line, relays, and the battery terminal. If everything is okay which you inspected, you should call an Auto Mechanic and solve the problems. Try to maintain the guideline of vehicle makers. It will decrease your problems and save time & money.

Diagnosing Starter Problems


So, these are the basic symptoms of a bad car starter. With these, you can easily determine you’re using a bad starter or not. Or you’re having a problem with your starter or not. You may find, at the last, we shared a few tips. These may help you with your everyday life.

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