What are the common Symptoms of a Bad Brake Master Cylinder?

Brake system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Weak or bad brake system can be a little dangerous. So, don’t avoid the symptoms of brake problems. Basically, there are so many symptoms you can see.

Here we will discuss the most common and regular Symptoms of a bad master cylinder. Normally, there are two types of master cylinder. One is the clutch master cylinder and the other one is brake master cylinder.

Let’s jump into the symptoms section to learn more about this.

#1. Abnormal brake pedal response:

An Expert Driver who is experienced enough can easily understand this issue. Brake master cylinder creates pressure to brake pad. When you’re pressing the brake pedal, it’ll be soft and comfortable and you’ll feel the ease of pressing. If symptoms of a bad brake master cylinderyou feel the brake pedal is jammed or hard or it’s so loose that it goes and touch the surface of your car, maybe you have problems in your master cylinder.

The abnormal behavior can happen for many reasons like swollen or hard rubber seal or leaky and worn out the body or piston of brake master cylinder. If you feel such a problem, you must fix the issue as soon as possible with the help of an experienced mechanic.

#2. Check Engine Light Pops Up:

Due to Brake master cylinder problems, Engine functioning will be interrupted. Assymptoms of a bad brake master cylinder a result Engine light can be on. Engine check light can be on for many reasons. You must confirm what the actual problem is by using scanning tools if you can operate the Scanning tools or you can get help by the automotive garage. After finding out the faults, fix those immediately by your reliable mechanic.

#3. Brake warning light comes on and off:

Technology becomes modern day by day and almost every automotive maker is using the highest technology on their production. Every new vehicle has a brake fluid level and brake fluid pressure sensors.

When the brake fluid level gets minimized or it decreases, the brake warning light on the interior dashboard pops up. Besides, it can happen when the brake master cylinder pressure is decreased. If you notice your warning light or LED is on, you must have the issue checked by your mechanic.

#4. Contaminated brake fluid:

Contaminated brake fluid is another big issue to damages the brake master symptoms of a bad brake master cylindercylinder. When you’re having your scheduled check, if you notice the color of brake fluid is a bit rusty or its color is not normal, you should bleed the whole brake system as soon as possible.

If you don’t bleed the whole braking system, just change the brake fluid, you’ll face a bigger problem later. Our recommendation is to clean the whole system carefully and refill the fluid again. You can learn more about brake fluid colors by clicking here.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can you drive with a bad master cylinder?

A: We don’t recommend driving with a bad brake master cylinder. A bad master cylinder can cause a dangerous accident. There can be a problem in your master cylinder anytime anywhere and the pressure of the master cylinder can decrease within a very short time. If you’ve read this article, you can easily understand before the master cylinder goes bad.

Q: What are the signs of a bad brake booster?

A: There is one common sign of bad brake booster and that is Brake paddle becomes hard or jammed when you press the brake paddle. This causes loose brake. You can’t stop where you’re willing to.

Q: What is wrong when the brake pedal goes to the floor?

A: There are Many Reasons for brake pedal goes to the floor. Shortage of brake fluid, Brake booster errors, master cylinder failure, Leakage of master cylinder rubber seals, etc.

Q: How much does it cost to replace the master cylinder?

A: The average cost of changing or replacing the master cylinder is 300$ to 500$. It varies from brand to brand, maker to maker. You can find something costs lower than that, but you won’t get enough from it. Our suggestion is to changing or replacing parts as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Diagnosing a Bad Brake Master Cylinder YouTube Video:


So, these are the most common symptoms of a bad brake master cylinder. If you notice any of these happening to your vehicle, fix the problem as soon as possible. Try to stay concerned and try to maintain everything.

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