Reasons for Oil in Spark Plug well and How to Fix This Problem

So many Car Users Come to Garage for issues like Engine miss Firing, Engine shaking, Fuel Consumption getting high day by day, or Engine Stopping Sometime when the vehicle is running, or engine isn’t getting started easily.

Every Mechanic checks some basic things. Spark-plug is one of the important parts for creating such types of problems. In most of the cases, we have seen there’s Oil in the spark plug. Sometimes, it seems single plug and sometimes all plugs and some of the cases spark plug is wet with fuel.

It also can happen to your motorcycle too. In this article, we will discuss why there’s oil in spark plug well and how to fix it.

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To jump to our main topic, we’ll tell you how the system works first to help you understand easily. There are basically two parts. One is the lubricating system and the other one is the fuel system. The spark plug plays an important role in the fuel system.

Engine moving items can easily perform with the help of lube oil. When the butt clearance and lateral clearance are increases, oil comes to the combustion chamber and the spark plug gets wet with motor oil. There are some reasons for this. Let’s discuss them point to point!

Leaked valve cover gaskets:

Valve Cover Gasket’s main role is to prevent spark plug from the oil.  If this item is cracked or leaked, engine oil will come to the spark plug. We observed that it happens to mostly old vehicles. Normally its lifespan is 100K + miles. Sometimes, this item fails earlier if you don’t take care of your car properly.

Leaked valve cover gaskets:

Overheating frequently due to lack of cooling water or engine fan’s problem is harmful to this valve cover. There are many other issues which can produce engine overheat and consequently make the cover weak and damage the Valve cover seal.

If mechanics are identifying this issue, it should be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, your vehicle’s engine will behave abnormally.

Leakage or failing of O Ring Seal:

oil in spark plug well

Spark Plug O Ring Seal stops the oil coming to spark plug and the seal lactation is at the end of the spark plug. Sometimes, it can be leaky or hard. As a result, oil will come through the plug. Also, some times can leaky of Spark plug tube seal.

If you confirm such types of problem, fix it as early as possible.

The engine Piston ring is worn badly:

Excessive Oil Consumptions, Weak Compression, and oil on spark plug electrode mean Piston compression rings are worn out badly. If you’re obeying some tricks, you can avoid such types of problems.

oil in spark plug well

Change the engine and filter at the right time. Use genuine spare parts from a reputed manufacturer and use right grade engine oil. Follow the manufacturer guideline so that your Engine life increases.

Piston failing:

oil in spark plug

Oil in spark plug will cause piston problems is another issue. The piston moves in the cylinder wall and if it is uneven wired or cracked, it’ll cause oil through the piston top and affected spark plug.

Bad valve guide:

Valve Guide helps to move the Engine valve perfectly. If it’s worn-out and causes interruption at the moving of the valves, oil comes through the combustion chamber.

oil in spark plug well

When you see engine exhaust smoke is blue in color, it’s a sign of a bad valve guide. Another issue involved with this problem is valve guide seal leaking.

When you fix the issue, check the valve guide seal too. Sometimes it becomes hard or leaky.

If you observed your vehicle has such types of symptoms, you should fix the issues as early as possible. You can call a mobile mechanic for help too. Here are a few service providers of popular cities.

Mobile Auto Repair Pros

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What causes spark plugs to get wet with oil?

A: Leaked or torn valve cover gasket, failure of O ring seal basically causes oil in the spark plug. Besides, a bad valve guide and piston failing can cause this issue. If you find something like this, fix it as soon as possible.

Q: How do you remove oil from spark plug holes?

A: To remove oil from spark plug well, you just need a Hand soap spray gun. Stick it down to the holes and spray the oils up!

For better understanding, watch this video!

Q: Can oil in spark plugs cause a misfire?

A: Of course! It can cause a misfire. By the by, it can cause engine shaking or buzzing, unwanted embarrassing sound, problems when you’re turning the engine too!

Q: Why is my oil burning so fast?

A: Engine oil burns so fast when you have a damaged piston ring. A bad valve seal can cause this too. When you have such problematic things in your car, the oil goes to the combustion chamber and comes out as blue smoke.

Q: Why is there oil on my spark plugs?

A: Maybe you have a bad valve cover gasket or a leaky O ring seal. These things can’t help while the oil is coming to spark plug when there’s a problem.

Last words

So, these are a few causes for oil in spark plug well. Your spark plug can get wet with oil because of these issues. These are a bit harmful to your vehicle’s health. If you notice any of this, fix the problem as soon as possible. Go to a well-reputed garage or to your trusted mechanic to get it done.

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