How to Improve Exhaust Sound? – The Smarter Ways

How to improve exhaust sound?

You have landed on this title means you have a car and you want to improve the exhaust sound. It may also be that you are interested in the heavy and sleek automobile parts and curious to know about their functions like me. Whatever the case in point, let’s presume you know how the car exhaust system works. Now the task on the table is how to improve exhaust sound and my duty as an automobile geek is to let you know the precise and smarter ways involved.

You can certainly involve exhaust sound and there are efficient and smarter ways to do it. But what type of sound update you want. Do you want the sound to be moderate, deeper, or aggressive? In every case, you have to go through the same processes and it will be up to you what sound you will make your exhaust to pour out.

Though it is not that complicated a process, I will break it into pieces so that even a novice can come out crystal clear by the time he reaches the last line.  In my opinion, the process can be divided into four easy steps. Below you go with them:

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Will you Touch the Engine?

There is a saying you frequently come across in the automotive industry, “The bigger the engine, louder the exhaust sound”. We can put it in the other way round as to the more powerful the car engine, the louder the exhaust sound. But the question arises, “Will you touch the engine to make the exhaust response the way you want?” I think you won’t and you shouldn’t also unless you have the deepest pocket just to overwhelm others by squandering money on replacing the factory engine with a turn-head powerful engine. Now let’s explore the left three steps and I can assure you of those to be affordable options and one or more is cost-free.

Step-I: Replacing the Factory Muffler

If you have the basic knowledge of the exhaust mechanism as I have presumed you have, you know that several replaceable components work instrumental in the exhaust mechanism. And to be specific, so far the exhaust sound is concerned; the muffler plays the most crucial role.

Unlike the primitive mufflers, the modern mufflers come with an interior featured with several chambers and some mufflers come shaped like “S” to absorb the stronger sound waves. It is done to make the exhaust milder to the passenger compartment but with time the interior grows poisonous build-up making the sound too faint to be heard by the passers-by and even from the driver channel. That is the time your car exhaust needed a direct flow-through muffler replacing the zigzagged default one.

A glass-pack muffler is one that can push the airflow and sound frequencies created by the engine directly forward to the tailpipe. Thus toxic cloud of gases pass through unrestricted and sound waves flow the least-absorbed. That is how a fresh muffler choice can supremely improve the exhaust sound. To make a suitable muffler selection and error-free installation, you should consult a muffler shop.

Step-II: Widening the Exhaust Pipe Diameter

A narrower exhaust pipe is another culprit that provides you with a meager throttle response. A narrower exhaust pipe is responsible for low sound output besides a restricted airflow that causes power-killing backpressure. Conversely, an exhaust with an increased diameter encounters fewer barricades in its exhaust path. And fewer barriers mean louder sound and much airflow. So an upgrading of the diameter of the exhaust pipe will surely improve the exhaust sound to a greater extent comparing to the cost the process entails.

Care should be taken that you do not increase the diameter more than half/one inch and in that case, the more will not be the merrier. An amateurish approach in this connection may cost you dearly in the long run. Use a quality product like Plasma Cutter if you are confident to do the cutting yourself and pro mechanics will do the same.

Step-III: Exhaust Tip Replacement

This is the cheaper or more affordable option to go for. To your amazement, installing a fresh exhaust tip will not only increase the exhaust sound, but it will also upgrade the look of your car as well. The point, in this case, you are having an improved exhaust sound along with rendering your car more stylish than earlier. The fun is doubled as you can avail of an upgrade in sound and style without an upcharge.

Isn’t just great? Obviously, it is.

You will come across sound amplifying exhaust tips in profuse numbers in the physical market and across the web. Your duty is to single out the best exhaust tip for deep sound with a larger-diameter, dual wall, and flared ends that will work magic in providing the amplified exhaust sound you want. Make sure that you are using an industry-grade tool like MIG Welder if you are a weekend DIY warrior.

 Further Up

There are other options to go for and you will certainly have fabulously improved sound but they have their flip sides. The two alternative ways you can improve your car exhaust yelling that includes – i) installing an exhaust sound kit called straight exhaust pipe and ii) replacing the rubber connection with direct welds.

The former will give the louder exhaust as it will eliminate the muffler from your system and lets the gas-flow run unrestricted and the sound amplifies to the highest frequency. But on the flip side, it is a cost-effective option and to increase the hassle you will not be permitted to go on the road without cat-on and muffler in your exhaust system. As these exhaust components made compulsory for an environmental issue. You can avail of this opportunity only if your car is a sports car to run on-track and on the race ground.

The second option will come with louder exhaust by removing the rubber links to absorb exhaust sound will be more there. But this will cause your exhaust sound to hurt the hearing in the passenger compartment.

If you go for those options, make sure the welding safety issue properly addressed as both the ways involve cutting welding extensively.


Though much is not left to cover the options on how to improve the exhaust sound, there should be a summing up of the multiple processes presented for your kind information. You should favor the three steps described the first one being the most expensive. And the additional suggestions made should come under your consideration if they match your needs and requirement.

Not to avoid your attention, whatever cause or concern you moderate your exhaust sound; you should ensure to accomplish the task in the due process. Otherwise, it might be counter-productive by damaging your car or its crucial parts. To keep those possibilities away, avoid cheaper workshops and non-professional individuals.

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