How to Fix a Flat Tire EASY (Everything you need to know)

A flat tire is not the most uncommon problem for vehicle users. It’s a problem they face regularly. It can happen anywhere and anytime.  So if you own a car, you should know how to fix a flat tire on a car.  But how do you fix a flat tire? What are the methods of fixing a flat tire? Is it easy or difficult to fix it? Fortunately for you, we are here to guide you step by step. After reading this article, you will learn more about fixing a flat tire.

How can you fix a flat tire?

Having a flat tire can be very annoying. But it’s not that difficult to fix a flat tire. There are a couple of methods that you can use to fix a flat tire. Here, we will talk about the most convenient method. We will show you how to fix a flat tire by using a tire plug kit.

Step-1: Inspect the Tire and Look For the Leak

Finding the leak is the very first step. You have to inspect the tire and see whether there are any cuts or holes. If you can’t figure out the problem by inspecting, you should inflate the tire and see more closely. See whether there is a hissing sound or not.

If you still can’t find the leaking area, you need to do something else. Mix some dish soap with water and, then you can brush that mixture on the tire. In the leaking area, you will see bubbles. Use tape to mark the spot as it will make your job easier.

Step-2: Loosen the Lug Nuts

You must loosen the lug nuts. You can do it by using a lug wrench or an impact wrench. Then you have to jack up the car to remove the wheels when you do that; you must keep your car on a hard surface. You have to use jack stands so that you can keep your car stabilized.

Step-3: Remove Leg Nuts

Now, you need to remove those lug nuts and then pull off that wheel. After doing that, just clean that leaking area. Insert the rasp tool in an out of the hole, and it will be done. That’s the end of step 3.

Step-4: Inserting the Plug

Thread the plug at the center of the insertion tool. Then force it into the hole. If you want, you can also lubricate the tire plug. You can lubricate it with an adhesive such as rubber cement or glue. That way, it will be easy to insertion the plug. Whatever you do, you can’t move the tire plug for one minute (at least).  Within that time, the adhesive will set and dry.

Step-5: Cut the Extra Plug

Cut out the extra plug material. You won’t need that. So you can get rid of it.

Step-6: Fill the tire

The tire has to be filled with air. You should check whether the air pressure of the tire is right. You can use a tire gauge and check.

Step-7: Re-install the Wheel

We are almost at the end. Now you have to put the wheel back where it belongs. When you are done with that, lower your car to the ground.

Step-8: The Final Step

After you lower your car to the ground, you need to attach and tighten the lugs. For that, you can use an impact wrench so that you can tighten those lugs to the appropriate torque.

Now that you know how to fix a flat tire, you can probably do it on your own. However, keep in mind that this method will not give you a permanent solution. Eventually, you should take your tire to an auto repair shop. They have professionals who can patch it up professionally.  You can also replace it on your own. That’s another way you can solve the flat tire issue.  So let’s talk about replacing the flat tire.

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Replacing the flat tire

Replacing a tire is not a difficult task at all. Furthermore, it’s the best solution if you think about fixing your flat tire. It’s just a two-step process.

Step 1: Remove the Flat Tire

First of all, take a lug wrench. Then loosen the lug nuts on that flat tire. But make sure that you don’t remove them yet.  Then you have to use a car jack. Situate the jack to the suggested jacking points. Use the jack to up the car side, which you need to work on. Make sure to prevent the car from rolling. You have to do your work on level ground. If you Jack your car on a slope, it may cause accidents. So keep that in mind.  When you are done with jacking up your vehicle, you have to remove all the lug nuts. Then you can remove the tire.

Step-2: Attaching the New Tire

This is the main step. Before you attach the spare, you should check the tire thoroughly. You can spend a few minutes if you have to. But make sure that the new tire and the old tire are of the same size.

When you are done with checking the tire, you should reattach the lug nuts to the bolts. But do not reattach them tightly. After that, you have to lower the car jack and make sure that all the weight of your car is back on the tire. Then remove the car jack and lock down the lug nuts.

There is something that you should keep in mind. Even though you can drive your vehicle with a spare tire, you can’t use it for too long. It is not designed for long driving. Use the spare tire only when you are out of all options. Furthermore, when your car is running on a temporary spare tire, the speed has to be under 50 mph when using a temporary spare tire. Go to an auto repair shop to get the tire replaced.

So there you have it, folks. If you want to know how to fix a flat tire, this is all the information you need to know. With all said and done, we like to recommend that you should take care of your tire so that it does not need to be fixed in the first place.

How to Fix a Flat Tire EASY (YouTube)

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):

Question: Can you drive a car with a flat tire?

Answer:  Theoretically, you can drive with a flat tire. You can drive it at a very slow speed, but The speed should not be more than 15 miles per hour. You can drive it for hundreds of yards. But that is something that no car owner will recommend as it will damage the tire.

Question: How much does it cost to fix a flat tire?

Answer: It’s a question that we hear a lot. How much does the flat tire repair cost? Well, it mainly depends on the amount of damage. If it is a simple puncture, repairing it will not cost you that much (relatively speaking). It will cost somewhere between $15-20.

However, if the puncture is too wide and can’t be fixed, then it kind of becomes a flat tire replacement cost rather than a repair cost. It can, indeed, be costly. It can cost you $100 to $750 per tire. It mainly depends on the model of your vehicle.

Question: How long can you drive with a spare tire?

Answer: The spare tires are designed in a way that they will save space and weight in your car. It allows the manufacturers to make smaller cars, but the spare tire is not designed to last long. In the owner’s manual, you will see the recommendations for driving speed and time. But there is a general rule. You can’t drive more than 70 miles. You also can’t drive more than 50 miles/hour before replacing the spare one with a new tire.

There is a reason why the spare tire does not last long. Spare tires have very little tread. It is the reason why they are vulnerable to road hazards. A spare tire is also smaller than the other three tires. So it has to spin faster so that it can keep up with the moving vehicle.

Question: What happens if I drive with a flat tire?

Answer: Driving on a flat tire is not the safest thing to do. It will cause severe damage to your tire. You may not have full control over your car, and as a result, it can lead you to an accident that can cause injuries. In extreme cases, it can even lead you to death.

A lot of car owners will admit to this fact.   Running a tire when it is flat is like operating the car’s engine without oil. Even if you drive the car for a short period, it will damage the tire to the point which can never be repaired.

SO maintaining proper air pressure is a must. If you notice that the tire of your car is flat, you should slow your car gradually. Then, pull it off to the side of the road immediately.

Question: What should I do when I have a flat tire?

Answer:  First of all, don’t panic. If possible, then go to the nearest auto repair shop so that you can fix the tire. If not, then you can also do it on your own. Inspect the tire and see where the problem lies. Always have a flat tire repair kit. You can use a plug or sealant. Use the best tire sealant. You can also use a spare tire if you want. Follow the instructions that we have given you, and it will all work out.

That’s the end of our discussion on how to fix a flat tire. Please let us know if our article has been helpful to you.

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