Hybrid Lamborghini of 838 Horsepower V12 Could Debut This Year: Hybridization/ Replacing the Avendator?

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The world famous and reputed car maker Lamborghini is getting prepared to launch a new hybrid supercar. Though any final name isn’t published yet there’s a technical name of it. The technical name is, LB48H and it was revealed to a few special customers at a secret event. Rumors say that the company will name it “Unico” and this one will hit the market with limited production.

The probable price is selected $2.5 Million.

The fact is, the arrival date of the Unico is not confirmed yet. But in an interview, the chief commercial officer of Lamborghini, Federico Foschini said that the brand would reveal the production of the new car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019. However, that launching will be a surprise for the audience.

It is expected that the production of LB48H will use a 6.5 liter mid-mounted V 12 mated with electric motors. Making 838 Horsepower will be easy then.

In the list of limited runs cars, this LB48H will be the latest. About its name, Foschini said “So we had the Reventon, the Veneno, and the Centenario, and now we have this car, the LB48H. This is the technical name but we’re not yet revealing the final name. This car is really a huge product for Lamborghini,”

Rumors say that the Avendator Successor will arrive in 2020 but according to Foschini, it’ll take more time and it’ll arrive late. He told that the success of current Aventador is still huge and high enough. That’s why a change is not required badly.

He also added that the company is also thinking about the replacement. The V12 for them is an asset indeed. Customers buy their car just because of this reason. The point is, the trend of electrification is coming. So, if they combine the V12 with a Hybrid it’ll be the first priority of customers.

This will be the first hybridization product of mighty Lamborghini. Foschini said the hybridization will be tuned up for better performance, not for the range. It won’t be a car that will run 70-100 km full electric. He also said that they’re still discussing this issue and the probable range of this Lamborghini LB48H will be less than 50 km.

While the Reventon, the Veneno, and the Centenario are being praised by everyone, we hope this Lamborghini Hybrid V12 838 Horsepower LB48H will blow everyone’s mind.

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