Spectacular Skill Show by the Students in 16th Yearly Welding Competition

 The said Welding Competition is the largest weekend show hosted by The Nueces County Junior Livestock Exhibition. It was really spectacular and a feast to the eyes of the onlookers present there.

An overwhelming number of 100 plus welding students are displaying their skills on the occasion. The participants have shown up everything they are trained on in the classroom. And they have proved themselves to be fast learners by mesmerizing the exhibition officials and the crowd there. They look expert enough to have in-depth exposure to the safety measures related to welding. Some of them were noticeably equipped with safety welding gears – welding boots, welding gloves, and welding helmet.

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All the attendees are the welding students of twenty high schools from nearby areas – Coastal Bend, Port Lavaca, Colombus, and Falfurrias.

The Welding Instructor of fame Domingo P.Garcia Junior opined, “We have fewer welders around us than we need. There is an acute scarcity of welders and we are striving to fill in the gaps by training students in the high school level.”  He goes on, “We are training in double shift or dual-credit at Del Mar as the demand is spiraling. In these places like South Texas and Corpus areas, refineries and pipelines are on the steep rise. So welding is practically growing up.” Therefore, the most searched about the topic in this area is “how to become a welder”.

The official spokesperson of the organizers says that they have witnessed a steady hike in the number of girl participants to add to the flourishing industry. And one among them has gone over the board by earning a scholarship from Letourneau University in the category of welding engineer. Worth mentioning is that she is from Miller High School receiving graduation as a class valediction.

To become certified welders in 2019, the willing students need to pass in the Standard Quality Visual Inspection. 

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