Duratrac vs. Ko2: Which One Should I Choose?

Duratrac vs. Ko2

One of the major features to pay attention to in a vehicle is the tires. This becomes even more important for adventurous freaks and automobile enthusiasts. Most of the adventurous places where you can go for retreats cannot be accessed through normal highway terrain tires. One of the best tires for off-road activities is Duratrac and Ko2. So which is best between Duratrac vs. Ko2?

Both Ko2 and Duratrac are designed with a deep thread that offers excellent footing and grip on loose and uneven surfaces. Their manufacturers are great, and they all pose amazing features. Choosing between the two of them can be a tough decision to make. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the features of each so that you can make an informed decision. Let us discuss the similarities, differences, and which is better between Duratrac vs. Ko2.

Duratrac Tire

Duratrac tires from Goodyear manufacturers are the best tires to use for rainy climates. These tires are specifically made to offer a jeep, business vehicles, truck, and SUV drivers a smooth drive on rough surfaces. The tires incorporate the latest tire innovations from Goodyear to offer drivers with all-inclusive and amazing driving experience.

Duratrac is the perfect tires to use all year round. They are perfect to use in any season on all terrains without disappointing. The snow obstructions during the winter season and the roughness of the road during the summer season do not stop the tire from delivering its best. The tire is made with two steel belts and nylon support, which makes it tough and solid. It also makes the tire more durable.

The circumferential grooves of this tire are made with TractiveGroove technology, which provides greater traction and additional biting edges. The manufacturers have put an edge bolt to prevent slippage when driving and an edge defender, which assists in avoiding any unnecessary damages to the wheel.

These tires have not been made like snow tires, but they have an outstanding grip on snow. They actually can offer competitions to other available snow tires. The tires are quite stable and shed mud quite easily, and this makes them an ideal choice for people traveling in muggy and wet climates. Their high angles tread blocks at the center improve the tire’s performance on both wet and dry paths.

The blocks help to offer lateral stability and increase traction. Duratrac tires are available in a wide range of 15 inches to 20 inches LT and also in non-LT sizes. The tires are also available for load ratings C, D, and E. they also come along with a warranty, which is part of the package.

Pros of Duratrac Tires

  • Durable tread
  • Offer comfortable rides on all terrains
  • Can be used in all weather
  • Have a good look
  • Snow traction is outstanding
  • Exceptional off-road traction


  • A little noisy in dry terrains

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Ko2 Tires

Ko2 is another great all-terrain tire manufactured by Goodrich. Goodrich manufacturers have been in the market for more than 15 years, and Ko2 is their 4th generation tire. This tire has been made for longer road life. The tire aims to demographics of a jeep, SUV and picks up drivers. It is designed for use in both rough territories and regular streets. The major selling point of this Goodrich tire is its all-season endurance and durability.

Ko2 tires do not only make driving easy for the drivers, but they also increase their confidence. This tire features a sidewall rubber, which is twice as thick compared to other models. The belts are strengthened with nylon and are also equipped with a polyester wire sidewall. The double steel belts provide maximum strength and durability.

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 Ko2 tires have a range of tread features that enhances their mud traction. They have bitter side lugs in the sidewall, which enhances the tire’s traction on rocks and mud. The raised bars on the shoulder assist the tire to release compacted mud for greater maneuverability in deep snow conditions and soft soil. It also has enhanced sand traction due to the 3-D sipes, which create biting edges.

The tread in these tires are made in a way that is a chip, tear and cut proof. This is one of the features which makes Ko2 try twice as durable compared to the previous models. The treading is interlocked, which makes the tired more stable and balanced. The feature also reduces wear and tear. These outstanding tires come with an exceptional footprint.

Ko2 tires offer comfortable rides, unlike the wooden wagon wheels or the standard passenger touring tires. You will notice some minimal noise when driving in rough terrains, but that is nothing to complain about. You will, for sure, get value for your money with BFGoodrich Ko2 all-terrain tires.

Pros of Ko2

  • Rugged tire for on and off-road use
  • Splendid traction on snow, wet and dry terrains
  • Trough and durable tread
  • Outstanding off-road performance

Cons of Ko2

  • Minimal noise on rough terrain

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Things to Consider When Purchasing an All-Terrain Tire

For you to choose a perfect All-Terrain tire, you need to know the essential features to consider. There are lots of AT tires in the market, but they do not offer the same functions. You will only transform your drive if you get the right tire for your needs. Here are things to carefully look at before you purchase an AT tire:


Tread is the most important feature to consider when looking for an AT tire to buy. An AT tire should have aggressive treads that grip the pavements and roads irrespective of the condition of the surface. An ideal tire to use on all terrains should have grooves with a wide surface area. A wide surface area gives larger traction. Tires with deeper treads are more durable. They also need fewer replacements and thus saving you money


It is very important to have a tire with thick sidewalls for offloading purposes. Thick sidewalls do not only give you enhanced cushioning but also more traction on rough roads. Sleek looking tires may look more desirable, but they are not suitable for all terrains. Ensure to choose a tire that is thick enough to air down increased friction.

Stone Ejectors

Rubble or stones reduces the tire’s surface area when they get lodged between the tires. This can lead to the drilling of the tires, thus making them less durable. Consider buying an AT wheel, which prevents rubbles and stones from getting stuck between the wheels. The best all-terrain wheel should be able to get rid of lodged stones when rotating.


Your vehicle will obviously get a lot of mud and dirt, and you go through various terrains. When the grooves get clogged, it will change the surface area of the wheel and thus reducing traction. There are several tires designed to eject everything which gets stuck in the treads when the wheel is on the move. This will save you the time you would have spent to clean the tires. It also makes sure that you have impeccable traction at all times.

Specialized Rubber

Some wheels are made with specialized coating with carbon or silica compound. It is crucial to confirm if the tire has a specialized coating. Specialized rubber ensures that the rubber maintains enhanced grip power on slippery and wet conditions.

The rubber makes tires resistant to punctures and abrasions, guaranteeing long life and smooth operations.

Right Size

Some tires may have very good specifications, but they may not be the perfect fit for your vehicle. The numbers on the side of the wheel indicate the diameter, weight, aspect ratio, and dimensions. Ensure that the tire you get is the right size for your vehicle.


People think that all-terrain tires are very expensive, but this is not the case. Some AT tires come at a very favorable price. It is crucial to consider the price of a tire which will fit your budget. Go through several brands and features of tires and pick the one with great features and within your budget.

Added Reinforcement

Some tires have steels, which gives them reinforcement. The steel improves the rigidity of the tires, thus giving them an outstanding performance on rough terrains. The bands are made with strong nylon fibers. This makes the tire heavier and also makes it more durable. Ensure that you consider your vehicle’s overall weight before you make a decision on the tire to buy.

Which One Is Best? Duratrac vs. Ko2?

Ko2 and Duratrac are well known for their quality and their great performance in all terrains. Goodyear and Goodrich are among the best tire manufacturers in the world. They have both been into existence for more than a century. But which one is better? The best tire is the one that will fulfill your desires and needs. That is what we shall be discussing below:

Duratrac vs. Ko2

Outward Appearance

Ko2 tires have an interlocking puzzle-like design running along its five-track. The sidewalls are reinforced that can be seen. Their protruding and wide gap gives these tires a monster like a look. Duratrac, on the other hand, is made with a five-rib configuration. They have linear outer ribs and three middle ribs with finer nodes. The sidewalls have a simple design, but it’s still reinforced. The tastes will differ from one individual to the other. Consider the tire with a better appearance between the two.


Noise is unavoidable when it comes to AT tires. The noise comes from the large gaps between the blocks. The noise is mainly noticeable when at high speed. Both Duratrac and Ko2 produce some noise when on high speed. However, Duratrac tends to have a higher-pitched hum compared to Ko2.


Ko2 has amazing traction over soft and hard terrains due to its sparse tread block distribution. The tire will still perform well in rocky terrains, river fords soft mud and sand. Duratrac outer rib has bigger gaps, which enables it to tread through river fords, wet sand, and soft mud easily. Though the sparse tread block distribution reduces the tires grip on pavements, Goodyear manufactures have put serpentine sipes instead. Both Ko2 and Duratrac have excellent performance and grip on pavements. However, Duratrac is more enhanced for all seasons.

Off-Road Performance

Both Duratrac and Ko2 have been designed for tough terrains. Ko2 has puncture-proof sidewalls and stone ejectors, which ensure that most of the tire’s surface is in contact with the ground. It also has a superior tear and chip-resistant strength due to the Different Tread (DT) compound. Duratrac is made with TractiveGroove technology that gives you an enhanced grip over both soft and rough terrains.

Durability and Reliability

Both Duratrac and Ko2 come with a warranty of 50,000mi. This means that they are both confident in their quality. The two do not differ when it comes to durability and reliability. They will both last for a long time before you need a replacement.


There is a slight difference between the prices of the two tires. Duratrac is slightly more expensive compared to Ko2. Ko2 tires start from $157 while Duratrac tires cost begins from $172


Duratrac is more popular for exceptional traction and handling in off-road terrains. It is a great tire to use in the winter season since it has an amazing snow grip. The tires are solid, and they can work on different types of vehicles and all terrains. Ko2, on the other hand, is a great choice in terms of performance. They offer a great off-road grip, but their durability stands out. These tires are lightweight and thus ideal for both off-road and on-road use. Both tires have their advantages and disadvantages. The best tire between the two is the one which will fir your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Duratrac a Winter Tire?

Duratrac is a great winter tire. On top of that, it is meant for handling rocks, mud, and dirt. This all-terrain tire also works well on ice, slush, and pressed snow. They are designed with wide grooves and treads, which enhances their grip on snowy roads. The wide gaps also give them the ability to claw on both mud and sand. They are an incredible choice for anyone traveling in muggy and wet climates.

Are Ko2 Snow Tires?

Ko2 is one of the top-rated tires for snow traction. The tires have earned mountain and snowflake branding on the sidewall, which provides a minimum of 10% traction on snow. It has deep and more aggressive tread elements creating biting edges on ice and snow. It is also a great tire to use in the winter season. It is a top choice for people looking for an all-terrain tire.

Is Goodyear Duratrac All Terrain?

Duratrac is one of the best all-terrain tires you will get in the market. These tires have been crafted with TractiveGroove technology, which provides the driver with more grip on soft, mud, rocky, and other terrains. Their wide gaps on the outer side also enable the tires to tread easily on all terrains. Although the sparse tread distribution decreases grip on pavements, Duratrac has tons of siping to enable performance on all reasons and terrains.

Is Duratrac Good On Ice?

Duratrac is an all-terrain tire that will work perfectly on both ice and snow. Their self-cleansing shoulder blocks enable the tires to shed the snow quite fairly. The side grooves featured in the tires also give it an enhanced grip on ice and deep snow. The tires have holes between the reads, which gives them a great stand when driving on ice.

Are Winter Tires Good Off-Road?

Winter tires can be used for off-road activities, but not all of them. Winter tires and off-road tires have been designed differently. The winter tires are made with a compound that grips better in winter temperatures. You can use the winter tires on muddy off-road but not ideal for rocky terrains. Driving winter tires on off-roads will make them less durable. It is advisable to get an all-terrain tire for off-road activities.

Are Goodyear Wranglers Good In Snow?

Goodyear Wranglers are great all-round tires that perform well in all terrains and weather. The wranglers have a hauling capacity, exceptional snow and mud traction, decent fuel mileage, and long tire life. They have self-cleaning properties, which make the tires good to use on snow.

Are Ko2 Tires Good?

Ko2 tires are made by BFGoodrich, which is among the best tire manufacturers in the world. Their manufacturers are well known for manufacturing high quality consistently. Ko2 tires are, therefore, among the best all-terrain tires you will get in the market. They provide you with remarkable traction and handling in all weather conditions.

What Does Ko2 Stand For?

Ko2 stands for Key-Off- and On-road. The 2 identifies this tire as the second generation KO tire to be manufactured by BF Goodrich. KO2 is an off and on-road light track tire made to meet the needs for drivers of sport, pickup trucks, and Jeep vehicles in all terrains.

How Many Ply is a Goodyear Duratrac?

Goodyear Duratrac tires have 10 ply. This tire is designed with a rugged tread compound, which assists in resistance from tearing and chunking and tread block chipping, especially during heavy towing and loading applications.

How Many Miles Can You Get Out of BFG Ko2?

BFG Ko2 will offer you with at least 50,000 miles. The manufacturers actually offer you a warranty of 50,000 mi. Therefore Goodrich is confident that the tires will not give up on you before they go for these miles. These tires are will last longer and will give you more miles when they are used more on-road driving.

Wrangler Duratrac Vs. BF Goodrich T/A K02 in Snow YouTube


It is prudent to go for an extensive comparison of Duratrac vs. Ko2 before you decide on the one to use. Ko2 and Duratrac seem to be similar, but each of them has unique features and cons. From this article, I believe you will be able to make a more informed decision on the two tires. Duratrac tires are a little costly compared to Ko2, but they have outstanding features and are also more durable. However, both tires are great, and they have a huge load-carrying capacity. Consider their features and choose the best one for your vehicle and activities.

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