Western Springs Police Celebrated Valentine’s Day Checking Seat Safety

Valentine’s Day Checking Seat Safety
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Western Springs Police department showed a memorable Valentine’s celebration. On Valentine’s Day, people spread love towards others. And Western Springs Police spread their love to the child checking the car’s seat safety on this Valentine’s Day. The also checked car seat cushion.

On the cold morning of Saturday, people of Western Springs noticed this unforgettable valentine’s celebration.

Arthur Hull, the officer who was in charge of this event said, “We wanted to have this Valentine’s Day with love and February is the perfect time to do a safety check of the car seat. Nothing can be more effective than going through the seat and seat belt safety checking of the child to express love to them.

In Western Springs, it is mandatory for the child and infants under 2 years to face backward. The police department checked whether the child is safe in the car seat and whether the seat is installed properly. They recommended car seat repair when it was found installed improperly.

Western Springs Police department started the event from the very morning. Jim Furey, a Western Springs resident was first to be checked his car at 7:30 a.m.

Ashlee Niezgoda, another role-playing officer of this event, said, ‘We found maximum car seat well installed. But we tried to make ware the people of tightening the straps properly to prevent their child from being pulled out. It is mandatory for the correct driving position even.

The Western Springs resident can make an appointment with the police department to have seat safety checked. But this annual event is open for all. Even nonresident of Western Springs can have their seats checked on this day.

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