10 Best oil Catch Cans in the Market ( Reviews 2020)

Choosing the best oil catch can is a daunting task. Having a great variety to choose from is enough to get you confused. But first, what is an oil catch can?

A catch can is a simple device that acts as a filter preventing oil and other contaminants from building up inside your engine manifolds. You can plug the container to a PCV system and intakes of your engine. Some setups can be a simple homemade beer bottle or opt to buy. Either way, the container does the job.

With the right oil catch can, you can inhibit contaminants from adding up and minimizing your engine’s performance. Also, it helps decrease harmful exhaust fumes when you burn fuel. That way you preserve the environment as you perpetuate the right emission health.

As mentioned earlier, oil catch cans have different designs. Some are empty containers with only an inlet and an outlet. Others have a mesh that allows the air to pass through trapping all the contaminants. On the other hand, some are baffled and some have a combination of a mesh and a baffle.

Our Top 5 Best Oil Catch Cans Comparison Table

RULLINE Universal 350ml...
RULLINE Universal 350ml...
RULLINE Oil Catch can...
Mishimoto Black Oil Catch...
RULLINE Universal 350ml...
RULLINE Universal 350ml...
RULLINE Oil Catch can...
Mishimoto Black Oil Catch...
4,081 Reviews
4,081 Reviews
670 Reviews
340 Reviews
90 Reviews
RULLINE Universal 350ml...
RULLINE Universal 350ml...
4,081 Reviews
RULLINE Universal 350ml...
RULLINE Universal 350ml...
4,081 Reviews
RULLINE Oil Catch can...
RULLINE Oil Catch can...
670 Reviews
340 Reviews
Mishimoto Black Oil Catch...
Mishimoto Black Oil Catch...
90 Reviews

Note that, just because a catch can have a generic universal name brand, it doesn’t make it the best oil catch can in the market. Also, be wary of the hoses that come with the cans. Some cheap ones will collapse or melt when subjected to vacuum pressure or heat. You don’t need such an oil catch can problems.

We recommend you do your research before making the final call.

In general, your container should at least have a dual inlet and outlet, baffled single outlet and inlet or a simple filter.

Some oil catch cans come with a breather (relieves pressure by allowing gases to evaporate through the filter). The breather is just a bonus but you can do without. Most experts recommend doing without.

The downside of this option is a strong smell from the oil and raw fuel. Furthermore, you’ll need to replace the filters every time they become inactive. That is an extra job, in addition to draining the gunk collected in the oil catch can. Which means a simple structure makes the best catch can oil.

To help you choose wisely, we have come up with a list of 10 best oil catch can in the market today.

01. Ruien Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can

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This catch can tank does a good job filtering the oil vapor in the blow-by gas. The carbon and sludge build-up in the engine can affect the performance of your car negatively.

Ruien catch can is capable of keeping your engine components clean even during hard driving conditions. It is made of lightweight aluminum and can last you a long time.

The best oil catch can come with hoses, clamps and mount bracket to help prolong your engine life and increase your car’s horsepower. The company is a trusted brand and you can trust the item package will be delivered 100% brand new.

The capacity of the cylinder is 11 oz. this means you can cruise around without draining it often. You can go up to 5,000 miles to be more precise.

The overall design of the catch can is basic and simple. It does have an O-ring on the bottom between two pieces, which should keep it nice and sealed.

Also, it comes with a dipstick that assists you when checking the liquid levels. When you need to drain it, you can unscrew the bottom of the can and place it back after cleaning it.

Furthermore, inside we have a baffling part the main task of which is to drip down and not get sucked back up into the other side and into your turbocharger.

Highlighted benefits

  • Easy to mount and easy to empty
  • Lasts longer
  • Well designed and manufactured
  • Separates the oil from the air


  • The aluminum is soft and scratches easily
  • The catch can come with a terrible smell
  • The hose is garbage, might need to replace it

 02. Ruien Polish Baffled Reservoir

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This catch can is made of high quality 0046 aluminum meant to preserve your engine life and increase its horsepower. The item package includes hoses, clamps and mount bracket, hence you don’t need any additional accessories.

It has unquestionable strength and durability suitable for any car. Also, the catch can is lightweight and comes with a 350ml capacity, enough for daily use. Design is thoughtful and has a full Tig weld and a thread that comes with an O-ring gasket that guarantees no oil leakage.

You can unscrew the bottom part whenever you need to drain the junk without struggling to dismount it. This eases your pain during an oil change and makes it easy to clean

Highlighted benefits

  • It’s durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • O-ring gasket that guarantees no oil leakage
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Preserve engine power and increases horsepower


  • Might need to replace the hose

03. Ruien Compact Dual Cylinder Reservoir Kit

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Ruien universal catch can come with an air filter, fully capable of trapping all the contamination in the blow-by gas. Other customers swear by its ability to preserve engine life and increase horsepower. This catch can keep junk and oil from getting into your engine component from the intake system.

The can is made of strong aluminum that is durable and suitable for any car. it is fully Tig welded and a thread comes with O-ring gasket to prevent any kind of oil leakage. There is also a washable stainless screw conveniently placed on the filter with a hose clamp to prevent it from loosening with vibrations.

With the 350ml capacity for a universal car, you can comfortably drive around without the worry of overflow. Whenever you need to drain the old engine oil dispose of, you can easily unscrew the bottom part without having to dismount it.

Highlighted benefits

  • High-grade aluminum catch can.
  • Perfect size and fits in well
  • Screw bottom without having to dismount it
  • Good value for money


  • You need to replace the hose
  • Slightly bigger

04. EVIL ENERGY Universal Oil Catch Can

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Apart from the intriguing name, the oil catch can come in an unusual design. It is slightly bigger than the average oil cans and might require searching for some space in the engine.

Other than that, it is made of aluminum with polished T6061, lightweight and durable. If you peek inside, you’ll find a fully Tig welded and thread come with O-ring Gasket to prevent oil leakage. In addition, a baffle dual-chamber filter aids performance in trapping contaminated air and moisture.

This way, you can rest easy knowing the catch can will help prolong your engine life while keeping it clean. Fortunately, you only need to unscrew the bottom part of the reservoir to drain the collected old oil.

Highlighted benefits

  • Removable bottom, easy for cleaning
  • Provides after-sales services
  • Easy to install


  • The hose is trash

05. Mishimoto Black MMOCC-RB Oil Catch Can

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Mishimoto has come up with a product that is both convenient and efficient. The Mishimoto catch comes in an all-black matte container that adds a touch of style to your engine. The catch can separate particles from the PCV air and defends the intercooler, intake system, and your engines.

Mishimoto’s catch can install prevent oil vapors from passing through the intake system from the pressurized turbo compartment. The catch can prevent degrading build-up oil from forming inside the intake system, piping, intercooler, and the turbocharger.

The setup package comes with mounting hardware, all necessary clamps, fittings, a mounting bracket, and a hose. You can easily set it up without seeking professional help. If you are stuck, you have an instruction manual to guide you.

Engineers included a built-in peek tube for an easier way to check the oil levels. Unfortunately, you’ll have to dismount the can to empty it. Other than that, everything else is fit for your satisfaction.

Highlighted benefit

  • Separates air and oil efficiently
  • Defends the intercooler
  • Has a sight tube


  • No filter and no baffles just an empty cylinder

06. Mishimoto Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can, 2-Port

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Mishimoto catch can is available in two or three-port option. If you’re looking for anything stylish, well you might be disappointed. However, despite its large size, it gets the job done.

After years of research and development, the manufacturers designed a cylinder that separates the oil contaminants from the PCV air routes back the filtered air. It is 100% strong billet 6061 aluminum sealed can be built for durability and heavy-duty.

This catch can feature one inlet and one outlet, drain area and an internal air diverter that turns the air longer to filter oil efficiently. Installing the gadget is simple and it’s something you can handle without any prior technical knowledge.

For maintenance, a drain plug is placed at the bottom where you can empty the container easily. In addition, you can easily clean it up without having to replace the entire filtration system every time the oil collects in the container.

Highlighted benefits

  • Easy to install, maintain and drain
  • Filters the oil efficiently
  • Drain plug


  • Big size

07. Top10 Racing Oil Catch Can (Silver)

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This model has a stylish silver appearance that gives your engine an extra bling vibe. Its thoughtful size won’t have you moving things around trying to fit it in.

Internally, it has a washable baffled universal filter that helps keep the engine clean. You can count on it to catch the oil and moisture from the blow-by engine preventing a build-up accumulation in your engine components. This way, you get a happy engine with a prolonged lifespan.

Highlighted benefits

  • Attractive appearance
  • Decrease engine problems
  • Perfect size
  • Washable baffled universal filter
  • Prolonged engine life


  • Might need to change the hose

08. ESPEEDER Oil Catch Can Tank

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Espeeder catch can model is made of a high-quality aluminum material enhanced for strength and durability. The cylinder filters out the dirt and oil from your take system protecting your engine’s life span.

The external appearance is a plain and simple black, nothing extravagant. However, the gadget is built for performance, not style. On efficiency, it ensures better mileage, performance and prolongs the engine’s life.

The internal baffle dual-chamber prevents the contaminated air from reaching your engine and the O-ring gasket prevents oil leakage. In addition, it has a built-in dipstick to check fluid levels. Whenever you need to change it, there’s a removable bottom to drain the waste without struggling to dismount it.

Highlighted benefits

  • High-quality aluminum
  • Better mileage and performance
  • Baffled dual chamber
  • Built-in dipstick to check fluid levels
  • Easy to clean


  • Cheap clear tube

09. Universal Aluminum Dual Chamber Oil Catch Tank (Blue)

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The model is made of an anodized attractive blue body. It is slightly larger than the average oil catch cans but it gets the job done. It provides high-performance by removing contaminated blow-by air.

Removable baffles ensure the air turns enough times to sieve out all the contaminants. That way you get a clean engine with better mileage, and increased horsepower while preserving the engine life.

In addition, you get a built-in dipstick to check the fluid level. The removable bottom drains makes it easier to drain, clean and maintain.

Highlighted benefits

  • Increases engine performance
  • Easy to maintain and drain
  • Rotates several times to eliminate junk
  • Built-in dipstick to check oil hot or cold levels


  • Slightly larger than other catch cans
  • Needs to change the hose

10. Dewhel Universal Cylindrical Oil Catch Can (Blue)

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Dewhel oil catch can tank may recycle the contaminated oil vapor which is not completely burnt to avoid wastage. This is a way to reduce carbon accumulation while encouraging the response of the ignition system.

In a way, you get to conserve the environment and save on the oil at the same time. The cylinder is has a simple design with no filter inside. The base has a drain plug to make it easier for an oil change.

In general, the dewhel oil catch can is rather to install, clean and maintain. So, if you’re looking for a simple gadget, this model has a value for your money and never accumulates any junk.

The base has designed the dismountable screw and no filter inside so it is easy to clean and never accumulate any dirt.

Highlighted benefit

  • Recycles blow-by gas
  • Decreases carbon accumulation
  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Value for your money


  • Has no filter

The oil catch can benefits and cons


  • It prevents the contaminated blow-by air from getting into the engine
  • It prevents build-up oil that reduces the efficiency of your intercooler when it covers the pipework
  • Your engine compartments stay clean. That improves fuel economy, power and reduces your long-term maintenance costs
  • Some of the best oil catch cans are made of aluminum and stainless steel brackets made to exceptional quality
  • Enough room to collect substantial volume without the need to drain the oil often.
  • Most of the listed catch cans come with a basic inlet and outlet high enough to avoid spillage
  • Come with a basic size that sits perfectly in your engine
  • Some come with a sight hole or a built-in dipstick to check liquid levels


  • It is an additional cost
  • Some catch cans are too big to fit in the compartment
  • Other catch cans are hard to install and may require you to seek professional help
  • Most catch cans need a hose replacement
  • Some catch cans lack a filter and are too basic to waste your hard-earned money on them
  • You need to drain the catch can often

How to Install an Oil Catch Can

Installing an oil catch can is easy to install. Although there are a few different designs, the installation process is pretty much the same.

It would take you less than ten minutes to assemble it.

The best part, most of the best oil catch can come with an instruction manual in case you get stuck.

Note, that the oil catch can be placed somewhere in the engine bay. Therefore, you would need to remove the engine cover.

Mount the catch can in the bracket that protects the remote thermostat compartment in place. This way, you can easily access the oil drain valve.

To make the connection, intercept that pipe that connects the PCV/CCV and your intake.

Wrap the anti-skid tape on the threaded part of the screw, to get a nice airtight seal when you use them. Install the screws on the oil catch can tank.

Take the bracket and mount it to the can itself. You can improvise on a small bracket. Use your nuts and bolts to hold the bracket to the unit. This unit will help hold the can in place and avoid vibrating loosely when the engine is on.

Take a new stronger hose (avoid using the standard one) and cut in a standard length that you may require. Add clamps on the two ends of the pipe and hose. Now connect the ends of the pipes to the intake and the PCV valve.

If you want to save money by installing it by yourself, make sure that there are instructions inside the package. If you like to push your car to its limits, your oil catch can work all of the time, not only on idle. For most cans, steel wool and better hoses would be necessary

For a visual demonstration, check out this detailed video:

What should you consider before buying a new oil catch can?

Before purchasing that new oil catch can, you should consider a few things.

First, not all catch cans are the same. In fact, most of the oil catch cans out there is trash hyped by salespeople.

The biggest fraud is buying an empty container with attractive external color to fool you. The best oil catch cans come with a filter, baffles, swirl pots and a hose.

Although the hose attached is not quality, you can always replace it with a durable one. This is because a weak hose won’t be able to withstand the vacuum pressure or heat from your engine compartment. You will be disappointed when it melts or collapse after a short run.

Secondly, get you the best oil catch can from reputable or trusted companies that look to deliver, nothing but high quality. Note that, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be of good quality. However, cheap isn’t the answer either.

Tip: Do your research first or purchase from one of the compiled lists of the best oil catch cans list above.

Also, check the oil drain valves sight level checks or an inbuilt dipstick to check your fluid levels. You want to avoid overflow. Also, make sure your catch can have a screw bottom part to allow you the pleasure of draining the oil without struggling to dismount it.

Final thoughts

If you care about the performance of your car, you may want to consider buying an oil catch can.

The best oil catch cans are fun accessories to install especially on modern cars with direct injection engines. You get to collect all the junk meant to harm your engine and slowing its performance.

It can be extremely expensive to repair your engine if you have to take the intake manifold off and blast the valves. Instead, a simple oil catch can prevent all that.

The best part, the can is an affordable upgrade does not require much to install.

If you take your time and research well, you will end up buying a small accessory that will be good for your wallet.

Of course, there are universal choices that can surprise you. Take your car’s performance and efficiency a notch higher and invest in the best oil catch can.


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