Is welding hard? Some common questions and answer

Welding, as well as any other job on earth, is quite hard on the first try and without proper training or skill in that department, it is quite a herculean task to take upon. Welding has dated back and is welded into the very fabric of human existence, from the railroads of the Wests to the rods of the Eiffel tower to Thames Bridge to the Statue of Liberty, we see welding in diverse forms. As beautiful as this art is, why is there a low turnover of welders? Which eventually begs the question, Is Welding Hard?

What is Welding? “Welding is the art of joining two materials especially two metals together by applying heat” pressure, and filler, either separately or in any combination. Is welding easy? Most definitely not, is welding hard? Well, it is, it is just not quite as hard as we all think.

Is welding hard

How Difficult Is A Welding School?

Nothing good comes easy, and if you want to actually be a skilled professional in any profession especially welding, asides from bringing gifted with it naturally one has to put in a lot of practice and learn under skilled professional experts, which is not an easy task.

To be a professional welder you have to get official training as well as the necessary qualifications. In order to do this, you need to enroll in a welding school in your area. In the U.S there are numerous highly qualified and reputable schools which through schooling produce the very best of the packs, such as the:

  • Welder Testing and Training Institute in Pennsylvania.
  • Modern Welding School in New York.
  • American Welding Society in Florida. Amongst others.

All these institutions offer you a wide variety of knowledge on the various welding packages, such as, sculpture welding, arc welding, stick welding, TIG, MIG, brazing, soldering, torch etc within a span of 500 – 1,000 hours of training and due to the advancement in technology, some of the welding schools offer courses online and flexible classes to suit individual tastes, while some of them offer financial aids for specific courses.

All these institutions also introduce you to a starter kit welding equipment which consists of the basic wears which are:

Welding helmet and respirator for the head.

Safety goggles for the eyes.

Flameproof leather jackets for the body as well as flameproof leather gloves for the hand.

Is Welding Dangerous?

Yes! But so are other jobs.

In fact, all job have their danger zones and their disadvantages. Welding is no different than others. Here are some of the most common dangers of Welding.

Fire Outbreak – Welding deals majorly with fusing metals together and this deals with heating of the metals. In the welding arc, the temperature sometimes reaches 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the sparks from the .welding can catch on inflammable materials such as clothing, wood or even highly flammable liquids like gasoline amongst others.

Electric Shock – This is one of the most common and possible accidents/dangers of welding which causes immediate risk to the welder resulting in serious injury or in highly severe cases, death. This danger occurs during the insertion of the welder in an electric circuit by this we mean that the welder handles two object which carries voltage in an attempt to join them together, now the electric current that passes through the wires also goes through the welder resulting in instant shock. Note: the higher the voltage, the higher the current passed which in turn results in a high turnover of the shock.

Fumes – This is not seen in the short term but is actually a long-term effect of welding. The fumes from welding contain harmful complex metal oxide compounds from base metal, base-metal compounds, and consumables. Emphasis has been laid overtime to the avoidance of this fumes because once inhaled they lead to severe injury or in worst cases, death. Inhalation of cadmium, one of the dangerous gases in welding also leads to long-term illness. Welding fluxes that contain fluoride are also harmful because when heated they give off fumes that irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Also, avoidance of contact of skin and eyes to fumes from heated fluxes should be maintained since such causes skin cancer and blindness. It can also be quite damaging to the skin due to exposure to Ultraviolet radiation. As much as we have these dangers, there are preventive measures that can reduce them to the barest minimum such as:

Caution must be applied anytime a welding machine/equipment is used because any of the equipment can cause injury or death.

Protective wears like helmets, gloves, shirts, pants, and boots, eye goggles etc should be used during operation.

The workplace must be cleared of all flammable materials especially liquids.

Always keep a fire extinguisher within reach.

On no account should unauthorized personnel have access or operate the machinery.

Adhere to all this precaution and you are on your way to saving other’s lives as well as yours.

Is Welding Hard On The Body?

Long exposure to a certain posture while welding is actually detrimental to the body structure. Welding causes lumbago if you have to bend and maintain a certain posture for hours. Welding works are majorly done with the hands, now much of this causes crippling to the hands and its nerves, longer-term uses can eventually lead to arthritis. The eye can also be evenly damaged due to long-term exposure to Ultraviolet radiation, games, and fumes from the welding process. Long exposure to this without proper preventive equipment can eventually lead to blindness.

Is Welding Hard For Women?

Welding is hard for men so definitely it’ll be a little harder for the women but I’ll like you to observe this, every profession has the distribution of male and female workers. In ages past, welding would have been prohibited or made a no-go area for women, but women have proven to us times without count, that what a man can do, a woman can do better. It doesn’t depend or doesn’t factor on the gender of the worker but on the quality and technicality of the worker. While women are not that much in the welding industry with statistics showing that just 5.8% of welders are women, latest statistics have shown that there is a ready market for female welders in the U.S as long as they have the proper training and are efficient in their capacity.

To be one of the best welders in the world the question for you shouldn’t be, Is welding hard? But rather, is welding worth it?

Apart from skill, training, and experience you also need equipment, all in all, welding is a hard, dangerous job if you don’t have the expertise and training. Get the training, utilize the equipment, use the protective gears effectively and the Herculean task would be quite interesting to do. It’s still hard but hey it’ll be worth it and to top the hard work off, there’s a ready market for welders and also due to recent statistics it has been reported that by 2020, the need is going to grow by 26%, so why not just cash in on it, if you have the skill and technical ability for it.

Now ask yourself, Is Welding Hard?


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