Top 5 Biggest and Longest Trucks in the World

People nowadays are a bit curious and they always want something new, something amazing, and something different as usual. With this thought, the truck makers from various regions made something new, amazing, and more precisely you can say different.

Yeah, you’re right. We’re talking about the giant trucks and machines. The idea of building the longest truck is a kind of different and not everyone wants to do such a thing. That’s why these things are much rare.

Whatever, in this article we’re going to discuss the top 5 longest trucks in the world with a short description and history of them.

5. The Peterbilt Truck

The Peterbilt truck is at the 5th of our top 5 longest trucks in the world list. Having a polish body and outstanding look, this truck has enough space on its body to attach decals. You can check our best truck decals article for more information.

The back of this truck is extremely large and long. The rig of this truck is huge in measurement. This is mainly considered as a class 8 truck. Popular companies all over the world use this track for their shipment of products. The Peterbilt is mainly used to serve cold drinks for the companies.

4. The Lindsay Transport B-Double

Longest truck in the worldThis mighty truck named Lindsay transport b double is also one of the longest tracks in the world. This truck is extremely large for its capability of pulling two trailers at a time. Unlike any other ordinary trucks, this Lindsay transport b double has 18 wheels and can pull really a heavyweight. For the ability to run two trailers, it’s easier for companies to deliver the amount of two trips at once.

So, this truck is much helpful to save a lot of time and money. But the driving method of this truck is a bit tricky and confusing. Only skilled drivers can drive them well. In certain places, a license is needed to drive this one because of its two trailers.

3. The Volvo NH-15

Longest truck in the worldBeing incredibly long the truck named Volvo NH-15 is at the third position of our longest trucks in the world list. This road train is used in remote areas of the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Mexico. The truck is typically able to run two or three trailers and that’s why it’s called the road train.

When produced, this truck was used to work for the shipping industry. With an occasional trip, it delivered a huge amount of order.

2. The Mighty Mack Titan

Longest truck in the world

The Mack Titan is another one of the longest trucks in the world. This heavy-duty truck is produced by the famous car maker Mack Trucks. At the very beginning, the company produced the 18 wheel Mack titan at the Australian market in nearly 1995, 23 years from now. The second version of this Mack Titan was produced in North America in 2008.

This truck has a manual transmission system and comes with some extra activity and heavy-duty, which most of the highway truck doesn’t have.

The heavy-duty frame can easily deal with the heavy stress of nearly 200 tons. Having a giant powerful engine and fuel cylinder, this truck is the greatest. This one remained the longest truck in the world until the Australian road train was produced.

1. The Giant Australian Road Train

Longest truck in the worldThe Australian road train is also known as the land train is one of the biggest and longest trucks in the world used in rural areas of Europe, Australia, and the United States. This truck is mainly a custom build truck and attached with 28 axles and more than a hundred wheels.

This truck is very much suitable for back-road areas for its horrible body shape and carrying capability. The Australian road train truck is mainly used to deliver a huge amount of material to the mining companies and farms. The rig is around 160 feet long and has the ability to carry nearly 205 tons at one time.

The gearbox of 18-speed and the engine of 550 HP with a ton of fuel, helps a lot to run the road train, the biggest truck ever proudly.

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So, at the very end, you are probably thinking of how we created and merged the list of these giant machines. Well, this is nothing but the average result of a survey done by some enthusiasts.

Adding a brief description and story in this article we’ve covered the top 5 longest trucks in the world. If you have a massive interest in the automobile sector, you can also check our other articles. For any query and question, you can mail us or get our contact from the contact us option.

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