How does motor oil work ?

When Motor Oil is inserted into the engine via a proper entry point like oil Sump it moves around certain Elements which needs frequents Lubrication. These Elements include the pickup tube, Engine oil Sump, Oil Pump, Engine oil Filter.

how does motor oil work

While the engine start and moving the engine components, Motor oil play the most important roles, motor oil keep the engine moving parts smooths and prevents overheated. Somehow motor Oil Not moving around the engine-it causes Engine becomes Jammed or Seized. So that you should use proper grade motor oil as per your vehicle Manufacturers Recommendations. Also, follow the time period and mileage as per Manufacturers Recommendations.

How much temperature Controls inside the engine :

  • Cam Shaft 50 to 80 C
  • Valves 200 to 350 C
  • Piston 200 to 350 C
  • Crank Shaft 80 to 150C
  • Oil Sump 80 to 150 C

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Engine oil is the little parts of your Vehicle but it saves your lots of things of your vehicle so don’t be avoid to follow the guidelines your vehicle manufacturer. Motor Oil Like as Human Blood… So if you love your car should follow the proper rules !! 

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