Mass Air flow Sensor Problems and symptoms

What is a “mass air flow sensor” (MAF in short) and what can you really do with it. Well, a mass air flow is one of the many sensors that you install in your car near the Air Cleaner Box. It plays a significant when it comes to maintaining the fuel-air ratio of an automobile. With the help of a MAF Sensor, you will know the amount of air that is entering in your car’s engine. However, if the sensor is defective, you will face problems with the MAF sensor. So the topic of this article is “Mass air flow sensor problems” and we will find out some of the symptoms of a bad “mass air flow sensor”.

Mass Air flow Sensor Problems

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Mass air flow sensor problems

As you can guess it is important for you to have a MAF sensor that is not defective. However, after using the sensor for a long time, it may start to wither out a bit and you will find some problems. But there are some obvious symptoms of a bad “mass air flow sensor”.

So let’s talk about the problems you face because of a bad MAF sensor

1. The Engine Runs Lean or Rich

Mass Air flow Sensor Problems

If the “mass air flow sensor” is always giving wrong information to the car’s computer, then the engine of the car may run lean or rich. There are reasons why the sensor may provide inaccurate information.  It can happen because of the deformation of the wire or maybe for some other reason. This is one of the problems caused by bad “mass air flow sensors”. So when you see this symptom, try to replace the sensor.

2. Turning over is difficult

Car having trouble turning over

When the “mass air flow sensor” is faulty, it can be hard to turn over the engine. In fact, you may even find it hard to start the engine. If you think about it, it is not surprising at all. If you have problems with the MAF sensor, the mixture of air and gasoline can be inadequate in the internal combustion chamber. It can be a pain in the neck. If you want to drive smoothly and safely, then you will have to fix this problem.

3. Stalling the car

stalling the car

If you start the engine and it starts to stall after a few minutes, then you will face some problems. It is a clear sign of a faulty “mass air flow sensor”. At first, it sends correct airflow data to the engine control unit. But after a while, it stops doing that. So the engine control unit does not get the correct information about the airflow. As a result, it does not know about the amount of fuel it needs to inject in the combustion chamber.

4. Engine Drags

At times, you may need to put a lot of things inside the vehicle. When that happens, it will surely put a lot of pressure on the vehicle (especially on the engine). The engine needs to generate a lot of power to keep up with the weight.  So as you can guess that you will need more gasoline and air in the internal combustion chamber. However, if the MAF sensor is faulty, you may not get adequate gasoline to support the load. So the engine will go idle or maybe it will drag a lot.

Symptoms of a bad Mass Airflow sensor (how to troubleshoot)


So if you want to talk about “mass air flow sensor problems”, these are some of the problems caused by bad “mass air flow sensors”.  Whenever you see the symptoms of a bad “mass air flow sensor”, try to fix it as soon as possible. The best advice we can give is that you should replace the sensor. That’s probably the best thing you can do. Above all, try to maintain your MAF sensor and clean it regularly. If you want to know how to clean your MAF sensor regularly, click here- How to Clean a MAF Sensor by yourself

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