The Popular Instagram Motoblogger Elena Kuzavini’s accidental Death!!

elena kuzavini death

Yes, you got it right. It is that sad and heart-breaking news on the untimely and unexpected demise of the famous woman bike rider from Ukraine. Kuzavini Elena from Ukraine established herself as a craze around the world as a bike rider. Her racy riding pics and videos posted on Instagram made her instant famous and earned her 220K Instagram followers.

The lovers across the net had been enjoying her photos of every viral pose and from varied eye-catching locations. But it was not the vibrant beauty that the people got struck by. Rather it was the electric vibe popping out through her eyes that biking brings for her that was the key factor. But yesterday an accident ended her journey on the bike and of life. She reached merely 41 by the time the untimely death put an end to her ruling over the motorways on her favorite BMW bike.

The striking model and bike blogger died in a deadly crash while her BMW motorbike was colliding with a Volkswagon. Her dresses have been marked by leather protective and body-fit clothing. She was a sought after model at 41.

What happened with Elena Kuzavini on 24/10/2019?

elena kuzavini accident

This is the day when the passion proved to be so fatal for the beautiful model and brave biker. She was riding on a motorway in the northern part of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. All of a sudden a Volkswagon pulled out before her without giving her the least clue and time to retreat.

The local media reported that the 41-year-old biker was not run over by the killer Volkswagon rather she crashed into the car. Despite serious injury, she was alive. Within a very short notice, an ambulance arrived and took her to a hospital where she breathed her last.

The media personnel present there also told that a gang of Elena’s friends and fans appeared in the scene agitated. They were furious enough to involve in a clash with the police who were investigating the death spot.

The police had to calm them down by force. But it is still unknown whether any of the fans or friends was arrested or not. Sadly enough, the driver of the fateful Volkswagon too was badly injured. He was admitted into a hospital and is under Medicare. The concerned authority has ensured that they are investigating the matter.

elena kuzavini accident

Family Response

According to an Instagram post from the daughter of the dead biker, her seeing-off will take place at 10 in the morning of Tuesday in Bucha. This will be followed by their short trip to Baikove cemetery at 13.00 on the same day. She shoots an appeal to observe the seeing-off her celebrity mother brightly as she was all to them. She added that the page her mom is so popular for will be left open for any question on and around her. She, the daughter, will feel obliged to answer to every question made.

Let’s quote a part of her Instagram post:

“It’s so sad to write about it but it happened. Our dearest @kuzavini died in an accident. We have done all we can do. Maybe someone will mind that it all could have been avoided but unfortunately, it happened in this way. Maybe it’s her fate, who knows. She took us a valuable lesson – enjoy whenever you can. She will be remembered as a bright and lucid woman. Let there be a place in our heart for her forever.”

Our YouTube Post

She meant to enjoy life to its fullest which is evident from her vibrant photos and racy videos in the blog. But she left a reminder for us all that death comes without notice and it can come any time. In this case, it was not reckless driving or fault on her part to be held responsible for her untimely and unexpected death. But we can be careful while on the rush of enjoying life.

The news being viral and the agitated demonstration of her friend are evident that she had created a great place in the deepest core of the hearts of many around the world. Through what? Biking. Yes, it was her passion that she pursued to enjoy life. But her accidental death should no way be taken as a signal that pursuit of passion may prove dangerous every time. R.I.P. Elena Kuzavini

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