How To Inspect Car Brakes Quickly?

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The brake system is one of the most important safety parts of the car. If you ever lost your brake system, you might know how important this is for you as well as your family and friends because your life depends on that. Inspecting the brake system 3 times per year can save a lot. It can save your life, your family, your valuable time, and your money. If you check damages and fix those, the brake can save you from a dangerous accident.

Nowadays, there are many cars that support brake inspection without removing the wheel. If your car has Aluminum wheel Rim with spaces in the centre, you can get the better assessment done by peeping through the hole at the goodies. You can pick up your wheel through or you will take off the wheel, Make sure you ensure a clear view of the brake pads and the large shiny discs.

Remember it’s very intensive monitoring. If you feel there’s anything wrong with your brakes, you must go through a deeper inspection. If you feel the need, you must go to your reliable mechanic in order to fix all issues related to brake. In this article, we’re going to share how to inspect car brakes quickly. After finishing this article, you’ll get to know some basic things that you should know if you intend to inspect your car’s brake.

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Inspecting Your Brake Discs and Drum

Let’s Check the Brake disc first. It should be shiny from inside outwards and fairly uniformed. Do not worry if you can see a little line, it is slightly normal damage. If there is any deep spot or pronounced groove in the disc, you should change your Car Brake Disc.

If your brake disc is cool, you can use your finger to check the surface of the brake disc. If you feel the spot is very little, you can send it to the mechanic shop for tuning the disc. But, if you feel a real deep spot on it, you must replace it as soon as possible. Or else, you’ll put yourself in danger.

Many cars have the brake drum in the rear. You can check that with the same process. If you feel uneven wear with your brake lining, you must have it checked by a trained mechanic. If the damage is slightly a little, you can re-use it with mechanic professional’s permission.

Is Your Brake Pad/ Lining Worn out or Bad?

Now you need to check your car brake pads as well as lining. You can check the outside pad by touching the disc. If there is 1/8″ or less remaining on the pad or lining, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Do not worry, brake pad and lining don’t cost that much. If you keep monitoring your brake system on a regular basis, you’ll be able to avoid such an unwanted and embarrassing situation. Besides, you can save time and money both!

How to take A Quick Look at Brake Lines

Now, let’s take a look at how you can check the brake lines quickly. When you check the brake lines, the rubber coated lines must have to be soft and smooth. If you feel the brake lines are rigid and cracked, maybe there are problems with these. Cracked or leaky brake lines need to be replaced quickly. You need to check the brake booster if you feel your brake is hard.

Sometimes, the brake paddle goes down to the surface of the vehicle. You need to check out the master cylinder then. Besides, you need to check the brake fluid color and its level on a regular basis.

Always keep the processing unit dashboard checked. If you see any signal light involved in the brake system like ABS or handbrake signal, you should get your car checked by a good mechanic. You can save a lot if you check the brake system regularly. If you replace your brake pads or lining regularly, your problems will be eliminated.

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