What is Power steering fluid color Should Be?

In the modern age, we can’t find a vehicle without Power steering. In very few cases, you can see manual steering. There are two types of power steering we notice often in the automotive industry. They are electric power steering and hydraulic power steering. In the Hydraulic power steering, there is a fluid called ATF (Auto transmission Fluid). This type of fluid also can be used in the vehicle Transmission Gear too. 

Some company produces steering oil only for steering systems. Now you can ask about the Power steering fluid color. Basically, there are two colors of steering fluid, Red and wine color. Sometimes we see Green Fluid Too.

Different grade of steering fluid we find in the market. Such as DEXRON I, DEXRON II, DEXRON III or DEXRON IV. You can name them Type I, type II, type III or type IV.

Ford power steering fluid specifications

Type F is recommended by Ford Motor Company. This Type of ATF is used in both the transmission system and steering system. You can learn more by Clicking Here

The color of steering fluid varies from vehicle to vehicle. You can find various types of steering fluid by Clicking Here!

Power steering Fluid color changes when you use it in your vehicle. Let’s discuss some different colors of used steering oil.

  1. Deep Red steering fluid
  2. Foamy or Milky Color Steering Fluid
  3. Black Steering Fluid
  4. Yellowed Power Steering Fluid

Deep Red Color Steering Fluid:

The basic color of power steering fluid is this. It changes day by day. If you notice that your steering fluid color is changing very quickly, you should go to a good mechanic who is well experienced with steering Works and take necessary actions according to their advice.

Foamy or Milky Color Steering Fluid:

Lots of vehicles come to us with this problem. Their complaint is the steering makes noises while they turn left or right or it’s totally jammed. It’s a common problem. The reason behind this problem is the dilatation of water with the steering oil.

If you notice your power steering fluid color is turning into Milky, you must take the necessary steps to solve this issue as soon as possible. It’ll cause damage to your steering pump and steering gearbox. Most often, these types of problems happen to heavy vehicles like pickup trucks. So don’t worry! Just go to your trusted garage and flush the steering system. Hopefully, your problems will be eliminated.

Yellowed Power Steering Fluid:

Don’t be surprised if you see your steering fluid become yellowed. This happens rarely. The probable reason behind this problem is a mixture of coolant with steering fluid.

Black Steering Fluid:

When you see the color of steering fluid is black, you should prepare to replace and bleeding the system immediately. Steering Fluid turning Black happens at the end of fluid life. It’s a burning sign of steering fluid.

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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What color should the power steering fluid be?

A: The power steering fluid is a little different from the automatic transmission fluid. The basic colors of the power steering fluid are red, pink, and clear. These colors are usual. Black or dark brown is the color of contaminated power steering fluid.

The most recommend power steering fluid is Mopar ATF +4 and the color of this fluid is red or dyed red. It’s essential to note that the red color of Mopar ATF +4 is not permanent and it may get darker as the vehicle is driven. Besides, the Mopar ATF +4 has a unique odor and it may change from time to time too!

Q: What color is power steering fluid when it leaks?

A: The basic colors of power steering fluid are red, pink, and clear. You may notice these color fluid when leaking if your power steering fluid is changed recently. But if your power steering fluid is old enough then the color may turn into brown or light black. Contamination with water makes the power steering fluid foamy.

If fluid leaking is taking place in a plain and clear surface, you can identify the power steering fluid with these colors.

Q: Why is my power steering fluid Brown?

A: The main reason for the power steering fluid turning its color into brown is contamination. To get power steering fluid’s job done properly, it comes into contact with the vehicle’s pinion and rack. The pinion and rack are made with aluminum and this aluminum can contaminate your power steering fluid with its powdered state from time to time. As a result, your power steering fluid may turn into brown color. The aluminum shedding is natural. So, you don’t have to be worried about your vehicles rack and pinion. If you notice your power steering fluid is turning into brown so quickly after changing, then you need to check the rack and pinion.

Water in the system and fluid degradation due to heat and increased temperature can make your power steering fluid brown or foamy too!

Q: What does dirty power steering fluid mean?

A: Power steering fluid is used in the power steering system of a vehicle and it may get dirty time to time as the vehicle runs. It may get contaminated due to aluminum shedding of pinion and rack. Dirty power steering fluid can cause noise sometimes. Besides, it may reduce the effectiveness of the steering. Power steering components may get damaged too.

The solution to this problem is the power steering system flush. This removes the old dirty fluid and flushes the entire system. After that, refilling the power steering system with maker recommended fluid may help at restoring the steering performance.

Q: What’s the difference between red and green power steering fluid?

A: The main difference between the red power steering fluid and the green power steering fluid is viscosity. The red power steering fluid has a lower viscosity grade than the green power steering fluid. The green one is specially manufactured for the cold weather. Later models use green power steering fluid in common now. But both are good and risk-free. They won’t do any harm to your rack.


We just discussed The Common Types of steering fluid color. There are many other power steering fluid colors like brown, blue, etc.

We hope you understood the issue of power steering fluid color. Each uncommon color indicates different types of symptoms of steering systems. If you notice another color out of these, let us know by commenting or contacting us and help us improve.

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