The symptom of bad ball joint: A few important tips and tricks

symptom of bad ball joint

Suspension System is one of the Most Important functions of an engine run Vehicle for Smooth Driving. The ball joint is one of the main parts of Suspension System. It looks like a spherical bearing in a socket. What the Ball joint does is, It Keeps Balance of the car’s front wheel. It connects the stub axle with the front Hanger.

The ball joint controls the wheel’s left-right moving perfectly. If the ball joint of your vehicle is broken, you won’t be able to control your vehicle as the front wheels of your car will be free. It may cause accident and harm.

That’s exactly why you should know the common symptoms of a bad ball joint and how to fix it. In this article, we’re going to cover a few symptoms of a bad ball joint. You can determine the quality of your ball joint with this. Besides, after you finished reading this article, you’ll get to know how you can fix a broken ball joint.

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Here are some very common Symptoms of a bad ball joint:

01. Unusual Noise:

Unwanted Noise is one of the most Initial Symptoms of so many automotive component failures. Some of the noises are common and some are different. If your ball joint becomes weak, you may hear a clunking noise from the front wheel. It may occur from the left side or the right side. Sometimes, it comes from both sides.

This symptom indicates that your ball joint is worn out. If you have enough knowledge on how to check ball joints, check it. Otherwise, you must go to an auto repair shop and have your car checked and fixed the problems.

02. Uncomfortable Steering:

Bad Ball joint makes your Steering uncomfortable. When you go for more speed in your car, you may feel your steering wheel is vibrating. Sometimes, it may turn left or right unusually. Besides, the Steering may get jammed and this cause steering wheel making a buzzing noise. Steering noise is much embarrassing and weird.

If you feel such types of symptoms, you can check the ball joint if you know how to check the suspension system or you can go to a good mechanic and solve it.

03. Uneven tire worn-out:

Some Vehicle has Single ball joint and some vehicle has an upper ball joint or a lower ball joint. If the ball joint is worn out, it’ll cause wheel alignment to become wrong and your tire will be worn out quickly.

It is one of the most important tire care tips that you check your ball joint regularly. If you observe your car tire behaving unusual, you must check the ball joint as soon as possible. As the tire is an important part of the vehicle, you must get it fixed immediately by your mechanic or else your tire mileage will decrease time to time.

What causes ball joints to go bad? Solutions as well as Some Tricks

There are some few causes for ball joints to go bad quickly. If you maintain some rules your ball joint will last longer and your tire life will be increased.

  • Running the vehicle with a bad Boot Cover makes ball joint fail. Check the Ball joint boot cover if it’s worn out, replace it
  • Don’t Use bad Quality Grease. Use proper ball joints grease which is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Rough Driving in Bad Roads makes your ball joint bad. Drive carefully in the bad road.
  • Missing the Scheduled Greasing is one of the cause for ball joint go bad. Greasing your ball joint regular basis will keep it good.
  • Check Split Pin sometimes. The bolts may get loosened, and it may cause a ball joint to go bad.

Some Questions you have arisen:

Question: Can you drive with a bad ball joint?

Answer: Our answer is No! If you understand your car ball joint is bad, you should fix the problems unless Excessive tire will be worn out and your deriving will remain unsafe. It may cause an unwanted accident at any time!

Question: Is a loose ball joint dangerous?

Answer: Yes! When you get to know your ball joint is loose it would be better if you fix the Issue. Unless it may refer to consequent damage of your suspension system.

Question: How long does ball joints last?

Answer: In General, you can expect 100 k to 200 K (kilometers). It depends on how much you are concerned about your car. If you follow manufacturer guideline so it would be long-lasting.

Question: Does the ball joint affect alignment?

Answer: Yes it does. Excess Ball Joint Movement always affects the alignment. You cannot fix this issue without replacing the ball joint. It makes a clunking noise. If you avoid to replace it, you will waste both of your time and money.

Question: How much does it cost to replace ball joints?

Answer: Replacing Cost depends on Car Models and Year of Making. It can vary from region to region. If you live in the USA, it will be 100$ to 2000$ with Mechanic charge.

How to Check if a Ball Joint is Bad ( Watch YouTube Video )


So, these are some basic symptoms of a bad ball joint. If you notice any of these, you must fix the issue as soon as possible. Or else, you’ll regret it as it’s one of the most important car maintenance issues. Having trouble like this is much awkward and embarrassing.

We hope you understood all those facts. For more information, please read other articles on our website and if you have any question or suggestion, don’t forget to leave a comment here or contact us.

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