Free Car Seat Inspection for Child Safety at Next Thursday!

Car Seat Inspection

Suppose you’re on a family trip or you’re going somewhere rushing with your kid. What if you have a crash suddenly? Will you be safe then? Will your kid remain safe?

To keep your child safe during a crash or an accident, you need to take care of your car seat. You have to check if there’s any kind of damage or not, you need to clean the seat belt on a regular basis to keep your seat healthier and rust free. If you do this you’ll be able to keep your kid safe. To help you with such an issue, The Family and Children First Council is offering a free car seat inspection program next Thursday. This inspection is offered to parents only. In this program, there will be a drive-thru test with some limitations and time table.

The fact is, child safety in the car requires a lot of awareness. It’s not just a matter of the belt clicking the buckle. The whole fact you need to focus on is, your child remains safe whatever it happens. That’s why car seat safety is too much important.

About this, Washington County Family and Children First Council financial office manager Jon Higgins said, “The whole point is to keep your child safe in the event of an accident.”

Child Safety Seat Inspections YouTube Video

He also added that parents nowadays are not much aware of how to keep the car seat always safe and healthy. The recommendations for maintaining car seat change according to the type of vehicle. By the by, the recommendations depend on the number of kids you have.

Car seats are a bit wider and that’s why you need to ensure that those are not moving inside the car. Your car’s seat can be expired before its date or it can be less safe if it had a crash before. Or there can be deep damage that you can’t notice. That damage can occur from the last time it saved your baby from danger. About this, Higgins said “Even fender benders can affect a warranty, if you’re in a vehicle crash there could be damage you don’t see but that seat’s less safe because of force and impact on ultimately something plastic,”

The program will cover a lot of things and facts like why inspection is important, why you should keep your car seat safer, healthier and cleaner, what rules and regulations you need to follow to keep your child safe, etc. There will be a drive-thru car seat inspection between 11 AM and 2 PM. If you successfully qualify this test you could get a free car seat after completing classes.

The main target of this program is to keep your child safe and make the road free from any dangerous accident and damage. The reason for calling on this program is, in Ohio children must ride in a booster seat or a baby car seat to the age of 8 from birth. To keep them safe during this period, the council is giving a free car seat inspection.

Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Next Thursday)

Location: 202 Davis Ave, Marietta.

For more information: 740-376-7081

News Source: The Marietta Times

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