Most important tips How to get more Mileage on your motorcycle

Compared to Your Vehicle, a motorbike is fuel efficient, On an average, a motorbike will get between 40-50 K.M. Per Liter fuel. Some motorcycle can get more depending on the type of fuel and engine. ” How to get more Mileage? ” If you follow the proper guideline of motorbike driving and Maintenance Tips so You should get more Mileage.

 How to get more Mileage on your motorcycle

  1. Air filters need to be cleaned at specific times.
  2. Carburetor must be kept clean.
  3. The tappet of the valve must be adjusted properly.
  4. After the bike Start, it should run 400-500 meters slowly.
  5. Should Use classes and brakes less-use when required but should not use unnecessary.
  6. Start the shutdown on the traffic signal.
  7. Use good fuel.
  8. Keep tire pressure right also check it regularly.
  9. While Run the motorbike should not press the foot always in the brake paddle
  10. Do not run bikes on halve Clutch
  11. Your motorbike should be maintained regularly

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