How to Clean a MAF Sensor by Yourself

Mass air flow sensor (also known as MAF sensor) is one of the important components that you can find in engines. More often than not modern EFI engines have a MAF sensor. You can find it in the air intake of a car’s engine. It is absolutely vital for you to clean it if you want to maintain it properly. Rest assured that cleaning a MAF sensor is as easy as it gets. In this article, we will talk about how to clean a MAF sensor.

How to Clean a MAF Sensor

The function of Mass Air Flow Sensor

Before we talk about the ways of cleaning a MAF sensor, we will just briefly talk about the function of it.

The main function of this sensor is to carefully monitor the weight and temperature of the air that is entering into the engine of your car. The air mass information is absolutely important for the ECU (which means Engine Control Unit) in order to supply the exact fuel mass to your car’s engine.

How to clean a MAF sensor

You will find two types mass air flow sensors and they are- hot wire mass air flow sensor and cold wire mass air flow sensor.

These sensors, while operating, are exposed to the air. As a result, they tend to pick up contaminants that can harm them. The contaminants can alter their readings and, it can’t be a good thing. Keep in mind that, there is absolutely no way you can use carburetor or brake cleaners when it comes to cleaning these sensors. Cleaning MAF sensor with brake cleaner can be harmful to the sensors. The reason is that chemicals, that you will find in these cleaners, may destroy these delicate things. What you really need is a MAF sensor cleaner.

A MAF Sensor Cleaner will help you to get rid of oil, dirt, and dust from the sensor and it will not damage the sensor. The chemicals that are in it are hexane-based and, the chemicals will evaporate quickly. The process is not difficult by any means and, you can complete it very quickly.

First of all, unplug the sensor. Then you need to remove the air intake tubing. After that, you can remove the mass air flow sensor.

“Then you can keep the MAF sensor on a towel in order to catch the runoff” Attach a plastic straw into the can and then spray around the sensor. Make sure that you cover the hot wires. You have to be careful about not touching the wires with anything (not even the plastic straw).

Spray the whole sensor (including the connectors) and after that reinstall it into the car. The chemicals will evaporate after a few minutes.

This is all we have in our ‘how to clean a MAF sensor’ part. Like we said before, cleaning a MAF sensor is not difficult. It is good to clean the sensor when you clean the air filter. But you have to be careful about something. Do not use a MAF sensor cleaner when the engine is running. It can be bad for your sensor.

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Lastly, you do not have to clean the MAF sensor every day. But try to clean it regularly.


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