Engine Tune Up Guide: Must Read If You Own a Car

There are so many car manufacturers who provide various types of cars and models in the automotive world. You can’t find any vehicle which does not require the Engine tune up. Engine tune up is regular basis maintenance work. When your vehicle does not perform well such as, consuming a high amount of gas, engine jerking, misfiring, and speed not increasing in spite of pressing the accelerator for a long. In this situation, you should bring your vehicle to a garage to tune the engine up.

how much is a tune up

Garage mechanics will analyze your car and give you the assessment reports. Usually, the mechanics check the Spark plugs, Air cleaners, high tension leads, Fuel injectors, and Sensors including O2 Sensors Crank position Sensors and other sensors, by using scanners. Engine tune up procedure Depends on your car’s age and model.

Here, in this article, we’re going to discuss the engine tune-up and we will serve you a guide on how to tune up the engine of your car. If you read the complete article, you can find out so many questions and answers which you should know as a private car user. Like,

  • What is the engine tune-up?
  • How much does engine tune up cost?
  • When do I need to tune up my car?
  • What will happen if I ignore the engine tune-up?
  • What spares needed during the Engine tune up?
  • How much time needed for engine tune-up?

You can’t understand what’s happening under the hood, you can get a better idea when mechanics open the car hood. We’ve described the details below:

Engine Tune-up checklist

Air Cleaner Filter Visual Inspection:

At the very beginning, when mechanics open the hood and check the air cleaner filter. If it seems very dusty so it should be replaced or cleaned.

Spark Plugs checkup:

The spark plug is the most significant part of your Vehicle. The changes of the spark plug depend on time, period, and colors of insulator firing noses. Low-quality spark plugs common color is black, and it will light tan or gray insulator firing noses at good condition. You can learn more our another article How do spark plugs work?

High Tension Led (Spark Plug Wire):

Check the plug wire if it’s too hard or cracked, replace it.

Fuel Filter Checkups:

Another significant part of your car is the fuel filter. Sometimes, it is not working smoothly due to the usage of bad quality gas. If the gas filter is very much rusty, it is not okay with just a cleanup. It should be replaced or followed as the manufacturer says.

Fuel Injectors Checkups:

Fuel injectors’ checkup is a common issue when a car comes to mechanics for a tune-up. If too much junk gathered on the top of the injector, clean it and test by using injector tester. If injectors inject the fuel perfectly, keep it. If the supply of fuel is unsmooth, you have to replace it.

Leakage Checkups:

if leakage found under the hood of the car like oil or fuel and coolant, find out the leakage and fix it.

Electric Line checkups:

Check the Battery Terminals and try to keep those clean. If you find any other issues like radiator fans, and fan motors problems, fix it.

Ignitions Coil Checkups: 

You don’t need any extra work to check this when you’re checking the spark you can understand the coil is okay or damaged. If the ignition coil does not give sufficient current, replace it.

Checkup the PVC seals:

Don’t forget to check the PVC seal. If you find that hard or leaky, replace it.

Inspection and filling all fluids:

Check the engine oil level, brake oil level, Gear Box Oil, Steering oil and Coolant Level. If there is any kind of shortage, fulfill it.

Checking the head cover gasket and valve clearance:

Check the Valve clearance and head cover gasket. Don’t forget to replace the damaged head cover gasket.

Checkpoints and condenser:

Most of the very old model vehicles have this item. If this cannot produce sufficient current, you have to replace it.

How to Tune Up Your Own Car Easily

Here we recommended a YouTube video which will help you a lot to understand how to tune up your vehicle easily:

Well, we think that you have already understood what engine tune-up is. And what spares you need during the tuning up of your vehicle. Now we will describe the unanswered questions.

How much does Engine tune up cost?

Cost can be started from $50 to 150$. It would be higher and actually depends on what items need to replace. It could be $1000 or more. If you don’t need to replace any things, your mechanics’ charge won’t be upper than $ 50to $100. Tune up price depends on your location, where you living now. If you’re living in a developed area, you will face a low amount of cost. Also, you can find out your solutions from WIYGUL Automotive Clinic if you are staying in the USA.

When do I need to tune up my car?

Okay if you watch this video, you will understand clearly when you need to tune up your vehicle.

What will happen if I ignore the engine tune-up?

So many things can happen if you ignore it. Your gas consumption will increase, your engine will get damaged, the engine will overheat and head gasket will be burned, Also Some Parts Life span will Minimize, like Tire, Battery. ultimately it’ll kill your valuable time and money, at last, so you must understand when your car needed tune up. If you’ve read our full article, we hope it will help enough to save your time and costs.

How much time needed to tune up?

Time is more valuable than money so everyone thinking about the time, Engine tune-up needs a very short time. If you bring the vehicle in popular and Experienced Garage, as per our experience it should be 1 or 2 hours. Depends on how much changes needed in your vehicle. If the condition of your vehicle is too much bad, it could be day long. So don’t worry if you maintain your car as per manufacturers guideline, you don’t need much more time. Also, you can read our article the most important car maintenance tips for detailed information.


At the end we just want to tell you, use genuine spares like Engine oil, Coolant, filters, and any other spares. Always try to maintain the vehicle as manufacturer guided. Besides, try to have your car checked from a qualified garage. Keep in mind that, a good mechanic can save your time and money. So bring your car to well-trained mechanics. Always try to keep a good engine tune-up.

Thanks for reading our articles. If you have any questions or queries, just drop your comment. Also, you can write to us. You’ll get the contact information from the contact us menu.

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