The Basic Symptoms of a bad fuel filter

Symptoms of a bad fuel filterThere are different types of filters in a car. The fuel filter is one of the most important parts. It’s located under the engine. Sometimes it can be placed inside the fuel tank.

Now, there are so many symptoms of a bad fuel filter which you can understand. If you have sufficient knowledge about automotive trouble shouting, you can find out the problems. If you don’t have, here we are to help you. In this article, we’ll share the basic symptoms of a bad fuel filter.

What Is Fuel Filter?

A fuel filter is a critical spare part of the car. Basically, there are the diesel fuel filter and octane or petrol fuel filter. Fuel filter performs the initial works of the fuel system. In the fuel, there are many types of dust or diluted with other fuel like kerosene or others not recommended fuel. Fuel filter clears those rust and flows purified fresh fuel to the Injectors or Carburetor.  Normally fuel filter lasts 30k mile or 50k Kilometer. We always suggest you following the car Makers Recommendation. If the fuel filter is weak or dead, you can observe so many bad fuel filter symptoms.

Symptoms of a bad fuel filter

A bad Fuel filter can occur problems like increasing fuel consumption, making Fuel injectors inactive earlier. Diesel run vehicle if a little bit of water or any rust comes with the fuel, it’ll cause damage to the Fuel pump and injectors. Water is harmful to the rotary fuel injection pump. Every automotive maker added some high-performance fuel filter and water separators. For better understanding, there is signal LED at the dashboard. So, let’s discuss the Symptoms of bad Fuel Filter:

#Engine Knocking:

Short supply of fuel or rusty fuel can make Engine shaking or knocking abnormally. For these reasons, the air-fuel ratio cannot maintain (14:1). Too much fuel or too much air, both interrupt the tasks of the combustion chamber of the engine. It causes engine knocking at idle or when accelerating. If your vehicle has such types of problems, you should have it checked by a mechanic to find out what the actual problem is. Sometime Spark-plug issues or air filter issues can make such types of problems.

#Reducing engine power:

Sometimes you press the accelerator paddles much more than normal conditions but you feel your car is not running as much as you expected. It may happen from the faulty of the fuel filter. Some vehicle directly shows the Signal light and you can easily understand.

#Fuel filter warning light is on:

Some Modern Vehicle Have sensors attached to the fuel filter. If the fuel filter is clogged or it’s not working with for reason, the fuel filter warning light will pop up on the dashboard.

Sometimes fuel pump warning light also can pop up. So, at the initial moment, you should try solving the error code by scanning tools. If you fail to fix, it would be better replacing it. We always recommend keeping an ODBII Scanner in the car. So that you can easily identify the problems by yourself. In some cases, you can solve the issue. Watch this video on how to use the ODBII Scanner, the price of these types of pocket scanners is reasonable. Check ODBII Scanner Price

#Engine misfiring:

A bad Fuel filter is one of the common reasons for engine misfiring. There are so many reasons for engine misfiring. Such as Spark Plug problem, High tension lead, air filter and High tension coil faulty. You must confirm what the problem is by your reliable repair shop or mechanic.

What will happen if you don’t change your fuel filter?

From the beginning, engine performance will be reduced, gas consumptions will be increasing, dashboard light will appear on, driving will be uncomfortable and the engine will be Shaking or knocking while you’re at the ideal run. Engine Won’t Start smoothly, will take a long time for cranking. Besides, your battery will be discharged, and try to start by using Jump starter also unable to start, Fuel Injectors and Fuel Line will be jammed. Rusty fuel cannot burn properly and that’s why unburnt materials will be stored on the piston top. The engine valve also can be damaged. We always recommended use best Quality of Fuel Filter.



These are the basic symptoms of a bad fuel filter. If you notice any of these, maybe there’s an issue with your fuel filter. We always recommend fixing issues as soon as possible.

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