8 Tips and Tricks : How to remove the oxygen sensor

How to remove the oxygen sensor

When it comes to you to remove an oxygen sensor, you may get confused because it’s a technical issue. However, we’ll try to help you with such problems. This article is about how to remove the oxygen sensor. We will discuss the processes step by step so you can learn clearly.

Suddenly when your fuel consumption became high or you observe an unsmooth shaky drive or the check light on your dashboard is indicating something, use the scanner to find out what’s wrong. If the scanner points the oxygen sensor as a problem, you have to replace it and only then comes the question of removing the O2 sensor.

The quantity of an oxygen sensor is 1 to 4 NOS varies from models to models and some of the vehicles have more than one oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor location is the exhaust pipe in front of the catalytic converter.
So let’s get started on the issue, how to remove an oxygen sensor!

Required Tools and materials:

Step 1: At the beginning of the removing process, you should disconnect the Electric line by opening the Battery Negative terminal.

Step 2: You must wait until the engine cools down. Besides, don’t forget to use Proper Hand Gloves. Keep in mind Safety First!

Step 3: Use the Proper Tool for Removing the O2 Sensor. You can use penetrating oil, it will help enough to unscrew easily. If you don’t have penetrating oil, you can try titan motion and unscrew motion slowly. After that, you can remove it easily.

Step 4: You Should Check the O2 Sensor position after removing it. Inspect the threat if it’s okay or not. If you observe any damages, so fix it first. Unless your new one will be damaged. In most cases, it seems good.

Step 5: Now you should compare the new oxygen sensor with the old one. You Should Check the part number of the new one. Compare the threat positions and Electric Line connector. The part number is most important for the performance of your car.

Step 6: Examine the anti-Seized lubricant on the O2 sensor. Most of the Manufacturer includes it. If you think you need extra anti-seized oil, so you can use it as a recommended oil.

Step 7: Check the Oxygen sensor’s Position in your car. If you observe any kind of rust, clean it. Now set up the new one carefully. Use proper Socket wrench don’t be exited, keep cool and fix it by properly. Don’t make over tighten the sensor.

Step 8: Now, it’s time to fix the heat shield and re-connect all the electrical connectors and battery terminal. Also, you can check again by using a car diagnostic tool, if fall code is still persisting, don’t worry. Refresh the trouble codes and it will be okay.

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Final Words:

So these are some O2 sensor removal tricks. If you read this article thoroughly, you’ll learn how to remove the oxygen sensor. It’s easy!

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