General Signs and Symptoms of a bad battery: Tips you must learn!

The battery is the initial source of Vehicle Power Supply. If you have a Vehicle you can observe the Symptoms of a Bad Battery before it Dies! Very few cases, car batteries are completely dead without any kind of warning or sign.

In this article, we will share the common symptoms of a bad battery, the most common signs with which you can easily determine your battery is getting damaged or not.

So, let’s get started!

Common sign and symptoms:

Slow Engine Crank:

Slow Engine CrankThis Symptom mostly shows up at the beginning of the day, when you attempt to start your car and because of the low power supply, the engine can’t run the vehicle fast. If you ever had to deal with Such Types of symptoms, you must check your Battery and Starter motor. Sometimes, starter motor’s weakness or problem of the alternator can occur this.

Car battery light on:

Car battery light onCheck Engine light on your dashboard may pop up if the battery becomes weak. Sometimes, battery light may pop up while you’re driving. It mostly happens with old model vehicles. You know, these types of incident are so awkward and if you’re on a long trip and it all gone at the midway, can you imagine yourself? So, we always suggest you keep a Portable Battery Booster with you. Don’t worry, they’re lightweight and easy to carry.

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Battery fluid level low:

Symptoms of a bad batteryIn the modern age, the automotive industry mostly uses maintenance-free Battery which is also known as Dry Cell Battery. Dry Cell Battery lasts longer but costs a lot. However, our main point is an electrolyte. If the electrolyte of your battery decreases so soon, you need to fulfil the gap with distilled water. Otherwise, your battery will get damaged.

Battery Leaking:

Symptoms of a bad batteryBattery Leaking is one of the common symptoms of a bad Battery. This Can Happen in Negative (-) and Positive (+) terminal of the battery. It may also Produce Junk if you don’t remove the junk regularly. It’ll make your battery cable joint loose and because of this, proper electricity won’t pass through it. So, it’s essential to clean the battery terminal regularly.

Battery Age:

Many of the battery makers provide warranty and Guarantee with the battery. It varies from one year to three years. In this period, you can get a new battery if failed. If your battery crosses 3 years so you must check your car battery. And it should be replaced if it’s completely dead.

Alternator May do Wrong though your Battery is Okay!

Your alternator may go wrong though your battery is doing well. In this situation, you need to recharge your battery or repair/ replace the alternator. If your alternator is a low-quality alternator or there’s trouble in it, you may notice the check light is on, you can feel some unwanted noise, or your battery is completely dead.

In very few cases the start of the car goes off. If something like this happens, you need to kick start your car and that’s why we always suggest you keep a jump starter with you. By the by, don’t forget to have your alternator fixed by an experienced technician.

How to extend the car battery life:

Everybody wants to minimize the cost. Some of them can do it and some of them can’t. Well, extending the life of your battery may save your money, but it requires you to go through some rules and regulations.

Here are some tips on how you can extend the life of your battery.

  • Keep Your Battery Clean. You Must Clean Your Battery terminal Regular basis. Or else your battery terminal will get thinner and loosened. We Suggest Using Boiled water to clean the battery terminal regularly basis. (It will be better if you check your battery at the end of every week.)
  • Keep your Battery Tight. Don’t Keep Battery Loosened. Because the body of the car vibrates when you’re driving and the vibration is harmful to the battery. It may reduce the life of your battery.
  • You must turn Off the Lighting System When Engine is turned down. Keeping power usage at a minimum keeps the battery safe and out of any pressure.
  • Check Your Battery Output Voltage Every Month. It helps a lot at keeping an eye at your battery’s health. When you check the voltage, if your output is above 12.7 then it’s safe. But if your battery output is less than 12.5, you must get it recharged as soon as possible.
  • Don’t Keep your Car Unused for a Long Time. It’ll damage your battery in a short period of time. Lead-acid car batteries are made to keep fully charged. Keeping the battery fully charged can prevent it from getting damaged. So if you keep your car unused for a long time, your battery will not remain charged and it’ll get damaged.
  • Always try to keep the heat Exposure minimized. Cold weather kills the battery. Besides, extreme heat is hard on a battery. It increases the evaporation. So it’s essential to keep the heat exposure minimized.
  • Check Alternator’s Out Put voltage. Checking the alternator output voltage regular basis will give you an average idea about your car’s alternator life.
  • Don’t repeat short trips. The main thing is your battery gets charged every time you start the car. If your trip is too short to charge your battery and you repeat such trip, again and again, your battery will die soon.


So, these are the basic symptoms of a bad battery. If you notice any of these most probably your car got a bad and low-quality battery. So get it recharged if possible. Or else, you must replace it.

You may notice, here are some tips on how you can enhance the life of your battery. If you follow these, your battery problems will be minimized and your battery life will be extended.

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