MIG vs. TIG Welding: The Difference & Which One To Choose

There are two unique types of welding methods that are best according to the result. If the term of comparison is MIG vs. TIG welding, then booth is a technique that you can apply for welding. For the construction works especially dealing with metal need these types of welding processes.

According to its types, you should know what it can do and what is required to adopt such a welding method. Your project may require one of these methods. Before you decide on the technique you need to know which one is better. It can deliver a different result.

Let’s figure out the answer from this article and get the best choice!

MIG vs TIG welding – The Comparison between MIG and TIG

Getting high-quality welds on the finished product is everything for a welder. TIG offers such performance. It makes the weld more furnished with quality. In contrast to MIG vs. TIG welding, both are the most common welding techniques preferred by professionals. These two methods adopted not only by individuals but also by industries. When you know the similarities and differences you will get your answer to pick the right type of weld.

mig vs tig

Quality of Weld

MIG welder is formed well after applying. It turned into one of the strongest forms of the weld. The bad side is, most of the time there are some holes develop. So, it’s not a perfect one for sensitive tasks like sealing tanks or vessels.

To get the best quality weld you have to adopt the TIG weld. It ensures the quality that all you need. If you are trying to make a seal on anything, then there is no better alternative than TIG weld. Even it welds from deeper that makes a strong bond.


In the term of speed, the MIG weld is better than TIG. TIG weld ensures high-quality weld but the process is slow. The slow speed of TIG weld which ensures a better result. On the other hand, the MIG weld is best when you calculate the time and speed.

It’s far ahead than TIG weld. It’s easy to set and easy to apply. With this mechanism, you can continue the weld. But there is a chance for lessening penetration if you continue weld at such speed.


To get a good look you cannot deny the contribution of TIG welding. Some professional welder can do their job better with a 220v MIG weld. But it cannot satisfy with the look at all. TIG weld ensures a decent look at the work. It tide and comfortable to look at.

IT uniforms with a pattern that makes the weld tight and furnished enough. It always looks nice and doesn’t have any kind of spatter. It looks like uncoated stainless steel. The MIG weld does not ensure this looks because of the bulkier weld. To get the better finish it struggles.


The arc of the MIG weld has a high heat input, which creates through electric current. This current passes through the wire. As a result, you will get a gun of the torch from the machine.  It can take a wide area to spread that does not allow better penetration.

On the other hand, the TIG ark is featured by a tungsten rod that reflects by torch. This feature ensures better penetration with a narrow arc than MIG weld. TIG weld has small points to heat, but the MIG weld has a wider heat zone.

Filler Wire Feed

With the TIG welding, you can perform slower than the MIG weld. The basic reason is the filler wire. It is fed by hand. It needed to connect to the weld pool. Ultimately, it makes the whole welding process complex.

On the other hand, the MIG weld does not have such a problem. It has a spool of wire. Inside the machine, you will get it. So, the user can use it fast and straightforward. MIG weld is popular because it works like a point and shoot. TIG weld needs more concentration to make it steadier that is hard to maintain.

Difficult to Use

Professional love to work with a tool that ensures higher class performance. TIG welding considered one of these. People do not want to change the path form TIG weld to MIG weld. But the MIG welder adopts the TIG welding method often. Even after using the MIG weld for a few years they do not hesitate to shift to TIG weld.

MIG weld is easy to control and use But TIG weld not. It’s not easy to maneuver correctly. MIG weld does not require high professionalism to weld But TIG weld does. TIG weld is more challenging to use than the MIG weld.

Types of The Metal

MIG and TIG weld does not differ any metal to weld. They can weld almost every type of metal. But TIG metal has a limitation in one case. It does not have any capabilities to weld aluminum. The basic reason is it powered the DC rather than AC.

TIG also can weld stainless steel, but MIG cannot perform well like the TIG. People prefer to use TIG for various types of metal. TIG doesn’t make the weld harder for the steel. But Adopting TIG weld technique is lengthy because you have to clean the steel enough to TIG weld.


TIG weld is not only a slower process but costly as well. The speed is the culprit that makes this project more expensive. On the other hand, MIG is less costly than TIG. It can weld faster that minimize the cost.

TIG Welding

Pros and Cons of MIG and TIG welding

Let’s have a glance over the pros and cons of both MIG and TIG weld to make your best choice.

MIG Pros:

  • It takes less time to weld
  • Less costly
  • The process is clean
  • It needs less maintenance

MIG Cons:

  • Not strong
  • It has less reliability

TIG Pros:

  • The process is much cleaner
  • Great control
  • Lower maintenance
  • More precise
  • High quality

TIG Cons:

  • It requires a clean surface to weld
  • More expensive
  • Slower process
  • Difficult to control without experience
  • Takes a long time to prepare

 Final Words

After reading this article I hope you get a clear idea about the MIG and TIG weld. This understating helps you to choose the right method for your project. MIG vs. TIG welding, which one is better is not a question anymore if you understand what I told in this article. If you are clear to choose the process, then go-ahead for the next step and try it out. This decision guides you to get the result that you want. Let’s go, weld something!

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