Power steering noise: Reasons & solutions

Noisy Environment is always harmful. It causes so many bad impacts on our health. It’s more disgusting when you’re traveling or driving your vehicle. There are so many reasons for noise coming from your car.  Here, in this article, we will discuss power steering noise, reasons as well as solutions.

Power steering noise

Two Types of steering system we often observe in a vehicle, manual steering and Power Steering. In the power steering, we can see the Hydraulic and the Electric Power steering. Our main focus is on hydraulic steering. In this article, we will also share a brief description of the electric steering system at the end.

In different situations and different times, noise may come from the steering system. Sometimes you can’t understand where the noise is coming. It could be a CB joint noise, brake noise, or mounting noise. Let’s learn the Symptoms of Power steering Noise.

Common reasons for power steering noise

In most Of the Cases, Noise comes when you’re turning the steering wheel. It’s a Very Common Case of Steering Noise Problems. Many car users come to us with this type of problem. Sometimes, the car makes noise when turning left or right or while you’re starting your car in cold weather, at the beginning of the day.


  1. Due to the shortage of steering fluid
  2. Leaky Steering System
  3. Don’t use the wrong Steering Fluid ( Use as per Recommendations of Vehicle Makers )
  4. Power Steering Fluid Contaminated with other Fluids
  5. Power steering Belts Become Loose, Cracked, or Hard.
  6. Weak Power Steering Pump
  7. Faulty of Power Steering Box
  8. Jammed Power Steering Fluid Filter
  9. Torn Power Steering pipe
  10. Discolored steering Fluid
  11. Worn out Steering Universal Joint
  12. Bearing Faulty
  13. Worn Out Steering Rack
  14. Jammed Steering Pump Pulley

Well, we have pointed out 14 Reasons Of powers Steering noise. Let’s discuss the solutions and prevention procedure as we know that, “prevention is better than cure”.

Solutions to power steering noise

  • Check the Steering Fluid regular basis. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly. We always recommend weekly checkups. But you should follow the ground of your garage, where you park your car. If you observe oil in that place, you should check which oil is being dropped there. It could be power steering fluid, Engine oil, brake fluid, or Transmission Fluid. Whatever you observe, you must fix it. Or you will be in trouble.
  • Shortage of Steering Fluids causes worn-out of the steering pump rotor and steering box shaft. Everyone Knows the absence of oil or lubrication cannot function properly of moving items.
  • Now we will discuss the most important issue regarding which steering fluid is perfect for your car. We won’t give the details. But we will give the most useful tips so that you can easily understand which Power steering fluid is perfect for your car.

In the automotive industry, so many makers manufacture different models of car and different models use different types of Steering fluid. Most Vehicles have Steering Fluid Reservoir Tank and the tank cap there at the upper side mentions which types of fluid go with this vehicle.

If you see this photograph, you will understand better.

Power steering noise

  1. Toyota, Subaru, Suzuki, Scion, Mazda, Lexus, Land Rover, Isuzu, Daewoo Recommended Dexron II or III
  2. BMW Cars: Pentosin CHF 7.1 or CHF 11S, it depends on Manufacturing year
  3. Chrysler Cars: P/S fluid (pre-1998) or ATF IV 1998 and later) or CHF 11S
  4. Dodge Sprinter — CHF 11S
  5. Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury — Mercon ATF
  6. GM — P/S fluid
  7. Hyundai — Dexron II or P/S fluid 3
  8. Jaguar — Dexron III or CHF 11S
  9. Jeep — WK Hydraulic, ATF IV or P/S fluid (depends on the year or model)
  10. Infiniti — Dexron III
  11. Kia — P/S fluid or Dexron III (depends on the year or Model)
  12. Mercedes-Benz — CHF 11S or P/S fluid
  13. Mini — CHF 11S
  14. Mitsubishi — P/S fluid or Dexron II
  15. Nissan — 1994 and later… Pentosin CHF 11S
  16. Nissan/Datsun — Pre-1994… Dexron III
  17. Porsche — CHF 11S or CHF 202
  18. Rolls Royce — CHF 11S
  19. Saab — Varies by application
  20. Saturn — P/S fluid
  21. Volkswagen — P/S fluid, CHF 11S, CHF 202 (varies by year)
  22. Volvo — CHF 7.1, CHF 11S, CHF 202 (varies by year)

Special Note: CHF 11S is synthetic Power Steering fluid and Mineral Based Power steering Fluids are Pentosin CHF 202, Pentosin 7.1. ( Information Source )

  • We always recommend keeping an extra Power steering Fluid as spare in your car Rear Hood. It’s so much important when you notice your car fluid reducing and you can top-up easily. This tip will save your time and prevent damage to your steering box or pump. Keep in mind that less power fluid can damage the steering system day by day. By clicking here you can find out perfect power steering fluids. Also, you can keep power steering fluid sealer for preventing the minor leaky of steering systems.
  • If you observe the reservoir tank power fluid color is changing, you should go to your reliable mechanic for solving the issue. It also can make noise while you turn your steering wheel. The causes can be contamination of water or coolant or other fluids with power fluids. Learn more How to Flushing and Bleeding of Power Steering System.
  • One of the main Reasons for steering noise is loosened Steering Group belt or over tighten. Both can make noise at the steering system. In the morning, the weather remains very cold or a little cold in some places. In cold weather, the belt becomes compressed and makes noise, but it will be solved after running some time. So don’t get excited. Keep cool and take advice from your reliable mechanic if you feel anything wrong.
  • Power Steering Supply line may get torn or jammed. It also causes the noise of steering. Have it checked by your mechanic to get a smooth driving experience
  • Some Time we notice various vehicles have a seized or jammed Steering Cross bearing (U.J.Cross Bearing). Steering can make noise for this reason too. If your Mechanics suggest you to replace it, get it done. Or else, your steering will be totally jammed. We always recommend using good quality U.J. Cross Bearings.
  • Some Time your vehicle steering box or pump can be weak and it may cause noise. If you use proper types of fluids, your steering system will perform better and last longer.

Electric steering noise

Now we will discuss electric Steering System noise. In most of the cases, a noise comes from an electrical fault. Some time electric motor can be defective. If you feel any abnormality of steering or it’s uncomforted, you should go to your faithful and experienced garage for checking. Garage mechanics will check by a scanner for identifying the problems.

How to Fix Power Steering Noise

Final Words:

Here are some reasons and solutions for power steering noise. If you feel any of them, you must get your vehicle fixed from your mechanic. Or else, you’ll put yourself in danger.

However, we’ve shared a few problems and solutions on power steering noise. We hope this will help you. To read more articles, visit our site. For any query or information feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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