Metallic Rose For Welder’s Valentine is Being Made and Sold by Students!

Valentine for welders is going to be metallic. This wondering fact is happening at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. The members of 3D Printing club and Welding club of the South Dakota School of Mines and technology are making handmade steel roses and selling those for Valentine’s Day. As the roses made of metals last longer, they’re hoping that everyone will like this gift.

The press release said, the steel roses will cost $40 for the per piece and will be available for sale through spring. Interested ones can buy it either contacting the club or visiting the website. Besides, Amazon gives you a chance to buy the love of metal if you can’t buy that from their website. You can buy red (Check Details By Clicking Here)

The 3D printed roses they’ll sell will cost $10 per piece and this thing won’t be available online. “It’ll be found at the school’s Sweetheart Dinner & Dance on 15th and 16th February”. Those printed roses come with purple, red and blue color coding.

The welding club president and metallurgical engineering major Kassidy Kitzmiller said in the press release that “The history of giving roses for Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the late 17th century where the giving of red roses represented passion”. For your special person, you can easily select the closest color you need to represent your everlasting feelings as they made roses of lots of colors.

These welded art sculptures selling money will help the institute to buy more tools like goggles, gloves and other nuts and bolts for welding art. The 3D printing club is dividing its funds between the mines upgrading 3D printers and music scholarship fundraising.

However, this task they took is quite awesome and cool. These roses will help welding enthusiasts to expose their feelings for their special person.

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