Why My Car Overheats When AC is on: Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions

My Car Overheats When AC is onYou are under the scorching sun and the car overheats when ac is on and stops working. This is truly an annoying situation. If you do not take the necessary precautions then the problem can be fatal for your vehicle. We have given the perfect solution to this problem in our article. To know more, keep on reading.

Suppose your vehicle overheats after a few minutes of running and like many others, you won’t notice it soon, and within this short period, the damage has been done. If you are feeling hot inside the car, then this is because your car overheats when AC is on. Like anyone else we also ignore this thinking that this is a just temporary problem but, as this problem keeps repeating you realize that your car overheating when ac is off.

So, without further a due, let get to know about the causes of for which car overheats when AC is on.

What are the symptoms of car overheating when the ac is on?

The symptoms are pretty straightforward here. Your car overheats as you turn on the ac. In a lot of good cars, this has been an issue. Just because this happened to you that does not mean you now need to spend thousands of dollar for solving this issue. Take a deep breath and calm down. You are not the only person, whose car heats with ac off. There are plenty of people whose car overheats when AC is on. If you are searching online for, “why does my car overheat with ac off?”, Then you have come to the right place. Here we have all the necessary information for you. You will be able to know the causes, symptoms, and solutions to this problem.

We, along with our professional car mechanics and engineers, have come up with the general overheating problem that a car shows when the ac is on. If you are suffering from Honda Civic overheating problem, Honda Accord overheating when ac is on, 2002 Honda Civic overheating or any other car overheating problem then you will get the solution here.

What are the causes for which car overheats when AC is on?


The primary reason for which car ac is blowing hot air is when the air conditioner of the car is on it draws a load of power from the engine of the car. Because of the weight on the car, the compressor malfunctions. The compressor of the AC then adds a rotational pressure to the engine, and if the condition of the compressor is not good, then it becomes very tough for the compressor to turn this. The car ac compressor overheating is one of the main reasons for which your car is blowing hot air.

The inefficient system of cooling:

This is the most common reason behind the overheating of the car. There are tubes in the radiator, and these tubes start to corrode or rust with the passage of time. The coolant has a filter that prevents corrosion. However, it is a widespread problem. After a particular time, these inhibitors become a bit ineffective. The coolants are one of the most important things that play a significant role in keeping the car cool. So, when there are problems with the coolant, the car starts to heat up. This is the time when the engine temp high with the ac on.

My Car Overheats When AC is on

Faulty fan: 

Is your car overheats when ac is on and idle? In most cases, the car overheats when AC is on but at low speed or stationary. This issue occurs when there is not enough airflow through the radiator. When there is not enough air flow through the radiator, this causes blockage in the fins, and as a result, the car overheats when AC is on. To get rid of such situation you need to fix the faulty fan as soon as possible.

My Car Overheats When AC is on

Fault in the sensor of the temperature:

Are you wondering why does my car overheat when I turn on the ac? Yes, I was a victim of such a situation. Almost everyone faces this difficulty at some point in their life. This possibility is rare, but in most observations, this was the case. The temperature of the coolant needs to be read out with the help of a gun, and then it needs to be compared to the gauge. In many cases because of the fault in the sensor of the temperature, the reading becomes difficult, and hence, it causes faulty reading and also car overheats when ac is on.

My Car Overheats When AC is on

Fault in vehicle components:

Sometimes the components of the vehicles play a significant role in heating up the car while the ac is on. If the compressors, condenser, evaporator or the refrigerant do not work in a coordinated manner then it exerts a pressure on the air condition of the car and as a result, the car temperature increases. If you always keep the ac of the car on then, you need to check these components on a regular basis.

car overheats when ac is on and idle

What is the solution when car overheating when ac is on?

  1. Sometimes the gas of the air condition is not compatible with that of your car. Therefore, you need to check the compatibility then refill it. In case, you have refilled the car with the wrong gas then; you need to change the gas and refill it once again. It is best to take help from the mechanic because they know your car the best. You can do it yourself as well by checking the pressure and then attaching the gauge. Do it when the car is running. Do not forget to wear safety equipment such as gloves and glasses.
  2. You also check the setting of airflow in the coolant by the installing of the air pressure gauge on any end of the car radiator and then checking the pressure. If the problem continues, you need to change the radiator.
  3. You Should Check the Radiator Fans, is this working or not? if not working so check the fuse of radiator fan if ok so you need to replace best radiator fans from the reliable source also you can get suggestions from expert Mechanics.
  4. For avoiding such issues change the antifreeze mixture of your car in everyone a half or two years. This is the best remedy for such a problem.
  5. In many cases, the air gets inside the coolant system, and as a result, it increases the temperature of the car. What will you do in such a situation? You need to flush the system so that it releases the trapped air and the average temperature of the car resumes.
  6. Never forget to top the radiator with water and coolant. Never touch the radiator when the engine is hot. This is because it releases a vast amount of steam. Open it with the help of thick cotton cloth and wait for it to cool down. Then, top it up with the necessary water and coolant.
  7. If you want to save your engine then after the engine is stopped check the radiator. If it is dry, then you need to add coolant. If the coolant is not available, pour water. It is essential to make sure that your engine is sunning as you fill the radiator. Otherwise, it will result in the cracked or blocked engine.
  8. You can either call a mechanic or do-it-yourself. You need to check the compressor, condenser, AC inline filter, and evaporator clean so that it does not exert a pressure on the AC if any of these are acting up then, change it as soon as possible. This will keep your car fit for a long time.

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Car overheating due to ac is not a big issue. With proper care and maintenance, this problem can be solved within a very short time. However, it is important to keep it in check because it will not just keep your car fit but also save you from roadside breakdown. Maintaining a car on a regular basis also saves the sudden pressure of a big amount of money. So, follow the car tips and make sure your car is not overheating when AC is on.

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