Ground breaking convoy by Lamborghinis in Singapore!!

On 12th December, Lamborghini Urus in Asia pacific premiere in Singapore at the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands considered as very first time ever in Asia. As automobile Lamborghini chief commercial Officer Mr.Federico Foschini & Mr. Katia Bassi for Urus appearance outside Italy demonstrated.

Also, 122 Lambo Cars took to the streets at Singapore on 10 th December, and it’s a record braking Lamborghini show in Asia pacific region. That was simply amazing & wonderful parade there.

Automobile Lamborghini launches its third model Urus super sports utility vehicle, and produced a new super luxury segment.

The Urus is considered as one of the finest production of Lamborghini because of its super design, nice structure, performance, driving dynamics and driving emotions were taken in consideration while making.

It’s a groundbreaking car with super sports car and versatile working facility of an SUV. Among other Lamborghinis production, it is said to be the best and unique one because of its super in class driving dynamics, high performance, unparalleled design and daily usability.

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