Common Signs and symptoms of a bad air filter in your car

Air Filter is one of the Significant Parts of the car. You can compare it with Human Nose. If you feel your nose is jammed or there’s anything wrong with that, life becomes hell. The same thing happens when you have a problem in your air filter as it cleans the air entering the engine. With a low quality or defective air filter, proper air can’t enter in the combustion chamber or can enter with dust.

These interrupt the regular performance of the engine. Besides, due to the shortage of enough oxygen fuel can’t burn properly.

There are some common signs and symptoms to recognize a bad quality air filter. In this article, we’ll discuss all those. By reading this article, you’ll get to know the basic symptoms of a bad air filter of your car.

#01. Check Engine Light is on:

There are So Many Reasons for the Check Engine Light remaining on. If there’s any kind of issue in your engine you may notice that the light is on. It may appear when you have a problem in the Car Sensors, or in other important parts of your engine. You have to make sure what the actual problems are. You can do this by code Reader.

You Can Keep a Code Reader with your car, Check The Good Quality and reasonable Code Reader available in the market. Click here

It would be better if you contact your reliable mechanic or you go to a garage. They’ll check your car by Engine Scanner (Code Reader). If code reader identifies the problem is in the Air Cleaner filter, you should replace it. (Some Old Vehicle’s Check Engine light Does Not pop up)

#02. Fuel Consumption Increasing:

If you observe your Fuel Consumption Increasing, it means your engine efficiency is becoming lower because of the bad air filter. Less Oxygen Can’t burn the fuel 100% and your gas consumption gets high. It’s one of the common symptoms of a bad air filter. So you should replace your air filter. So you should replace your air filter.

You can find the best air cleaner filter for you by clicking here.

#3. Air filter appears dirty:

If you observe your car air filter is dirty and weighty than a regular filter, it’ll make your gas consumption high. Besides, Black Smoke will come from the engine and you’ll feel uncomfortable while driving.

A new air cleaner filter looks white, off-white or in some cases different color like yellow and red. A damaged air filter is much harmful to your car’s engine.

#04. Misfiring of Engine:

If Air Fuel Ratio is not perfect 14:1 your engine may not get the proper air. The ratio can differ from model to model. If the engine doesn’t get enough air, fuel will remain unburned. This will cause an engine misfire. also Sometimes, flames may come from the exhaust. If such things happen, it’ll be difficult for the engine to start. Though misfiring may happen from a problematic spark plug.

#05. Abnormal Noises from the Engine:

Sometimes you can feel abnormal noise coming from your car engine. When you park the car, you may feel unsmooth shaking. If you feel such types of problem, it’s a symptom of a bad air filter.

#06. The Horsepower getting minimized:

If you want the perfect horsepower from your engine you should make sure your engine is getting enough air. So air filter must have to be clean and perfect to pass the proper air to the inlet manifold. Bad air cleaner filter basically minimizes your car’s efficiency.

#07. Gasoline Smell and Black Smoke from the Exhaust:

If the proper Oxygen cannot enter the Carburetor or Intake Manifold , fuel will not burn properly. In this case, the smoke from the exhaust pipe will be black and it’ll stink. If you notice such facts, you should change the air filter as soon as possible.

## The Most Important Things to Keep in Mind:

An air filter is much more important for Vehicles run with diesel and contain turbocharger. Clogged Air Filter can minimize the life of Turbocharger. In Some Diesel Run Vehicle, we observe two kinds of Air Cleaner filters element. Those are Primary Element and Secondary Element. Running every 10K to 15k Miles, you should replace the Air cleaner filter. Besides, we always recommend following the manufacturer’s guideline.

If you live in a city of heavy traffic, you should replace it earlier. If your vehicle has two air filter element, you can only change the secondary after changing the primary twice. Besides, opening the secondary element without mechanic is highly prohibited. Click here and see the best air filter brands

How to Change Your Air Filter


Air Filter much more important for your car. If you clean it time to time and in the proper way, your car’s engine will perform better. It’ll last longer and the fuel cost will be decreased.

In this article, we’ve shared the basic signs and symptoms of a bad air filter. If you notice any of them, probably your car’s air filter has some issue. Check it and solve the issues. For any kind of query, feel free to leave a comment here or you can contact us.

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