The Ultimate Guide for How to Keep Cats off Your Car

How to Keep Cats off Your Car

So you are looking for how to keep cat off car in a garage or while it is parked on the street? Well, we are here to help you. The entire process is relatively easy and will require a few minutes of your time and a few gadgets and solutions. It is definitely something you can do it by yourself and make sure there are no damages to the paint job of a car. In the content below we will explain to you all the facts and points you need to understand.

Why do cats love to sleep/ sit on cars??

To understand how to keep cats off your car at night or during the daytime you will need to understand why they ‘’attack’’ your car in the first place. There are two main reasons for this. The first one is the warm hood or warm metal of a car. Cats like warmth due to the fact they come from deserts and they prefer warm climates. A car is usually associated with warmth and the hood will get warm after each drive. A cat will know that and she will prefer sleeping on the hood due to this very reason. The same applies to the roof of a car, it will get warm during a day after sun exposure and it will be the next best place for your cat to sleep.

The second reason why a cat will sleep on the car is the high position. Cats like when they spend time in the elevated area. It can be a hill, a chair or something else. The goal is to see threats easily and to run away if needed. This is basically natural instinct and you cannot change it. A car is an excellent place to sleep on, for a cat and in most cases, this is the primary reason why cats do this. We should add that if you have a problem where a cat sleeps on the cold car, this is the reason why.

There are a few more reasons that can be linked to this matter. One of the common reasons is that a cat will use your car to climb onto a beam or on a tree. It is just a step point a cat uses and there are no other reasons why she will do this. This issue is the most common if you have wooden beams in your garage or you park under a tree. You can clearly see that a cat will use the car to climb to the tree and use it to get down. Of course, this is a problem as well. She will leave footprints on the car and she may scratch the paint. You still need to use this guide to prevent the problem and protect your car.

We will also add that a cat will use your car to climb to a higher ground usually to hunt. You can guess that she will hunt birds, mice or even squirrels and all of those animals prefer high grounds.

The last reason why a cat may jump onto your car is to protect herself. Usually, she will do this when a dog is chasing her and a cat will need someplace to escape. She believes that a car is the best and the easiest option and she will climb there. If your cat has this very problem, you may need to pay attention to protecting her and making sure she doesn’t have emeries in the neighborhood. The next step is to learn how to keep cats away from the car.

The aforementioned situations apply in 90% cases. However, in rare cases, a cat can be drawn by the car color or something else. The goal is still the same, you will want to keep her away from the car and try to protect it as much as possible. An interesting fact is a problem known as Cat in a car engine. This was a common problem with older vehicles which had massive free space in the engine bay so cats would climb there for warmth.

Can cat damage paint on your car or something worse?

As you may know already a cat is a small animal so it won’t damage the car completely nor it is capable of ruining something seriously. This doesn’t mean that it is a harmless problem. Not at all. A cat can cause all kinds of issues when she climbs on the car and you will need to prevent this as soon as possible.

The first thing a cat can do is leave muddy footprints on the car. There won’t be damaged but you will have to wash the car. If we know that today people are too busy for these activities, we can interpret this as a problem.

Paint scratches are the most common and the biggest problem. Regardless of the type of paint or the lacquer your car has, scratches will appear eventually. Car paint is relatively sensitive so fingernails of a cat can significantly damage it. In rare cases, cats can ruin the entire hood over time of course so you will have to repaint it, which is expensive and a time-consuming process.

The last but not least, a cat can damage your windshield wipers. This happens when a cat tries to climb on the roof of a car. The windshield is slippery so a cat will use wipers as the jumping point. Most cars have weak wipers that can damage easily. The most severe issue is you not knowing the wipers are damaged or bent. You will start driving and the first thing you will notice when it rains is that you actually don’t have functional wipers! If they are bent they can cause the damage of the windshield wipers electric motor. If that happens you can be lucky and replace the fuse only, but in some cases, you will have to replace the entire electric motor. This can cost you around $200.

To summarize all of which we said until now. A cat can be dangerous in your car. It can scratch the paint, ruin the windshield wipers or can even cause the electric motor of the wipers to fail. It is definitely a much better and safer alternative to learn how to keep cats off my car today. It is something you will use for the rest of your life.

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Things you will need:

  • Cat repellent
  • Mothballs
  • Ultrasonic pet alarm
  • Sprayer bottle
  • Car cover

How to keep cats off your car

There is no single step you can take to protect your car from cats. As a matter of fact, there are a few steps you can take. Combines they will help you 100% and the process will be effective for a few weeks. Once the cats start vandalizing your car again, simply repeat the steps and you are all set for the next few weeks. It is the right moment to tell you that in this case, the odor eliminator for the car might be a useful option. Anyway, to keep cats off your car you will need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Spray or use repellent for cats around a car

How to Keep Cats off Your Car
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This is the first step you need to take. It is the least invasive and it is more than just helpful. Basically, all you need to do is to get a cat repellent and spray or place it all around your car. The goal is to create an invisible barrier around your car so cats won’t pass that line. In return, they will proceed and leave your car alone.

There are a lot of products of this kind but the best is the PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent. This product is safe for cats and humans. It has a motion sensor that will activate it when needed or better said when a car comes near your car. For humans, it is an ineffective and odorless product. For cats it is safe but they cannot withstand the odor this repellent creates, therefore, they will avoid your car.

In most situations, this only step will be helpful and enough. To get the best results to repeat the step a few times per week. As soon as you see footprints on the car make sure to apply the repellent all around the car once again and again.

Apply the odor repellent on your car

How to Keep Cats off Your Car

This is a more invasive yet more important step. If the first doesn’t work or you want to make sure cars keep their distance you will need to use the cat repellent on your car. Keep in mind that it won’t affect the paint nor leave any traces. You won’t even know you have just applied the repellent. But, cats will sense the smell and they won’t be able to spend any amount of time on your car.

Although there are a lot of products, as you would expect we prefer the Ceva Feliway Spray. It is effective in 90% cases and it is safe for the cats and for your paint job. Furthermore, the spray is suitable for all kinds of usages. For instance, you can use it to decrease the urine spray or to eliminate scratching. If this is what you need, make sure to apply the spray on the object you want to protect.

We can add that when paired both of these steps are extremely effective and they will help you reach the main goal of the guide. Don’t forget that they are safe for the cats and they can be used as long as needed. In most, cases you will have to use both of these methods for a short period of time. Eventually, cats will realize your car outside reaches and they won’t approach it. On the other hand, some drivers don’t think this is sufficient and they want more. If you are one of them move to the next step.

Purchase ultrasonic pet alarm

This is the most effective repellent for animals periods. What it does is creates ultrasonic sounds, hence the name that is impossible for the cats and other animals to withstand. As a result, they will run away and they will leave your car alone and safe. Now, there are a few more things we would like to mention about this step.

The first thing to consider is that it can be used alongside the other two steps. It is an even more effective method and you won’t have any issues, we guarantee you. The alarm in question is safe for all animals and it won’t cause any problems or injuries. It is basically a simple gadget that makes sounds animals cannot withstand. As a result, your car will be 100% safe at all times. The next best thing is the fact this helps you with cats, dogs, rats, and many other animals.

There are a lot of products on the market that can be a valuable asset. If you want to get the best results and the best ultrasonic alarm you will need one feature among all others. You need a motion sensor. What this means that the alarm won’t make sound constantly. It will start making the sound as soon as an animal approaches a specific location. The specific location is associated with the range of the alarm. Some have bigger range while others have a smaller one. What you need to remember is that you can place the ultrasonic alarm close to your car and you are all set. These products are not originally designed for this purpose, but rather from keeping animals from your backyard. Luckily they are effective in this case scenario.

If you have problems with all kinds of animals, not only cats this may be the first step to take. Yes, other methods mentioned here are worthy of your consideration as well and you need to take them into consideration.

Place mothballs around a car

Apply the odor repellent on your car

Now we want to present you one interesting step. If you want to protect the Wheel paint, paint of the car and windshield wipers you need to take this step. Mothballs make odor that is unpleasant for all living creatures, including humans. The only advantage here is that cats hate this odor as well. They hate it so much that they will run away as soon as they sense it. You can use this. Make sure that place several mothballs around your car and leave them there. Replace them after 48 hours or less to get the best effect.

One of the additional benefits is the fact most animals hate this odor so they won’t approach your car. When you pair it with all other steps we presented you, the invisible barrier is 200% more effective. All of this means that people who live close to a forest or a place where many animals live, a combination of all these steps will be the ultimate solution. There is no need to add that the process here is perfectly safe and there won’t be any complications. There are no law regulations you need to know either.

Mothballs can last for a couple of days. However, on our, tests we discovered that they should be replaced after 4 days and it is the most effective strategy. In a nutshell, you will keep them as much as needed and they are effective.

This method should be used outside your car only. Never put mothballs inside a car due to the fact the odor will become extremely problematic, as you may know already. On the other hand, we can see that mothballs are effective for preventing a cat or rats reaching the engine bay. Not a single animal likes or can withstand this odor which makes it extremely effective against all kinds of animals. It is very affordable, the simplest and in some cases the most effective method.

Use a car cover

how to keep cat off car in a garage

If you still want to know how to keep cats off your car you need to use a car cover. If nothing else works, this will. It won’t allow for the cats or other animals to damage your car, but your vehicle will also be protected from rain, debris, dirt and anything else. There are special car covers that are extremely affordable yet extremely effective. Make sure to get one of them and you will be perfectly fine, well your car will.

Using a car cover isn’t the step you can use to solve all your problems. It is an additional step that makes your car better protected at all times. It is an affordable investment that you can use all the time. There are new car covers that can be installed from a trunk and stored there. You will literally need 5 seconds to install the cover and even less to remove it.

The best part here is that a car cover can fit to any car and they are available for specific models. In addition, a car cover is known to help you protect your car from vandalism and to make sure it is safe from any scratches and dents. This is especially helpful if you have just repainted the entire car. The last thing you want to see is a scratch or two on the bodywork. Use a car cover and you will be able to make sure the paint stays like new indefinitely.

In addition, here is a useful video that can help you with this particular task.


How do I keep my cat out of my car engine?

There is no simple answer. The first thing you can do is to use a cat repellent. This is the simplest and the most effective method. You can also park the car in the garage and limit the access of your cat into the garage. Additionally, you may want to use ultrasonic cat repellent. In addition, mothballs placed inside the engine bay might help you. It is also known as a repellent for rats.

What is a good cat repellent?

The best cat repellent is the one that is 100% effective but it is safe for the paint and the Car Seats or interior in general. At the same time, it must be safe for the animals so it won’t cause injuries or any issues. You need to protect your car but you need to remain humane as well.

Can cats damage car paint?

Yes and so much. Cats have extremely sharp and strong claws that will scratch even the hardest paint. The most common scratches are located on the hood, windshield and on the roof. In a case of scratches, you won’t be able to polish them and you may need to repaint the entire car or just damaged the panel.

How do you keep your neighbor’s cat away?

Using a combination of methods we have mentioned above. Ideally, you will use cat repellent and the ultrasonic alarm. Add the products that have a motion sensor and you can get the ultimate protection. This will help you with all cats and most animals, not with just neighbor’s cat.

How do I keep my cat off the hood of my car?

There are several methods you can use. The first one is to install ultrasonic alarm and add a motion sensor cat repellent. When these methods are combined you can get the ultimate protection and not a single cat will want to spend time on the hood of your car. To complete the mission, use car cover and make sure your car is 100% safe at all times.


So how to keep cats off your car? We present withed you several methods that are the most effective. You can use one of them or all combined and get any level of protection you need. All of the methods and steps are effective and will help you, but at the same time, they are safe for cats and other animals. Now you can finally protect your car and make sure it stays scratch-free.

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