History of Lamborghini: Twists and Turns

Lamborghini is a car brand and manufacturer, commonly known for its luxury supercars, sports cars, and SUVs. Lamborghini was founded by an Italian manufacturer ‘Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini’ in 1963. Before we get into the history of Lamborghini, we got to talk about our man Ferruccio Lamborghini. The founder of Lamborghini was raised in a humble family. The son of an Italian farmer, Ferruccio was born in 1916(in the middle of the First World War). Ambitious and bold- Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini had all the talent in the world to be a successful investor and a businessman.

The whole history of Lamborghini is as eventful as it can get. So we are going to talk about some of the most important events that have made Lamborghini the brand it is today.

The Beginning and the first success

History of Lamborghini started after World War II, from a tractor factory which boomed in business due to post-war Italy’s need to increase their agricultural production. The Lamborghini tractor business was inaugurated in a small garage, but the business got successful. Once successful, in 1963 Mr. Lamborghini wanted to build a supercar brand to compete with Ferrari which was perceived as ‘madness’ by many. Regardless, Automobile Lamborghini S.P.A formed with the model-Lamborghini 350 GT as the first production vehicle and released in May 1964 with 120 units. Lamborghini logo is inspired by the world of bullfighting to which Mr Ferrucio Lamborghini was fascinated and applied the logo of Taurus, a horoscope to which he belongs.

the company created some of the most eye-catching models from October 1965 to June 1966. In the year of 1966, the 400GT 2+2 was debuted by Lamborghini at Geneva Auto Show. It was praised by the press and the car lovers. The company also brought Miura P400 in 1966. It was special because of its rear-mid-engine layout.

The great Espada

In 1969, at the Geneva show, the car lovers saw the debut of Espada. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the greatest cars that Lamborghini has ever produced. According to Wikipedia, 1200 units were sold in the ten years of its production. 228 Espadas were sold in 1970, which was not only staggering but also amazing. It is an outstanding number for such an expensive and important car. This was probably the best model of Lamborghini before their financial woes began. So 1969 is pretty memorable in the history of Lamborghini.

Lamborghini kept its success rate pretty high as it introduced LP500, the Urraco P250, and the Jamara 400 GTS. All of these models were popular, and Lamborghini made a good profit out of them.

Financial woes and the selling of the ownership

However, after the first ten years of the rapid growth of Lamborghini sales plunged in the wake of the1973 worldwide financial downturn and the oil crisis. Therefore, Mr Ferruccio Lamborghini sold ownership of the company and retired in 1974. He sold 51% of his business to a tractor manufacturer in 1973. Furthermore, He sold his 49% of the business to another businessman after that. Therefore, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s era in the history of Lamborghini had come to an end.

Bankruptcy and the aftermath:

The company went bankrupt in 1978. This is the lowest point in the history of Lamborghini. Then, the government took control of the company. The government sold the company to Jean-Claude and Patrick Mimran. Sadly, even they could not revive the brand as the investment that they made was insufficient. As a result, they also sold it. After changing several hands and facing major financial difficulties, the company is bought latest in 1998 by the Volkswagen Group and was placed under the control of the group’s Audi division.

Bestselling Cars:

Best Selling cars of Lamborghini include – Egoista, Sesto Elemento, Aventador J, LM002. Diablo GT, Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni, Countach, Reventon. Lamborghini unveiled the Aventador J – a roofless, windowless version of the Lamborghini Aventador at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. These are some of the best selling cars in the history of Lamborghini. The Aventador J uses the same 700 hp engine and seven-speed transmission as the standard Aventador. At the 2012 Beijing motor show, Lamborghini unveiled the Urus SUV. This is the first SUV built by Lamborghini since the LM002.

Recent Achievements

Lamborghini, according to the most recent data, is one of the best-selling supercar brands. In 2016, the carmaker unloaded 3,245 cars which makes it the best year in the history of Lamborghini. Sales were so strong that the company stated that this is the most cars they’ve ever sold in their 53-year history.

The best year before this was 2014 when the carmaker sold 2,530 vehicles. Lamborghini’s automobile product range consists of two model lines, both of which are mid-engine two-seat sports cars as of the 2017 year. The V12-powered Aventador line consists of the LP 700–4 coupé and roadster & The V10-powered Huracan line which includes the all-wheel-drive LP 610-4 coupé and roadster,

Top Gear’ (a car magazine) named The Huracán “The Supercar of the Year 2014” The Urus (SUV) will be the newest Lamborghini to grace billionaire’s garages, Lamborghini has said that they expect to move 3,000 units of the Urus each year.

Final Verdict:

The history of Lamborghini started with Ferruccio Lamborghini. Now, it has a greater community cheering along with them. We have to appreciate the fact that Ferruccio was such a successful entrepreneur. Otherwise, Lamborghini would not have been able to make it this far. The brand ‘Lamborghini’ is now popular all over the world. Not only this is the crush of all the adolescents’ boys, the youths madly desire her to be their own! It reminds a saying of Farmeschi. He said, ‘I really had a picture of it on the wall of my bedroom’. However, Lamborghini had to go through a lot of financial struggles. Eventually, he had to retire. But now Lamborghini is with the Volkswagen group. The history of Lamborghini started with the 350 GT in 1964, and it has the vision to create the most beautiful car in the future.

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