How to make exhaust louder without buying anything?

How to make exhaust louder without buying anything?It is pretty easy and you should know how to make exhaust louder without buying anything. If your car features a high-end stainless steel exhaust, they will certainly cost you bucks of dollars. But there is a cheaper alternative and you just need to know how to run a drill and angle grinder. To your utter amazement, you will enjoy how cutting a certain portion of the exhaust system and drilling several holes in the right part make your car exhaust system louder.

We have long been trying this since my first car. Actually, one of my friends who is an automobile engineer has encouraged me to go through it without spending thousands by opting for a professional answer.

The Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb is that we all want our car exhaust sound to keep at a minimum level. But too quiet an exhaust is a problem as well as it will not let you notice the disturbing sounds that warn of an upcoming issue with your vehicle.  If it goes unnoticed, you can face a serious consequence that could be avoided by sensing the sound made by the exhaust system.

Therefore, you should ensure your car exhaust system sounds to the suggested decibel without creating discomfort to the passenger compartment.

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What causes car exhaust sound dampening?

There can be as best as four reasons your car goes low in sound and emission for. One is a static issue and beyond repair with the existing car. That is the size of the engine of the car. The rule is that the greater the volume of the engine displacement, the more the exhaust output – sound and emission. For your information, engine size is normally measured in liters or cubic inches.

The other three factors that are responsible to make the car exhaust deeper are – i) muffler type and construction ii) exhaust system pipe size, and iii) exhaust tip style. I have presented these three separately because they can be replaced and modified to affect the sound of your car exhaust system.

The improving or replacement of the later three exhaust system components will sure contribute to upgrading overall exhaust output. 

The Tools & Items You Need

You need not to buy any tool that is very unlikely to have around your garage. You just need to take your drill and angle grinder or a plasma cutter from your shed.

In addition to these said tools, you require some other items to complete the course of improving the car exhaust sound.

How to make exhaust deeper without cost?

As mentioned earlier, car manufacturers tend to keep exhaust output to the minimum. Therefore, they apply the catalytic converter as well as a muffler to control vehicles’ emissions. Some states have declared it necessary to have the car exhaust equipped with both.

That warrants an alternative exhaust system that is available in the aftermarket. Earlier generations vehicles, suppose 1960’s truck, featured exhaust system with straight piping. So you can go for an older vehicle’s exhaust system and install it with necessary modification in your system.

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But our lookout in this article is to find a solution to the low or quiet exhaust pipe that will require buying nothing. In this connection, you can modify the exhaust sound of your car in the following ways and them efficient. The whole process is broken into several steps for your better understanding so that you can immediately implement the knowledge derived from this tutorial on how to improve exhaust sound without buying anything.

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Here you go with the steps:

  • Turn the car off and let the engine cool. It will take around 30 minutes to sit. You should and would not get to the car exhaust while it is hot to hurt you.
  • Now you need an axle stand to jack up your car. Just put the stand underneath the car and raise it up so that you can work conveniently.
  • Now it’s time to use your angle grinder to cut through the exhaust pipe. Be careful enough to cut the exhaust pipe just where it meets the muffler issuing from the engine.
  • Once you are done away with the muffler that put an obstacle to exhaust outpouring especially the sound profile. It’s time to cut the hangers attached with the disconnected pipe and again the angle grinder will prove the efficient cutter here. It is usual to encounter two/three hangers linking the pipe and the structure sticking out towards the back of the car. You need to cut all as they absorb sound.
  • Now it is time to change your tool and shift to the drill. Make your drill ready by putting a regular drill bit into it. There is no chance of going confused on what size bit you will use. You can start with any size and check which serves your purpose. Different sizes of holes will produce different sounds.
  • By plugging the drill into a power source, switch it on. Hold the drill bit upwards and place it straight onto the location you want to make holes. The preferred location should be the metal gearbox in the ideal car exhaust. Begin to drill and the holes should be made in seconds.
  • Repeat it five times to make holes in the middle, left and right, parts of the box. Disperse holes will make a better raspy sound.

Necessary Tips

  • If your state requires that this piping end in the back or sides of the car, you can get a straight pipe set-up by a pro. And this will not break your bank.
  • If the exhaust is too loud for the passenger compartment, replace the metal welds in the welding joints with rubberized attachments. Rubbers act well in the free-hanging suspension system but reduce sound. Prior to cutting welds, gather basic knowledge on the welding process.


Every single factor is covered so far free of cost loud exhaust system is a concern. Therefore, the conclusion will just focus on a warning to avoid mishaps. You must extend the exhaust pipe to the rear end or sides of the vehicle. Leaving it in the middle of the car will amount to damaging the suspension, brakes lines, and the brakes.

So be careful and get benefitted by improving exhaust sound free.

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