Miller Comes With Respirators Compatible with Welding Helmets

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Miller, a renowned welding tools and accessories manufacture introduces two respiratory products as welding-aid – SAR alias Supplied Air Respirator paired with Breathe Air Filtration System. Isn’t it just what welders need badly?  Have a tour of the magic respirator for an in-depth feature analysis and benefits.

This respirator, backed by a C50 Air Regulator, is efficient enough to act as a coolant that can reduce welding helmet heat 50° F to the max. More to wonder you, the new arrival Breathe Air Filtration System is magically adaptable with it.

According to the product manager of Miller, Brian Bellile who is assigned to observe health issue and welding safety of the company, this Miller exclusive Supplied Air Respirator system can magically replace high heat stress with cool air. And thus it can add to relax and workability of the welders. He further adds, “We are delighted to introduce these new products that will boost the capabilities of the industrial welders and ease then with the added comfort level. These are our proud additions to the T49 Series lineup.”

It shares an excellent affinity, in terms of benefits, with another Miller respirator namely Power Air Purifying Respirator – PAPR in short. To be clearer, when accompanied by the T94i-R helmet, SAR serves you with the identical advantages that PAPR offers. On top of that, it calms the hot inner air of the helmet down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Industrial welders working in extremely heated and humid surroundings are badly in need of this respirator as it can upgrade their workability and make them, even more, relax by cooling down the heat stress. But for the applications needed to perform on the go or portable applications, PAPR is the superior alternative. Conversely, stationary applications and tight spaces need this new SAR solution more than any and every other welding aids. So it is advisable when you are working with other welders Mig Welder in a tight environment.

Because it is featured with some innovative additions; say C50 Air Regulator that can position itself in the welder in any orientations – horizontal or vertical. That goes very well with your physical movements while involved in rigorous welding. To back it, comes the 360-degree swivel air-hose lineup that speeds up the cooling to decrease work dangers involved in operations.

The SAR system can be paired with another wonder accessory namely Breathe Air Filtration System that is compatible with both fixed and moveable applications. This is a three-layer filtration system and can transform compressed air into breathable air when carbon monoxide is monitored to ensure the safety of the compliances and their users. There is an indicator capable of notifying you to replace the existing filter just on time relieving you from guesswork and giving a drastic boost to the overall performance of the unit. To your utter amazement, it comes equipped with external signal lights and frequent alarms to warn the users of the rise in CO levels.

However, don’t go that overwhelmed by the safety assurance that you do not wear the safety gear like welding boot. The SAR and BFS can save you merely from over-heating inside the helmet and in the welder.

Is welding hard? Don’t panic even if it is. It will be a breeze now with the advent of Supplied Air Respirator and Breather Air Filtration System. When paired with T94i-R safety helmets, it lessens the toll of torque on the sensitive body part like neck and the workers feel relax to put on it all work-hour long. The Miller exclusive Dualtec multi-layer system improves the helmet balance and absorbs sound. Backed by the six-point airstream circulation system, it cools the hot air up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. T94 series of Miller helmets are featured with ClearLight Lens Technology that maximizes contrast and transparency while welding. At the same time, this technology is responsible for improved visibility and keeping eye strain to the lowest level.This news on a Custom-build grill can be fun-read to you.

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