Electric vehicle wireless charging technology: Beginners’ Guide

Electric vehicle wireless charging is a new technology. Many green vehicle enthusiast-stalk about the biggest matter about holding back of the electric vehicle is insufficient of the public vehicle charging station. We cannot simply plug to charge in wherever and whenever we like. So, this lacking prevents people to buy an electric vehicle for daily life driving.

Electric vehicle makes it useful during charging which costs comparatively low.

In this guideline about electric vehicle wireless charging technology, we will discuss the various things that you need charging at our home, keeping the vehicle charged on the road and keep it at a reasonable price.

Electric vehicle wireless charging technology

Wireless charging of electric vehicles

We are used in seeing electric car chargers in the major cities or town, the whole industry is looking forward to the upcoming technology. It is wireless charging of electric vehicles. People have adopted this technology as quickly as they did it in a remote car starter

There are no difficulties with the cables. You have to just park and charge your car.

Wireless charging of car is as similar to wireless charging of phone. You may have seen the technique that you may lift the phone a little bit slightly of the charger with no disturbance of the flow of the electricity. Wireless charging of electric vehicles work in a similar process, but it is measured in inches, not in millimeters.

By using inductive charging technology, the electricity is conducted by an air gap which comes from the magnetic coil in the electric charger to the other magnetic coil in the vehicle. So, you have to do is to park your car in a proper place so that the coils are rightly aligned to begin charging.

Wireless charging distance

There is a certain distance to maintain the wireless charging system. The wireless charging technology over the distance is achieved over some years. However, the scientists are working on increasing the limit of magnet induction.

Most of the wireless charging distance technology employs radio-frequency signal which is sent by a transmitter. It is much similar to Wi-Fi routers and there is an antenna with the device which is being charged to pick up, then it channels the device to the wireless receiver.

The highest range is considered to be about 30 feet. There is a problem with this distance is that we can only get a little amount of energy or power. In the 6 feet distance of the transmitter, we can receive somewhere about 1 watt to 10-watt power. At a longer distance, we will get less amount of power which is not sufficient for an electric vehicle charging.

By using more antennas, the charging speed can be improved. If we use more antenna it will also improve the Wi-Fi signal and increase the amount of power. The tiles can be used which contains 256 antennae in every demo. Adding various tiles, it can boost the charging distance with potential energy delivery.

Is wireless charging safe?

It is a frequent question about the safety of the wireless charging system. People worried about the harmful effect of the radiation of that technology.

In many ways, the wireless charging system is normally safer than to plug in the electric device. Charging with the wireless system transmits energy or power with no explosion of electrical system connectors. That system minimizes failure and reduces the chances of electric shock and it allows the electrical device to be applied in many environments.

The common form of charging with no wire nowadays is inductive wireless charging system. In a simple way, inductive wireless charging makes a little electric magnetic field in a transmitter.

This energy field is accepted by a receiver which transforms the electric field into power, then it passes the power to the battery or device.

This inductive wireless charging is usually safe. The electric magnetic field created by the transmitters weak in power and small. It operates only in short distance. Inductive wireless charging has multiple applications like a medical device or electric toothbrush etc. The scientists have not found any evidence of harmful effects in human in inductive charging.

For instance, we can use an electric toothbrush to use in the washroom as an electric component-which might be completely encased in protected with plastic.

Is wireless charging safe for the battery?

Although wireless charging system is not a new thing, many people have to lack understanding. The wireless technology which allows battery recharging itself having this rest in some types of the pad that seems too complicated than plugging into the core in the battery. So, it is a little bit confusing.

The experts have said that it is harmful to the device to keep completely charged all the time. Although you cannot overcharge your vehicle’s battery, keeping the battery maximum can cause to degrade quickly. It will be better to charge between 45% to 55%.

During the discharging of the battery, the lithium ions are shifted back to the positive side which generates electricity. This electrolyte serves as a medium for degrading the lithium ion in time. However frequent wireless charging reduces the life-span of the battery of the electric vehicle. So, you might change your vehicle’s battery frequently.

Nowadays about 80 types of car are using wireless charging technology. Today wireless charging vehicle exceeds nearly 200 million in the year and about 25% of user have been using wireless charging vehicle.

The brands who use wireless charging technology in the car

There are many brands who are using the wireless charging technology in their car. It is getting popular day by day. The other brands are also using this technology. Here are some of the brands who are using the wireless charging technology-


Standard model: M series & alpine car

Series-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and x-3 and x-3


Standard model: Odyssey


Standard model: Sorento


Standard model: Kona

Mercedes Benz

Standard model: class E


Standard model: G9o


Standard model: xc4o


Tiguan& golf


Standard model: edge, super trucks, and fusion

These brands are using this wireless charging technology and they are developing day by day.

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Everything has its good side and bad side. So, electric vehicle wireless charging technology has also a good side and bad side. It depends upon the charging habit of the user.

The good side is it prevents the hazardous situation of the user. The electric magnetic field which is generated by the transmitter is small and very weak. It is convenient for the user. It prevents an explosion or electric spark which is very safe for the user. The bad effect is that excessive charging can damage your battery. Thus, we should take the good sides and enjoy the benefits.

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