How to Plasti Dip Rims and How to Remove it When Needed

How to Plasti Dip Rims

Today we will be focused on how to plasti dip rims and how to remove this type of coating when needed. There are a lot of reasons why you want to do this procedure. In a nutshell, your damaged and old rims will get a new look and you can make the car look so much better. It is a simple alternative to painting the rims and it is extremely affordable. On the other hand, it is durable and it is excellent when it comes to protecting the wheels. Below are all the facts and steps you need to know about.

What is plasti dip rims?

A plasti dip is a process in which you will apply a special type of material on the rims. Plasti dip rims gloss black is a common option here but not the only one. We will discuss the available colors further below.

The material you will apply to the rims is a combination of rubber and several other chemicals. In general, the coating you apply will be similar to the thin layer of rubber so you can get a better idea of why this process is so popular and so effective.

Plasti dip rims durability is outstanding. This type of coating can last for years and because it is thicker than conventional paint your rims will look better and be better protected. For instance, scratches that will damage the paint won’t leave any traces on the plasti dip.

Now you know what the process is but you should also know how it is performed. You can use a spray gun, a brush or even dip the entire rim into the compound and get the desired look. Best wheel paint for most drivers is precisely the plasti dip coating. It has all the advantages of standard paint but not a single drawback.

Plasti dip rims colors

One of the most important questions related to this process is the plasti dip colors. Which colors are actually available and which ones will look the best on your car. We will give you an answer right now.

When the process was introduced you were only able to get plasti dip black color. After some time white and red appeared as well. However, all of the colors were matt in finish meaning they looked completely opposite than glossy colors. Today, the situation is completely different and there are almost countless options.

Besides the black, red and white which were first available, drivers can get green, yellow, blue, purple and etc. Basically, all the colors that exist for cars exist in this form of a coating. Some of you may be interested in how to Remove Paint from Car and is it the same process for removing the plasti dip coating. Hold your horses, we will explain the entire process later on.

When it comes to colors you need to know that some service providers offer you the ability to mix and match your own color for your rims. This process is simple and requires just a few minutes of your time. The bottom line here is that you can have your rims dipped in almost any color and match it with the color or a car or make something completely opposite. This coating is tough so you can use Bug Remover on it.

How to plasti dip rims?

Below is the complete guide on how you can plasti dip your wheels all by yourself. The entire process is time-consuming and you will need a lot of effort but very little hardware and knowledge. Plasti dip rims before and after will make up to you. Once you are done you can get a completely new look of a car and you can make it look almost completely new. You may need automotive paint gun to make this process easier and decrease the overall time you are going to need. The complete video guide is available here. In addition, follow all the steps carefully and don’t skip one.

Clean the wheels

How to plasti dip rims

The first step may sound like a simple and ordinary procedure but it is the most important here. If you make a mistake here the entire result will be ruined and you will have to do it all over again. This isn’t something you want to do unless you like sanding the wheels. Plasti dip rims durability depends on the surface you are spraying onto. For instance, if the surface has mud or dirt the plasti dip won’t stick to the wheels and the end result will be poor.

To make sure you are doing properly, remove all the dirt, debris, grease, mud and stickers that may be on the wheels. The goal is to make each wheel perfectly clean. You can use soap and water, cleaning detergents or even petrol. Once you are satisfied with the result, move to the next step.

Some of you may believe that sanding the wheels is mandatory. The answer is yes and no. If there are deep damages to the rims and some deep scratches you will have to sand them first. But, if the rims are without damages you don’t have to use sandpaper. It will make the surface rough and plasti dip will be almost impossible to remove.

Take the wheels off or no?

How to plasti dip rims

The second step is a bit confusing. Here you need to decide will you take the wheels off a car or you are going to apply plasti dip directly on the wheels mounted on a car. We prefer removing the wheels and this is going to be our recommendation. The main reason for that is to be able to apply plasti dip perfectly to all the areas and to make sure all curvatures, hidden parts and everything else is coated. There is no need to add that a removed wheel is much easier to paint and apply plasti dip.

This applies to all the plasti dip wheels colors and the process is the same. The DYC Wheel Kit – Matte – Black you can see here is much easier to apply when the wheels are removed from a car. Yes, you can apply the coating on the mounted wheels but be certain that all the areas are coated and the coating is evenly applied.

Protect the tires

How to plasti dip rims

If you don’t remove tires from the wheels you will need to protect them. Masking tape is the best option and the most affordable as well. Some of you can use paper or playing cards and the goal is the same. You will place the tape (in this example we will use masking tape) between the tire and the rim. Once you are done you can move to the next step. While doing this, make sure to understand a few Tire Care Tips that are very helpful.

Keep in mind that this step is as important as any other. Yes, the plasti dip will fell off the tires due to the fact they are soft and they vibrate but a long period of time is going to be needed for that. Make sure all the tires and areas you don’t want to paint are carefully protected. 

Apply the first layer

How to plasti dip rims

Once all 4 wheels are protected and ready, you will apply the first layer of plasti dip. This layer has to be as thin as possible and the main purpose of it is to make the surface even and smooth. Also, you will want to make sure all the areas are coated so the second layer is much better applied and will cover rims better.

It is also important to add that the first layer needs to make the surface colored as the plasti dip color you chose. It is fine if some areas are a bit transparent and you can still see the old paint. After you are done the rims should look rough and be partially complete.

Apply the second layer

How to plasti dip rims

After you are done with the previous step you will have to wait around 10 minutes. If the temperature is low you will have to wait longer up to 2 hours. Be free to press the rim and see will the fingerprint stay on the coating. If it stays you have to wait for more. If there is no fingerprint left you are ready to the second layer.

Using automotive spray paint gun is much easier than using a standard spray bottle. Anyway, both of these methods will get the job done. Apply the second coating carefully and cover all the areas once again. Make sure the surface is smooth and the rims look great.

You will see that the second layer makes a massive difference. The rims will look almost done and you can see the texture on them. Regardless of how professional you are, it is impossible to coat the rims with one layer only. The first layer is known as a rough layer and it is more preparation of the rim rather than an actual coating.

Optional: Apply the third layer

Photo Credit: Instructables

If the rims don’t look as you hoped or the surface shows several different colors you will have to apply the third layer. Basically, the process is the same as in the previous step and you don’t need to prepare anything more or to do anything else. After the third layer of plasti dip, the rims should look like new with a superb surface that makes a massive difference.

How to remove plasti dip from rims?

Before you can apply plasti dip on the rims you may need to remove the old plasti dip layers. This is essential for those who want to change the color or to apply a new set of layers. You can watch the video right here and get a better idea about what we are talking about. Anyway, we will present you the actual steps on how to remove plasti dip from rims easy you will need to take.

Take off the wheels from a car

Now you will have to take off the wheels of a car. It is important due to the fact if you do this while they are mounted you can cause a problem with your brakes and this isn’t something you will want to do! It is always a better idea to take off the wheels and carefully remove the plasti dip. Once you are done with removing the wheels you can move to the next step.

To get the best results to remove all 4 wheels at the same time. Obviously, you will have to use a massive carjack or blocs to make sure the car is secured. Yes, you can also remove one wheel at a time but it is actually a much longer process. You will need to complete each wheel separately and then to move to mount it back to a car.

Apply the plasti dip remover

how to remove plasti dip from rims easy
Photo Credit: Hyundai-Forums

The DipYourCar Dip Dissolver is specifically designed and made for this purpose so you can get the best results with it. All you have to do is to apply it on the plasti dip and leave it for a few hours. Once you check the rims you will see that plasti dip started to dissolve and break from the wheels. This is precisely what you want to do and this means the dissolver is working.

Plasti dip removal solvent might damage the paint on a car so you need to be careful. Never spray when close to the wings, bonnets or any other part of your car. If you make a mistake here you will have to repair the paint job and this is an expensive mistake.

You can use the same step to learn how to remove plasti dip from tires. The dissolver we have mentioned is safe for the tires and it won’t cause any damages or cracks. On the other side, it will remove the plasti dip perfectly within minutes.

If you are looking for alternative answers to what best removes plasti dip we can help you. Kerosene, WD 40 and your fingernails will do the job. Of course, the solution we have mentioned is the best alternative and the easiest. Kerosene is the next best thing while WD 40 is slow and a bit annoying to use for this purpose. These solutions are not dangerous for the tires but they should be kept away from the electrical wiring, the brakes, and all other, sensitive components.

Use pressure washer

how to remove plasti dip from rims easy

All steps we have mentored until now are designed to prepare the plasti dip for removal. The third step we have here is actually used for complete removal. Idea is to apply pressure to the cracked plasti dip and remove it from the wheels as soon as possible. As some of you may know you can use fingernails or a plastic scraper but this will require hours of hard work!

The best alternative is to use a pressure washer. It is strong enough to remove plasti dip but sensitive enough not to damage the rims or anything else. Take your time and put a lot of pressure into it. Once you are done you should see a major improvement. In other words, the plasti dip layers will be completely removed. After you are done you can go back to the first section on how to plasti dip rims.

The process we have here is the same for regular wheels and for Off-Road Wheels. However, off-road wheels are more rigid and they will probably require more effort and more dissolver to use. Of course, you will need more time as well.

If the pressure washer is unable to remove the plasti dip completely you may need additional help. The secret is to use an old toothbrush. By using it the bristles will literally scrape the plasti dip and help you remove it completely in less time. You can use the regular brush as well but make sure it has strong and sharp bristles. In some cases, you can use anything soft to remove the plasti dip on the areas hard to reach.

Apply the dissolver again if the plasti dip isn’t completely removed

how to remove plasti dip from rims easy
Photo Credit: thetruthaboutcars

In some situations, your wheels will look fine but there will be traces of plasti dip left on the metal. The only solution is to repeat the entire procedure once again. What this means is that you have to apply the dissolver again on the areas where the plasti dip is still present and wait for some time. Make sure that the traces crack and start to peel.

Now you can use the pressure washer once again to remove the last pieces of plasti dip. Take your time once again and make sure the end result is precise as you like. As always some areas will need more pressure exposure for a longer period of time to remove the plasti dip completely. Don’t rush and make sure that all the surfaces are smooth and plasti dip isn’t present on the rims.

We should add that at this point you can use another solution such as kerosene or WD 40. In some cases, they are great for secondary plasti dip removal and they will help you get the job done within minutes. However, our experience tells us that the solutions specifically made for plasti dip removal work the best. They are the fastest, the most effective and they can help you get a much better end result.

Related Questions and Answer:

How long will PlastiDip last on wheels?

The simplest answer you can get is 3 years. Of course, this applies when the procedure is carefully performed and the rims are perfectly clean before applying the plasti dip. If the surface isn’t clean then you can expect shorter lifespan.

How long does Plasti Dip take to dry?

It depends. In general, you will need between 10 and 30 minutes. If the temperature is lower than you may need even more but generally 30 minutes will be enough. If the temperature is high then 10 minutes will do the trick. It is always a better idea to leave the rims a bit longer than to ruin them and have to do all over again.

Is Plastidip good for cars?

It is one of the best options. First of all the process is simple and it will require just a couple of hours to perform. It is more durable than paint and it will be able to remain in the same condition after a longer period of time. The paint will crack and it is easy to scratch while plasti dip is completely opposite.

How long can you keep Plasti Dip on your car?

You can keep it is as long as you like. There is no limit whatsoever and you are free to apply the layers and just drive. They will protect the rims and they will stay like new for a long period of time. After 3 years or when the plasti dip starts to crack you can use the methods we explained above and re-apply the coating.

Can you Plasti Dip over old Plasti Dip?

No, you cannot. You will have to remove the old coating first and then apply the new one. If you apply the new plasti dip to the rims on top of the old one it will crack easily and the surface won’t feel right.  Removing the old plasti dip is a bit more time-consuming but it will help you get the best result that is going to last.

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Now you know how to plasti dip rims and how to remove it when needed. All of the steps we explained are easy and simple to follow and all you need are the time, a few basic tools and obviously the plasti dip. A painting workshop may charge you $200 to do this instead of you but you can do it almost for free. Just follow the steps and make sure you don’t skip one.

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