Most Important Garage Maintenance Tips-Garage door and other equipments

To maintain your garage, you must keep an eye on a lot of things. You have to keep an eye on the door; you have to clean the garage and so on. In this article, we will talk about all the garage maintenance tips. We will help you to understand what measures you should take to maintain your garage. So you will know whether you need to hire professionals or you can maintain the garage on your own.

Garage door maintenance

Things you can do to maintain your garage

A garage is a place where you keep your car. Not only that, you keep a lot of stuff in your garage. Perhaps the most important thing that you can keep in the garage is a fire extinguisher.  If a fire breaks out in your garage, it will be lethal. It is the reason why you should have a fire extinguisher in your garage. So you have to maintain your garage properly. After all, you need to keep your vehicles safe and sound. So here are some garage maintaining tips that you should follow-

Look and look again

The first thing you must do is to check whether everything is all right with your garage. Check out whether the door is working perfectly. Check out whether the door is operating silently or not. Make sure that it does not make a grinding sound.

Clean your garage regularly

It is one of the most common garage maintenance tips. It’s a no-brainer. But we will talk about it just for the sake of talking about it. You have to keep your garage clean. Keeping it unclean will not only make it unhealthy, but it will also affect the car. So make sure to keep you clean.

No pets allowed

Your garage can be an attractive place for pests such as bees, ants or even cockroaches. If pests affect your garage, it may affect your house. So you must get rid of them. So call the local exterminator and exterminate these pests as soon as possible.

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You may keep a lot of things in your garage. The last thing you want is to keep them unorganized. That way it will be a mess. You do not want that to happen. So you should keep your garage organized and clean.

Inspect the Walls

Inspects the walls and make sure that there are no moisture stains. If you do find moisture stains, then you can assume that there is a leakage somewhere. Make sure to fix it.

Door Balance

Test the balance of the door. How to do that? First, you have to close the door. Then, you have to disconnect the carriage. After this, you can easily lift it manually. Lift it Up halfway. Now watch carefully whether it stays in place or not. If it does, everything is fine and awesome. If it does not stay put, you can assume that something is wrong and the door is not balanced. In that case, you can call a professional technician for help.

How To Maintain a Garage Door?

Tighten the Hinges of the Door

Tightening the hinges of the garage door is one of the many Garage door maintenance tips. It’s easy as pie. Just pick a wrench and do it. You don’t even have to apply a lot of force to it. Just check every single one of them. Tighten the hinges that are a bit lost.

Make sure to tighten up the hardware:

People use the garage door so many times that it is possible that the hardware may loosen up. In that case, you have to use the socket wrench again and tighten the hardware.

Nuts and Bolts

Also, you should keep an eye on nuts and bolts of the garage door. You have to use the garage almost every day. So it is not a surprise that nuts and bolts of the door will be a bit loose over time. So tighten them up. You don’t have to do it every day. That will be a bit bothersome. But we recommend that you do it once in a month.


You should inspect the rollers of the garage door and replace them if necessary. More often than not people use nylon rollers that do not have a bearing. It’s not bad but we recommend you to use sealed bearing nylon roller. There is a reason why we have recommended it. These rollers are better in every sense. First of all, they will last longer. Furthermore, they are easy to replace. But most importantly, they are easy to use.


Lubricating various parts of the garage door is perhaps the most important garage door maintenance tip. So Applying lubricant is very important. A lubricant is an organic substance and, you can use it on the various parts of your door. So you have to make sure to lubricate all the hinges and rollers. Also, you need to lubricate the springs. You also have to know how to lubricate garage door opener chain. But most importantly, lubricate the rail (especially the top part of the rail). Remember that Garage door lubrication is important when it comes to garage door maintenance. So make sure to do it diligently. You may wonder about the best garage door lubricant. There are a lot of products out there. But we recommend that you use WD-40 Specialist Protective White Lithium Grease Spray with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS

Change the Weather-stripping

Your door has a rubber weather seal strip. Replace it if necessary. You can buy it from home improvement stores. All you have to do is to cut to size and insert it into the grooves.

DIY Garage Door Maintenance | Save Your Money

Extra tips for garage door care:

We have already talked about the most important things that you can do to maintain your garage. You will know about how to maintain a garage door opener and other things.

Garage door opener maintenance

You want your garage opener to be convenient. More often than not you will have these three types of garage door openers- chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. Inspection is the key when it comes to maintaining the garage door opener. Check out all the key parts of the door opener. For example, the mounting bracket, cables or fasteners. Make sure that no part is damaged. Tighten down any bolts or screws and make sure to replace the old batteries.

How To Maintain a Garage Door Opener?

Garage door maintenance cost

It depends on a lot of things. Mostly, it depends on the shape that your door is in. So it is incredibly difficult to give an exact number. But if you are willing to pay 150$-250$, you should be all right.

How often to lubricate garage door?

Don’t worry. You do not need to lubricate the garage door every day. But you have to do it once in a while. We recommend that you lubricate the door (especially the hinges, rollers, and tracks) once in 3-4 months. You can lubricate the door once a year.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door spring?

If you want to replace the garage door spring, you may have to spend $170-200$. You have to buy the spring and, you also have to spend some extra cash behind the labour.

Garage door maintenance checklist (In a nutshell)-

  • Check whether the hinges, nuts, and bolts are tightened
  • Check the rollers.
  • Check the hardware.
  • Check out the balance of the door.
  • Check whether you have lubricated the hinges and rollers.
  • Lubricate garage door chain

Garage door repair

You can face a lot of problems with the garage door. After using it for a while, your door will become a crooked door. You can also call it an uneven door. It means that when you close the door, one side of the door will be up (it will be a bit open) while the other side will be unusually down. You need tools like vice grips, socket wrench, and winding bars. We recommend that you ask a professional for help. Plus, repairing it may also include replacing various parts of the door

Final Verdict

So these are our recommended garage maintenance tips. Some of them are pretty common. But all of them are effective. So try your level best to follow these tips.

Your garage is a part of your house. So you have to take care of it. There is no doubt about that. If you regularly take care of your garage, then you do not have to put much effort into it.  A garage is kind of a storehouse. You can keep a lot of stuff there. But whatever you do, do not turn your garage into the garbage. Keep it clean so that bugs will not attack your garage. Check the door again and again. Try to utilize your material properly. Paint it and use pesticides. Do not keep it dark and shabby. Keep your garage organized so that it looks great.

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